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tudent uccess

& M ulticultural I nitiatives Name

SSMI Featured Student

Marcus Trey Parks






Morgan Mill, Texas

Marcus was chosen as the SSMI featured student for his continual involvement in SSMI programs and services.

Why did You choose tarleton state university? TSU seemed like a good place to start. I knew that it was going to be a good foundation for anything I wanted to do. The climate was very different compared to high school. TSU welcomed me with open arms, and while the social status took some time and work, it wasn’t impossible.

C o n ta c t I n f o r m at i o n Mailing Address: B o x T- 0 3 4 0 Stephenville, Texas 76402 SSMI @ ta r l e t o n . e d u Phone: 254-968-9480 Fa x : 2 5 4 - 9 6 8 - 9 4 7 2 L o c at i o n : Thompson Student Center Room 15

What makes Tarleton professors different?

I’ve seen a pretty diverse population of the professors here. You can either get the really stereotypical professor who doesn’t care about the student and has a snarky attitude (which is pretty amusing, I must say), or you can find a professor who will come into your life very subtly and then change it drastically. The professors generally care about the students, and if you’re not careful, you can become a lifelong friend with one.

Additional Comments: It’s not easy to be successful. It’s impossible to be successful for anyone other than yourself. If you don’t go for the dream that YOU have for yourself then you’ll have to answer to yourself in the end. From someone who wanted to be successful just because others said I would be: I’ll tell you that you will only run yourself into the ground. What I did with people’s inspiration was told myself that if I failed, I’d let everyone down. I didn’t understand that what they meant was I was inspiring to them just doing the things I did, I didn’t have to go above and beyond. I especially didn’t have to do it for them, I had to do it for me. People saying that you are an inspiration means so much more when you believe it first.

Newsletter Editor: Monica Pierce

Upcoming University H o l i d ay s Thanksgiving Break Nov 21- Noon class dismissal Nov 22 - 23, 2012 Winter Break Dec 24, 2012 -Jan 1, 2013 Martin Luther King Holiday Jan 21, 2013

I m p o r ta n t R e G i s t r at i o n D at e s Nov 5, 2012 Spring 2013 Registration Begins Nov 15, 2012 Spring 2012 Financial Aid Priority Deadline Nov 5, 2012 - Jan 16, 2013 May 2013 Graduation Applications Due Dec 1, 2012 Spring 2012 Scholarship Priority Deadline

I m p o r ta n t e n d o f t h e s e m e s t e r d at e s Oct 15 - 20, 2012 Homecoming Week Dec 4, 2012 Restricted Activity Period Begins at 8 a.m. Dec 6-13, 2012 Final Exams Dec 15, 2012 Graduation Ceremony For more information, please visit Tarleton State on the Web!

SSMI Featured Office

Thank You for All Your Hard Work!

W h at f r e s h m e n s h o u l d k n o w:

Academic Advising for freshmen students is imperative for students’ long term academic success. It allows faculty advisors to work with students on a semester-by-semester plan of action toward completion of their academic degree. Students have the ability to ask questions, seek guidance regarding their anticipated career path, and develop strong relationships that often can often continue throughout their professional careers. W h at fa c u lt y s h o u l d k n o w:

Academic Advising Services (AAS) is available to students from all majors. Each college has faculty advisors represented in AAS who are knowledgeable about the various academic programs on campus. They are trained in areas such as TSI, Placement, DegreeWorks/DuckTrax, and are aware of all services available to our students through Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives (SSMI), Student Life, and others on campus. New developments & upcoming events:

Academic Advising Services has a new Executive Director. Dr. Rusty Freed joined AAS and the SSMI Team on October 1, coming in from the College of Business Administration where he served as Department Head for Management, Marketing, and Administrative Systems. He has always been very involved in the academic advisement arena and has a real passion for working with students and watching them work successfully through their academic programs. A d d i t i o n a l I n f o r m at i o n :

Academic Advisement for the Spring 2013 semester begins officially Monday, October 22 with registration beginning for Seniors on Monday, November 5. AAS is ready to assist all students with course scheduling and preparation of degree plans, among other services. We look forward to working with all students‌TSC Room 13!

MENtal Freedom

A Mentoring Program for African-American and Hispanic Male Undergraduate Students MENtal Freedom is a new mentoring program designed to provide leadership, networking, dialogue, instruction and real world situations focused on interpersonal, academic, and professional development. The program establishes and encourages inclusiveness, community and legacy. The outreach behind MENtal Freedom is focused on our traditionally under-represented males, including African-American and Latino men. The men interview into the program, attend weekly mentoring sessions, journal, and dialogue as they receive skills training and explore concepts designed to foster success and create a sense of community while fostering peer-to-peer mentoring. In exchange for their time and commitment, the men receive structured programming, guidance, individual mentoring, and continual contact from Mr. Reggie Hall (Coordinator), Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason (ODI Director), and the MENtal Freedom Advisory Board Members.

Staff Training

“An Investment in Knowledge pays the best interest.” -B. Franklin

U p c o m i n g SSMI Events O c t 1 5 : SELF - TESTING 1 2 : 1 0 - 1 2 : 4 0 m ATH bUILDING r OOM 1 2 5 O c t 1 6 : SELF - TESTING 1 2 : 1 0 - 1 2 : 4 0 t HOM P SON s t u d e n t c ENTER ROOM 2 1 9 O c t 2 0 : Up wa r d B o u n d 30th Anniversary c e l e b r at i o n 9 : 2 0 - 6 : 0 0 va r i o u s c a m p u s l o c at i o n s O c t 2 2 : c OMMUNICATING w RITING 1 2 : 1 0 - 1 2 : 4 0 m ATH bUILDING r OOM 1 2 5 O c t 2 3 : c OMMUNICATING w RITING 1 2 : 1 0 - 1 2 : 4 0 t HOM P SON s t u d e n t c ENTER ROOM 2 1 9

Ms. Ellin Mayfield, Administrative Assistant for Student Success & Multicultural Initiatives, conducted a staff training session in preparation for the Fall 2012 Semester.

Upward Bound The Update!

Tarleton Upward Bound Receives 5 Year Funding. Despite major cuts in federal spending, Tarleton has managed to hold on to the Upward Bound Program for 30 years. We provide college preparatory services to underprivileged high school students in the Cross Timbers area. The grant, in the amount of 2 million dollars, is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and will provide services to 95 students from nine area high schools. School Year Off To Great Start. Upward Bound started its school year off with a series of workshops attended by program participants and their parents. On Saturday, September 15th more than 75 participants and parents met on the Tarleton campus to gather information on the college application and financial aid processes and attend workshops on study skills and time management. The event concluded with pizza and an opportunity for students, parents, and staff to meet and share ideas as well as student success stories. 30th Anniversary Celebration. Tarleton Upward Bound will be celebrating 30 years of student success. Celebratory events will coincide with Tarleton’s Homecoming. Current students and staff will participate in the Homecoming Parade. Afterwards, there will be a reception for UB alumni. The celebration will conclude by cheering on the Texans (and one of our former students!). Complete celebration schedule is available on the Upward Bound website. 2012-2013 UB Recruitment. Tarleton Upward Bound will begin its participant recruiting process in October and conclude in December. Program staff will visit participating high schools to meet prospective students and disseminate information and applications. Participating high schools include Stephenville, Dublin, Lingleville, Huckabay, Deleon, Comanche, Gustine, Iredell, and Walnut Springs. To qualify for Upward Bound, students must meet one or both of the following criteria- 1) neither parent has a bachelor degree, and/or 2) meet low income guidelines. Applications, income guidelines, and other pertinent recruitment information is available on the Upward Bound website. Spread the word!

O c t 2 7 : GRE W o r k s h o p 8:30-3:30 Southwest Metroplex O c t 2 9 - 3 0 : c OMMUNICATING s P EAKING 1 2 : 1 0 - 1 2 : 4 0 m ATH bUILDING r OOM 1 2 5 O c t 3 0 : c OMMUNICATING s P EAKING 1 2 : 1 0 - 1 2 : 4 0 t HOM P SON s t u d e n t c ENTER ROOM 2 1 9 N o v 5 : C o n c e n t r at i o n Study Skills 1 2 : 1 0 - 1 2 : 4 0 m ATH bUILDING r OOM 1 2 5 N o v 6 : C o n c e n t r at i o n Study Skills 1 2 : 1 0 - 1 2 : 4 0 t HOM P SON s t u d e n t c ENTER ROOM 2 1 9 N o v 1 2 : I n f o r m at i o n Processing Study Skills 1 2 : 1 0 - 1 2 : 4 0 m ATH bUILDING r OOM 1 2 5 N o v 1 3 : I n f o r m at i o n Processing Study Skills 1 2 : 1 0 - 1 2 : 4 0 t HOM P SON s t u d e n t c ENTER ROOM 2 1 9 Nov 19: anxiety Study Skills 1 2 : 1 0 - 1 2 : 4 0 m ATH bUILDING r OOM 1 2 5 Nov 20: anxiety Study Skills 1 2 : 1 0 - 1 2 : 4 0 t HOM P SON s t u d e n t c ENTER ROOM 2 1 9 Nov 26: Testing S t r at e g i e s S t u d y S k i l l s 1 2 : 1 0 - 1 2 : 4 0 m ATH bUILDING r OOM 1 2 5 Nov 27: Testing S t r at e g i e s S t u d y S k i l l s 1 2 : 1 0 - 1 2 : 4 0 t HOM P SON s t u d e n t c ENTER ROOM 2 1 9

For more information, please visit us on the Web!

C o n ta c t U s

Barry B. Thompson Student Center Room 15

Departments & Programs

Edwards, Dr. Jennifer Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives Phone: 9638

Academic Advising Services The Mission of Academic Advising Services is to encourage all students, through proactive and intrusive advising, to become engaged in their personal development toward achievement of their academic and life goals. We value the ability of our faculty advisors to relate to the needs and goals of students.

Faulkner, Brenda Director of Student Success Programs Phone: 9480

Academic Support Programs The primary mission of Academic Support Programs (ASP) is to assist students in developing effective techniques for facilitating their own learning. ASP is committed to fulfilling its mission by helping students attain their highest level of academic achievement possible by creating a supportive and challenging environment that will provide equal opportunity to all students for academic success.

Freed, Dr. Rusty Director of Academic Advising Services Phone: 9746 Geye, Trina Director of Student Disability Services Phone: 9400 Helvie-Mason, Dr. Lora Director of Office of Diversity & Inclusion Phone: 9488 Robitaille, Dr. Marilyn Director of International Programs Phone: 9545 Simmons, Billie Jo Testing Coordinator Phone: 9423 Watts, Jenny Director of Upward Bound Phone: 9369 Woods, Kayla Director of Academic Support Programs Phone: 9479 Hall, Reggie SSMI Faculty Fellow Holley, Tracey SSMI Faculty Fellow

Find us Online

Become a FAN on Facebook! Find “Tarleton State University Student Success & Multicultural Initiatives” PIN our photos by following our BOARD on Pinterest! -“Tarleton SSMI” Follow us on Twitter! Search for @TarletonSSMI #studentsuccess #diversity #multicultural #college

Office of Diversity and Inclusion The Office of Diversity and Inclusion’s (ODI) mission is to create a campus environment that embraces diversity and encourages inclusion. This environment is fostered through leadership, education, training, and interaction in which all people can be creative, access opportunities, and reach their fullest potential. ODI wants to affirm and promote the value of diversity and inclusion through the cultivation of mutual respect, acceptance, and understanding. Office of International Programs/Study Abroad The mission of Study Abroad at Tarleton State University is to improve and make more intentional the University’s international focus by supporting a campus culture of global awareness. The aim of International Programs is to internationalize the curriculum, facilitate partnerships with foreign institutions, enhance international scholarly opportunities, increase international student recruitment to improve campus multi-culturalism, provide a welcoming and supportive environment for the international student community, and expand international experiences for all students. Student Assessment Services Formerly called University Testing, Student Assessment Services (SAS) provides future students with testing accommodations or services for entrance, placement, and credit exams. Current students can contact SAS for online class test proctoring, sign up for the Writing Proficiency Exam, and find information about academic appeals. Student Disability Services Student Disability Services exists to assist students with documented needs for accommodations as they pursue their goal of a college education. SDS serves as a liaison between students and the University in matters of communication and action toward achievement of reasonable accommodation. However, each student is responsible for acting as his or her own advocate and taking the major responsibility for securing services. Student Success Programs Student Success Programs maintains a multifaceted mission to support academic success by students. Whether you are a high school student seeking to successfully transition to higher education, an incoming freshman exploring programs to facilitate success during your first year, or a returning student looking for support in enhancing your study skills, the staff of Student Success Programs is here to assist you. Upward Bound Tarleton State University’s Upward Bound serves high school students from low-income families and high school students from families in which neither parent holds a Bachelors degree who are preparing to enter postsecondary education. The goal of Upward Bound is to increase the rates at which participants enroll in and graduate from institutions of postsecondary education.

Student Success and Multicultural Intitiatives (SSMI) - Tarleton State - Oct./Nov. Newsletter  

This is the October/November newsletter from Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives at Tarleton State University located in Stephenvi...

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