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Integrated Solutions for Telecommunication Systems Installation DUBAI-UAE


TARKEEB Mission Statement We, at Integrated Solutions, are in business to serve our customer’s Telecom and IT needs by providing leading edge designs, superior quality service, and a professional, courteous staff. In order to develop long term customer relationships with Mobile Operators and small & medium Telecom and IT vendors Values • Create superior value for our customers. • We encourage teamwork. • We fulfil our commitments and act with integrity and precision. • Our main theme is exceptional Quality of Service. • Our staff is our strength. Introduction The United Arab Emirates Telecom Market is one of the world’s fastest growing. The 2003 decree by the federal government to liberate the telecom sector created endless opportunities for IT and Telecom providers. As many international companies are moving into the region thus the need for a local partner that can provide reliable and fast services is increasing. Our Company, a new comer to the Telecommunication sector, has started a comprehensive and firm presence in the UAE market where we are in the business of providing a wide range of services and solutions to both local and international industry players. Furthermore, we are capable of providing additional set of specialized services and solutions to our customers through our business partners in the UAE market. Our core competency is mainly our employees, comprehensive training, and high level of awareness are some of the qualities they posses, and are well selected to serve our valuable customers. Our ambitions do not stop, and in order to meet the daily growing needs of our customers, we are persistent to continue the development and innovative expansions. And by doing so, we then confidently establish and maintain a long-term honest and loyal relationship with our clients. Our expertise – through our staff – in project management encourages confidence among our clients when handing over turnkey projects to us. Our capability starts at sourcing required materials for an installation project, and exceeds the expectations of our clients to managing turnkey Telecom & IT projects. In addition to that, we have both the ability and expertise to negotiate and finalize deals with governmental and official bodies in all over the United Arab Emirates. We are committed to follow the highest international standards for safety and quality in all the services we offer; we also guarantee to always deliver on time Company Overview We are a new, rapidly expanding and flexible, independent, national company in the Telecommunications and IT industry. We are catering for the needs of Mobile Operators as well as small & medium enterprises, where we can manage turnkey projects starting from the planning till the integration stage. Specializing in the fields of In-Building RF Solutions, technical support and general telecom services We believe that we are unique through our wide skill portfolio and our ability to provide customers fast response and cost effective solutions on a truly national and regional basis Our headquarter is in Dubai – United Arab Emirates with branches to come in other major cities We will provide a ‘one stop shop’ with excellent know-how to function all over the Gulf region and the Middle East, providing the telecommunications and IT industry players with locally tailored turnkey solutions with the highest international quality standards


Integrated Solutions for Telecommunication Systems Installation

Company Strengths Our vision is to consistently deliver impressive growth through customer satisfaction. We recognize that modern industrial as well as commercial managers need innovative solutions at competitive prices combined with consistent quality and fast response times. This is true for both project implementation and technical support An experienced project management group tightly coordinates our operations. This team understands the factors that are important to the customers – namely a cost effective service of the highest quality, delivered within set time scales with minimum risk Our project management services vary from consulting & support services, technical studies and technological solutions all the way to project management and implementation services for turnkey projects addressing all telecom needs of our clients. We also offer; materials sourcing, installation of copper / fiber / data networks, site design, mechanical and electrical building services (e.g. power, fire alarm, security systems, etc), base station build and roll-out, logistics, network implementation, dismantling and network rationalization. We also can manage OEM equipment as it is supplied into the network. We can also propose and recommend project equipment and technology and all related studies and designs related to the implementation of projects and development of networks and exchanges as well as all associated equipment. We provide services extensively enabling our customers to focus on other areas of business, with confidence that their targets and goals are being meet for sure through the dedication of our teams Our project support team is dedicated to ensure that projects run smoothly and on time. Covering activities such as site surveys, site supervision, clerk-of-works activity and site audits, they provide an additional resource to the project management team. Although the project support and project management teams work closely on a day-to-day basis, project support is entirely separate and is primarily concerned with problem prevention. If a problem is identified during an installation, this team is dedicated to resolving it as quickly as possible as they will react immediately Quality Quality in the Telecoms and IT world is essential and never more than when the market is requiring faster and faster implementation and response. It is essential that speed never compromises quality. We are your business partner with a professional and strictly adhered to structured quality system with full instructions imbedded within our work procedures and code of conducts The key features of our Company Quality Program are: • Customer Liaison / Joint Improvement Plans Strong links with the Customers Quality Team ensures speedy resolution of operational and product issues minimizing costs and disruption • Customer Satisfaction Surveys We will operate a Customer Satisfaction Survey process where we will monitor our performance in doing what we agreed to do • Product and Process Audits Audits will be conducted throughout the business, on a regular basis, by highly experienced Quality Auditors. The audits will identify valuable areas for improvement and regularly provide early warning of problems enabling cost effective action and amendment to the Quality System • Quality Improvement Programs Cross functional teams will regularly meet to review the efficiency of operational activities and to provide effective and workable solutions for improvement.


TARKEEB Health & Safety We at Integrated Solutions insist on having an excellent Health and Safety record, which is managed independently from the operational part of the business. Health and Safety procedures are imbedded into our operations. They will consistently be applied throughout the network of operations by our team of highly professional Health and Safety experts We will ensure to provide environmentally friendly products and solutions. We commit to protect the Environment & the Safety of our employees. All our employees and processes will be directed to prevent pollution & provide safe working conditions. Also, we will do our utmost to make our clients Safe & more aware of protecting the Environment All activities of a project will be covered by our ‘End to End’ safety package that enables our customers to be confident that all aspects of their project can be left safely in our hands Services For Telecoms & IT equipment providers and users, we provide a complete range of services to ensure that our customers can focus on their core business with the benefits of both time and cost effectiveness These services will always be enhanced and developed to ensure that they can be packaged to deliver differentiating solutions for our customers This flexibility will enable us to provide a diverse range of telecoms customers with tailored solutions, which we believe are unique in our industry These services currently fall under two main categories: 1. Engineering Services 2. Support Services 1. Engineering Services: 1.1. Implementation of In-Building Solutions (IBS) We focus on providing complete In-Building Solutions to the UAE market catering to the needs of small and medium enterprise as well as licensed Mobile Operators. The Services we currently offer are: 1.1.1. 1.1.2. 1.1.3. 1.1.4. 1.1.5.

Designing the best In-building solutions for GSM, UMTS, WIFI and WI-MAX Implementing of both Active and Passive IBS Networks in accordance to the highest international standards Performing test and measurements to ensure the best QoS Carry out expansions and modifications to existing IBSs networks including conversions from passive to active Carry out maintenance requirement for the implemented networks

1.2. Installation Services Implementation has always been a key area in the telecoms world but never more than now. As convergence occurs in the marketplace both of Fixed and Mobile Networks and Voice and Data technologies the need for fast, cost effective implementation is more important than ever. The size of programs is also increasing and customers are looking for organizations that can provide an ‘all in one’ place for their program roll outs Our installation Services include the following: 1.2.1. 1.2.2. 1.2.3. 1.2.4. 1.2.5. 1.2.6. 1.2.7.


Installation of Mobile Network Equipment (Indoor & Outdoor) Installation of Microwave Transmission Systems Installation of Mobile Network Antenna Systems, including complete cabling and earthing Installation of any specified OEM Networks Installation Services, Terminals, Modems, Hubs, Switches, Routers, cabling (Copper & Fiber), Terminations and Patch Panels, MDFs & DDF General cabling work, including proper containments Electrical Installation: DC Power plants and UPS systems, Lighting, and ACWL

Integrated Solutions for Telecommunication Systems Installation

1.3. Fabrication Services (Through our sister company) 1.3.1. 1.3.2. 1.3.3. 1.3.4.

Fabrication of antenna supporting structures (Poles, & Rooftop Structures for various configurations) Horizontal & Vertical Gantries Normal & Sliding Steel Gates Fabrication of Chain link Security Fence (or concrete boundary walls)

2. Support Services With our experience of running projects locally, we will be able to offer extensive proficiency in the following areas: 2.1. Feasibility Studies & Survey Service which include site survey, preparation of site designs (Planning, Design, Drawings, layouts, cable routs, Antenna Mapping, As built drawings, etc) 2.2. Line of Sight Surveys (LOS) 2.3. Site Sharing Feasibility Studies including design (Drawings, layouts, cable routs, Antenna mapping, etc) 2.4. Management Services: Such as centralized Databases, Material Sourcing, Inventory management, & site access management and solutions 2.5. Site Extension Studies 2.6. Enhance Clients internal processes through deployment of telecom best practices, management systems & international standards, and quality tools 2.7. Ensure Clients high Quality of Service deliverance 2.8. Build clients Quality and Health & Safety Manuals 2.9. Promote quality culture through knowledge sharing, internal training, external training recommendations (through our local partners), team work, innovation, motivation and professionalism 2.10. Provide Standard Checklists and Forms for Clients 2.10.1. 2.10.2. 2.10.3. 2.10.4. 2.10.5. 2.10.6.

Pre-Installation Check list Tools & Equipment Goods Receipt Mechanics Inspection Cabling Inspection Termination Inspection

And many more

2.11. Provide Sub-Contractor rating and recommendation services for Clients 2.12. Health and Safety consultancy 2.13. Environmental consultancy


TARKEEB Solutions We will continuously review developments in the telecoms & IT markets to ensure that we are positioned to offer customers with full range of up to date solutions and a single point of contact in the regional Telecoms & IT marketplace By predicting a rapid expansion in the regional network of our offices, comprehensive solutions are continually being developed to ensure that we meet our objective of providing an ‘all in one’ place to search Our solutions will be delivered all around the region, across the full range of networks utilizing many different technologies As the pace of Telecommunication Networks Convergence increases, we will be uniquely positioned to provide an unparallel range of solutions to meet customer requirements Agencies Our future plan will include a division for representing international brands seeking to establish their presence in the local markets of the region Customers We will be targeting an extensive range of customers within the UAE These are primarily Telecom and equipment suppliers with whom we will work very closely to provide the end user with exceptional services We seek to provide an excellent service and continually monitor performance by undertaking customer satisfaction surveys, the results of which will be continually reviewed and used to further improve performance We can also operate within short timeframes or within demanding programs and our performance will consistently promote customer plaudits We will continue to break new levels in the competence and commitment we bring to satisfying customer requirements Logo


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