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Emergency support to the most vulnerable SIDR affected people in Mathbaria on incessant cold wave 2013 CONTEXT: Cold wave continues A record-breaking cold spell sent the mercury plummeting across the country with Dinajpur experiencing 3.2 degrees Celsius, the lowest in almost half a century. From the beginning of the December 2012, Bangladesh has been facing heavy cold wave in several times. Even it’s continuing in January 2013. Many thousand people suffered badly as the persisting chilly weather with strong winds sent them packing home early, limiting their outdoor activities to only basic necessities. Even the biting cold took at least 58 lives, raising the cold-related death toll to 82 in the past one week, newspaper reported. People, particularly in the worst-hit southern and northern districts, remained mostly indoors while many businesses kept their shutters down. However, the low-income people, roadside vendors and rickshaw pullers braved the bone-chilling cold to earn their living. Farmers expressed fear of crops loss due to damaging of seedbeds by fogs and chilly weather. The situation is better in the capital as the temperature increased by 1.2 degree Celsius sometimes. But, the north & south part of Bangladesh were enveloped by deep fog with heavy cold wave. This year's lingering cold waves brought immense sufferings to the poor and ultra poor who cannot afford warm clothes. Meanwhile, an extreme cold wave is sweeping over Rajshahi, Rangpur, Khulna and Barisal divisions and the regions of Tangail, Mymensingh, Faridpur, Pirojpur, Madaripur, Sandwip, Sitakundu, Rangamati, Comilla, Feni and Srimangal. On the other hands, newspapers report it may continue in full swing till February 2013.

SAVE INTERVENTION In this situation SAVE is highly concern for SIDR affected areas cold wave where people were landless and suffering from different needs. And SAVE initiates to support 300 winter kit (1 blanket, 1 kids jacket & 1 shawl) to the most vulnerable sidr affected households in Mathbaria (Dist: Pirojpur) where NGO’s

worked after SIDR in short time but no big project was initiated to develop that area. Though SIDR had gone in 2007 but the necessity of the local people and their purpose of extreme shelter still remain in bold. Objective: To contribute warm clothes to 300 most vulnerable SIDR affected household in Mathbaria. BENEFICIARY SELECTION Findings of the primary assessment by SAVE showed that a large part of the sidr affected households living in Sapleza , Amragacia, Titikatha, and Betmore unions are still living in different vulnerable areas that do not have sufficient income opportunities to meditate their needs Criteria of beneficiary selection

- People living on the embankment - Landless households - Households without regular sources of income and/or income very limited - Women headed household (widow, husband segregated) - Household with household’s head disables - Big size households with few incomes - Household facing difficulties to restore previous livelihood due to SIDR

Final selected data Winter kit (1 blanket, 1 Kids jacket and 1 small shawl)

Target Final

Target Amragasia




125 125

125 125

50 50

300 300


Figure 1 Distribution in SONAKHALI (AMRAGACIA)

Figure 3 Briefing de distribution at Kachubaria (SAPLAJA)

Figure 2 Home to home distribution in the side of Embarkment of TIKIKATA

Daily Newspaper report and link: FUNDING It was co-funded by Centro Tex Ltd, Text town Group and SAVE.

winter cloths for sidr affected people in matbaria  

Emergency support to the most vulnerable SIDR affected people in Mathbaria on incessant cold wave 2013

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