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PRODUCTS AND APPLICATIONS 3D Panels Tesselation Architectural Lattices Acoustics ceiling’s panels Headboards

3D Panels. Macrotextures in arhitecture A collection of three-dimensional panels, made of polymer, which are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. A wide variety of finishes and prices, allows it to be used in the most exclusive decoration projects. A collection of decorative panels inspired by natural, organic shapes and textures. Three-dimensional panels which contribute a new vision of decoration and modern architecture and develops surface perceptions. It is therefore a great contribution to any project, a dynamic and innovative feature that does not create indifference. The microcosm elements have very original and fascinating textures, creating symmetry, harmony and special features. This concept is the basis of this macro-texture collection, made from lightweight materials, practical and easy to install.




500 x 200 x 70 mm


Area of a piece 0,061 m²

• In raw material.

Pieces / m² :16,4

• White background. Previous treatment for any paint. • Mate lacquer. Colors RAL and NCS


520 x 500 x 100 mm Area of a piece 0,147 m² Pieces / m²: 6,8

• Gloss lacquer. Colors RAL and NCS • Experior paint. Colors RAL and NCS • Rusty. Special paints. • Metallic, gold, etc.. Special paints.


600 x 600 x 120 mm Area of a piece 0,36 m²

• Leatherette. Colors manufacturer. *For Hexagon model

Pieces / m²: 2,78





1000 x 990 x 120 mm



600 x 519 x 70 mm

Area of a piece 0,766 m²

Area of a piece 0,156 m²

Pieces / m²: 1,3

Pieces / m² : 6,41

650 x 450 x 100 mm


600 x 600 x 120 mm

Area of a piece 0,211 m²

Area of a piece 0,36 m²

Pieces / m²: 4,73

Pieces / m²: 2,78

1000 x 300 x 120 mm


700 x 606 x 25 mm

Area of a piece 0,3 m²

Area of a piece 0,318 m²

Pieces / m²: 3,33

Pieces / m²: 3,144

3D Panels. Macrotextures in arhitecture

Tesselation Decorative facing pieces for interior that combine some suggestive patterns of cutting boards with joints of sight and superficial finish made of different types of polyleather (it also can be painted or covered by melanin). Combinations of different shapes and finishes allow to interior designers, architects or other restless minds to compose their own special and unique mural with a very high quality closer to material and to get a very attractive effect on average distance.




900 x 660 mm Surface / piece 0,342 m² Pieces / m²: 2,92


1173 x 355 mm Surface / piece 0,342 m² Pieces / m²: 2,92


EDGES: Straight


FINISHING: • Polyleather Straight or beveled edges. • White background. (Previous treatment for any paint.) Straight or beveled edges.

501 x 550 mm Surface / piece 0,127 m² Pieces / m²: 7,88



600 x 600 mm

• Mate lacquer. Colors RAL and NCS Straight or beveled edges. • Gloss lacquer. Colors RAL and NCS Straight or beveled edges. • Decorative laminate. Beveled edges..

Surface / piece 0,293 m² Pieces / m²: 4,41


Plain Chain

Urban flower

650 x 450 x 100 mm



600 x 600 mm

Surface / piece 0,342 m²

Surface / piece 0,36 m²

Pieces / m²: 2,92

Pieces / m²: 2,78

590 x 559 mm


600 x 400 mm

Surface / piece 0,18 m²

Surface / piece 0,24 m²

Pieces / m²: 5,55

Pieces / m²: 4,16

Tesselation Variety of textures, colors and tones of polyleather.

Arcitectural lattices Constructed from suitable materials, for outside or inside (see materials) such as stainless steel, aluminium, aluminium panel composite and PVC-foam-HD (it is possible to use other materials), together with a simple and functional installation system, give this product a very long life in all climatic conditions.

Lattices collection
















Architectural lattices MATERIALS: ALUMINIUM 3 mm de wide

This metal possess a combination of properties that make it very useful in Architecture. It is lightweight and has a high resistance to corrosion.


STAINLESS STEEL 2 mm de wide

For lovers of a perfect finish, we suggest stainless steel. This product is highly resistant to dirt and rusting, with high decorative qualities and mechanical resistance.


COMPOSITE PANEL 4 mm de wide

This panel comprises of two aluminium sheets, with a plastic centre. Its lightweight, high rigidity to bending and excellent flatness, allows tailored solutions in all fields of architecture. Available in a variety of colours.

HD FOAM BOARD 19 mm or 30 mm wide


Lightweight sheets of PVC Foam. Suitable for interior or exterior applications. To provide UV resistance, prevent temperature loss, leaks and draughts. Recommended for applications requiring lightweight materials and for work where the client wishes a thicker material to obtain an aesthetic finish.



Medium desinty fiberboard (MDF) with improvrd moisture.

10,16,19,25 mm wide Fireproof MDF (class B-s2) - Available on request


FORMATS: Patterns scalable. Standard sizes depending of application and material: 600 x 600 / 600 x 1200

1 2

740 x 740 / 740 x1480

1 2

1200 x 1200 / 1200 x 2400 1480 x 1480 / 1480 x 2960


1 2


1 2







Stainless Steel


Composite panel


HD Foam board



180 cm

600 x 600 mm (0,36 m² / piece) y 600 x 1200 mm (0,72m² / piece) Ideal measure for construction of false ceilings

180 cm

740 x 740 mm (0,55 m² / piece) y 740 x 1480 mm (1,1 m² / piece) Ideal measure for construction of separators, wall coating ...


180 cm

1200 x 1200 mm (1,44 m² / piece) y 1200 x 2400 mm (2,88 m² / piece) Room dividers, paneling, walls, exteriors...

180 cm

1480 x 1480 mm (2,19 m² / piece) y 1480 x 2960 mm (4,38 m² / piece) Room dividers, paneling, walls, exteriors...

Arquitectural lattices APPLICATIONS: ROOM DIVIDERS Although not the only method of installation, we have a simple, effective system, of installing ceiling to ground and behind the scenes panels,scenes panels with a spectacular and modern result. Obviously, a total separation is not achieved, but a very modern appearance and versatile separation is achieved.

DECORATIVE WALL’S COATING Installed at a distance from the wall, they work perfectly as an original decorative coating, enhancing the sense of depth. Together with a Light Kit (background lighting, LEDs, temperature, time, etc....) an attractive sensation is created.

FACADES AND EXTERIORS Transform the cold and dull surfaces we often find in our buildings. We can measure and extend the frames to achieve the correct proportions for the design. We also customise designs for each project, or we can accept commissions from architects and interior designers to make their work unique. The materials we use are suitable for outdoor use and can perfectly withstand all weathers.

FALSE CEILINGS Besides acoustic ceilings that we offer elsewhere in this site, we can use the panels to construct false ceilings, parasols and decorative features.

OTHER APPLICATIONS We can also use the panels to construct other ornamental features, such as bars, reception desks, doors, air vents, background lighting, showcase, furniture elements, etc...

Acoustic ceilings and walls. Panels especially designed to achieve high sound absorption, with a striking aesthetic contribution. The system is easy to install as it can be mounted on standard features in the form of a T to conventional suspended ceilings. It is completely detachable and renewable. Sound absorption, is one of the aspects of the technical building code that architects and builders must take into account, in order to achieve a reduction in noise generated on premises, to achieve a significant improvement in the sound quality of the space. For this reason, our acoustic ceilings, using the designs listed in the Panels section, are an unbeatable product to solve excessive noise problems, using unique decoration. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, offices, libraries and any room with annoying noise.


Clasps Absorbe

nt materi



599 x 599 mm / 599 x 1199 mm

Acoustic ceilings and walls.

Headboards & other products for contractors We work with catering companies to provide special features that make your establishment unique. Amongst them, we have made various headboards, special mirrors for hotel bedrooms, decorative items, walls/headboards, ceilings, umbrellas, railings, etc. For this we have our technical and design department who will provide ideas, previews, prototypes and estimates to help companies in this sector make a decision.

Aluminum headboard. (with option of LED lighting)

Headboard - Lattice MDF

Headboards & other products for contractors


We can manufacture headboards in any of the materials with which work and other materials such as irons heet , MDF, polycarbonate etc. according to project needs and aesthetics.

Headboard constructed of HEXAGON panels whis synthetic leather finishing.

Headboard MDF + Numeric Control + Gloss lacquer

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