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September 6, 2011

Attention All Students! CareerKnight: Rutgers job and internship system is new and improved! An Interview with Dorothy Kerr, Executive Manager, Employer Services Are you a senior thinking about full-time jobs after graduation or a sophomore or junior thinking about an internship? Our new and improved CareerKnight job search portal is your one-stop source for online jobs and internships, career fairs, workshops, employer information sessions, and on-campus interviews. For the purposes of this article, we will focus on the oncampus interviewing portion of the portal. You can register by logging onto and clicking on “Student Login to CareerKnight”—start checking out jobs, internships, and much more! How many employers recruit on campus each year? Each year, over 200 employers recruit on campus. Despite the slowdown in the economy in 2010, we expect to have a relatively good recruiting year in 2011-2012. What are the top employers hiring Rutgers graduates? Johnson and Johnson once again topped the list of employers hiring the most Rutgers graduates. Other top employers (in alphabetical order) include Accenture, Bank of America, Barclays, Bloomberg, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Liberty Mutual, Merck, Morgan Stanley,PricewaterhouseCoopers, Prudential, and Target.

In This Issue

I s o n - c a m p u s i n te r vi e wi n g fo r ever yon e? Most employers that recruit at Rutgers fall into two broad categories: financial ser vices and technical. Accordingly, business, engineering, and computer science majors have the best chances of being selected for multiple interviews. However, over 100 other employers recruited on campus last year for a ll ma jors. Who is eligible to par ticipate in oncampus interviews? Seniors and graduate students graduating this fall or next spring are eligible to interview for full-time positions following graduation, and sophomores and juniors can interview for internships. When and where do interviews take place? Fall inter views begin in September in the Career & Inter view Center in the Busch Campus Center. Inter views for full-time positions occur throughout the fall and spring. Most inter views for summer internships are in Februar y and March, however an increasing number occur in the fall. Fall recruiting is dominated by accounting, engineering, and computer firms. Spring recruiting has a wider mix of employers, many seeking all majors. The fall has become a heavier recr uiting

semester than the spring, so it is important to get an early start. How does CareerKnight work? CareerKnight enables you to conduct all aspects of the on-campus interview process (except the actual interview) online, 24/7. Each week you read job descriptions, submit resumes to employers, check to see if you have been selected for an interview, and schedule your interviews. Go to and log in to get started. How can you best prepare for campus interviews? The single best resource for accurate information is the employer’s website. Prepare two or three good questions to ask the recruiter. Practice interviewing at Career Services. Read the section on “Inter viewing” in the Career Services Guide. And review our Career Services website for our online career research websites such as Vault, Going Global, InterviewStream, and CareerShift. What should you do if you have additional questions? Contact the Career Services office in the Busch Career & Interview Center or the Career Center at 46 College Avenue. You can also email Our staff will be happy to answer your questions. Good luck!

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Career Services 1. Explore your major, career, and graduate school options. 2. Learn about career choices that relate to your major. 3. Get the scoop on the latest careers and job search strategies. 4. Check out the best job and internship postings. 5. Learn about the Rutgers Internship & Co-op Program. 6. Create a resume that gets attention. 7. Land the campus interview of your dreams. 8. Ace your next interview with one-on-one mock interviews. 9. Develop a winning game plan to compete in today’s job market. 10. Connect with career professionals dedicated to helping you reach your goals.


CareerKnight is New and Improved Top 10 Reasons to Visit Career Services Where RU Headed?


Staff Directory Video Contest AD From The Director’s Desk Fall Career Days AD

2 2 2 2

Trang Le, 2013

John Lee, 2012


Exercise Sci. and Sport Studies

Alumni Success Story Faculty Advice Column Services for Students Career Shift AD

3 3 3 3

I use Career Services to stop by drop-in hours and look at the white board for events and scheduling of mock interviews for graduate school. I also visited a career counselor to review my resume.

12 Step Action Plan for Seniors Employer Spotlight Career Day AD Career Panels AD

4 4 4 4

I think Career Services is a great resource to inquire about particular majors and career plans. I want to start using Career Services more because as a junior I am planning my career path and want to use this great resource to critique my resume and explore career options.

Jineta Raval, 2013

Michael Marpaung, 2014

Johnson & Johnson AD


Political Science and English

Marine Biology

Class of 2011: Where Are They Now? Co-Op Program AD GRE Semiar AD Networking AD


I plan on using Career Services to attend events that are related to my major and to learn about future internship and job opportunities.

I want to use CareerKnight to find jobs for next summer.

Career Knight AD Career Services Online AD Ask the Director Career Services Inbox AD

7 7 7 7

Calendar Of Events American Pharmacists AD Free Career Services Guide AD Going Global AD

8 8 8 8


We asked students: How do you plan to use Career Services this semester?


6 6 6

Andrew Gonzalez, 2015

Kevnita Caines, 2012


Labor and Employment Relations

I am looking to find work on and off campus and want to use Career Services to learn about job opportunities and job qualifications.

I want to use Career Services for resume critiques, job search, and help with law school applications and admissions.


STAFF DIRECTORY Career and Interview Center Busch Campus Center 7 3 2 -4 4 5 -6 1 2 7 Janet Jones, Senior Associate Director Greg Sobol, Assistant Director Jennifer Broyles, Assistant Director Joe Scott, Assistant Director Sue Pye, Assistant Director Tammy Samuels, Assistant Director Toi Tyson, Assistant Director Marcia Milgrom, Career Counselor Barbra Bonifield, Career Services Coordinator Toni Berlingieri, Career Services Coordinator

Career Center at 4 6 College Avenue 7 3 2 -9 3 2 -7 9 9 7 Chrystal McArthur, Senior Associate Director David Bills, Assistant Director Larry Jacobs, Assistant Director Monica Bryant, Assistant Director Sylvia Cordero, Assistant Director Tina Vance Knight, Assistant Director Doug Ricci, Career Counselor Scott Borden, Career Counselor Linda Bagen, Career Services Assistant Mark Kerr, Career Services Assistant/Special Projects

Administrative Office 5 6 College Avenue 7 3 2 -9 3 2 -7 2 8 7 Richard L. White, Director Dorothy Kerr, Employer Services Executive Manager Barbara Thomson, Senior Project Coordinator Alison Koo, Budget and Technical Coordinator Larissa Keller, Employer Services Coordinator Lisa Goddard, Employer Services Coordinator Mary Beth Kimberlin, Employer Services Assistant


September 6, 2011

From The Director’s Desk by Richard L. White Director, Career Services 5 6 College Avenue You’ve heard the phrase, “something for everyone.” It describes what’s in store for you in this first issue of Careers. “Careers” provides “news you Dr. Richard L. White can use”—articles, interviews, Director of Career Services ads, announcements, and features to assist you with your career planning. Take a look at our stor y about our new “CareerKnight,” our online job and internship system. It’s an interview with Dorothy Kerr, executive manager of employer services, who manages the CareerKnight system. The interview focuses on the on-campus interviewing part of the program. CareerKnight not only brings employers and job seekers together for interviews on campus, but is also the place where you can review thousands of jobs and internships each year, register for upcoming workshops, learn about career days, and use our new resume builder. If you haven’t registered yet for CareerKnight, I encourage you to join the Rutgers students and alumni who have set up their new CareerKnight accounts since it debuted in June. In “Class of 2011: Where Are They Now?” you will read about the successes of the most recent graduating class, based on last spring’s senior sur-

vey. Finally, if you haven’t yet visited Career Services, see our “Top 10” reasons to come by. You’re bound to find at least a few! This issue of Careers also features our “12-Step Action Plan for Seniors,” providing concrete tips for all seniors, whether you’re thinking about graduate school, the job market, or both. Watch your email and The Daily Targum on Tuesdays for our “Career Services Weekly,” which will feature upcoming events. And don’t forget to pick up your 2011-2012 Career Services Guide. It is full of resume tips, resume samples, interview strategies, and advice for graduate school. It’s available at any of our offices: Busch Campus Center, 46 College Avenue, or 56 College Avenue. We are also excited about the Rutgers Internship and Co-op Program. Gain credit for your internships or co-ops during the fall, spring, or summer. For more information, log on to and click on “Rutgers Internship & Co-op” under “Quick Links.” In a nutshell, the mission of Career Services is to help you prepare for life beyond Rutgers. Even though that may seem a long way off, don’t wait until the spring of your senior year to utilize Career Services. We offer a broad range of services during all four years at Rutgers as well as the graduate level. Stop by and see what we can do for you! Have a great fall. And watch for our next issue of “Careers” on October 4.

Did You Know? Graduating college seniors who used their campus career services office were more likely to get a job offer, according to a study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

September 6, 2011


Alumni Success Story Dr. Nididi Amutah B.S. in Public Health and B.A. in Africana Studies, 2003 Kellogg Health Scholars Program; Morgan State University, Post-doctoral fellow What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most? As a post-doctoral research fellow I enjoy the flexibility of the fellowship with regard to my work schedule. The ability to conduct research in and with communities that are underser ved is priceless. As the field of public health advances fur ther into community based par ticipator y research, I am excited about furthering my skills as a public health practitioner. Nididi Amutah

What do you think is the most valuable skill that someone should have if they want to be in your position? For someone to be in my position, they must have completed a doctoral degree in public health or a related discipline. Also, someone in my position needs to be culturally competent and allow the


Faculty Advice: Chuck Keeton

community to guide the research they are conducting on health disparities. What do you think made you successful? I believe that I have been successful for many reasons. Namely, I have had the strong support of my family, mentors, and community. Additionally, I had a plan for my success. From the tender age of 9, I expressed that I wanted to be a doctor working in the community with children. Now, as a maternal and child health researcher, I know the importance of speaking things into existence and taking purposeful, deliberate steps towards your goals. What advice can you give someone who has plans for grad school or is looking for a job straight out of college? Whatever you do, be the best at it! Also, dress and act in accordance with the job you want, not the job you have. How has Career Ser vices helped you along the path towards where you are right now? Career Services has served as a resource to me because I know that should I have questions regarding resume writing or career transitioning, they are there to assist me and my fellow alumni.

Faculty Director, Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates Associate P rofessor, Depar tment of P hysics & Astronomy What advice can you give to students who are not sure of their major? Try to find something you love. I believe it’s more important to get excited and work hard at learning than to strategize about which major will have the best job prospects. At Rutgers you have a wonderful opportunity to learn from world experts on all sorts of fascinating topics. If you really engage with your classes and professors, you will learn how to learn — and that, I think, is the key to today’s careers in which learning never stops. Chuck Keeton

What suggestions do you have for students debating between graduate school and work? My whole career has been in academia, so I know little about work in the “real world.” I can say that graduate school is hard work, so you shouldn’t go to graduate school just because you can’t decide what you want to do. But if you love learning and have a strong interest in a subject, graduate school will let you develop deep understanding, work closely with like-minded people, and move from passive consumption to active creation of knowledge. What skills will students develop through your major? In a physics major you learn how to think about the natural world. This involves the laws of physics, of course, but much more: quantitative reasoning, logic, evaluation of evidence, and analysis of arguments. In short, a physics major (like many others) features both technical material and critical thinking skills. What job op p or tunities are available for students studying your field, and what can they do to increase their chances of finding a job? Having strong technical and analytic skills makes physics majors attractive to all sorts of employers. Recent physics graduates have gone to graduate school, become teachers, or found jobs in high-tech companies, the aerospace industry, banking and finance, consulting, and the military. Students can talk to the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Physics & Astronomy Department or visit Career Services to learn more about the possibilities. You were recently appointed Faculty Director of the Aresty Research Center for Undergraduates. What is the Aresty Center, and how can students benefit from it? The mission of the Aresty Research Center is to help students and faculty come together to engage in scholarly research. Working on research helps students expand their education beyond the classroom, cultivate their curiosity and cognitive skills, build intellectual and personal relationships with faculty mentors, and experience the process of knowledge creation. The Aresty Center offers summer and academic-year programs for students who are new to research, funding oppor tunities for students already engaged in research, and support for students pursuing research. To learn more, visit aresty.r and come to the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Rutgers Student Center on April 20, 2012.

Did You Know? The Alumni Career Network is a great way to connect and network with over 1,700 Rutgers alums.


September 6, 2011

Employer Spotlight



An interview with Michael J. George of JOHNSON & JOHNSON

Michael J. George

Analyst I – Information Technology Leadership Development Program Johnson & Johnson Information Technology Shared Ser vices Rutgers Business School, Class of 201l Finance and Management & Information Systems Double Major

How did you get your job with Johnson & Johnson? I interned at J&J during the summers of 2009 and 2010, and both times I gained my internship through INROADS. INROADS is a nonprofit organization that assists students of color in securing internships with major corporations. INROADS is very active on the Rutgers campus, and I encourage students to check it out. My internships, in turn, led to an offer of full-time employment following my graduation last May. Having an internship with an organization is the single best way to land a full-time position with that organization. What skills does J&J seek in new hires for fulltime or internship opportunities? J&J is a very innovative and proactive company in every aspect of the business from research and development to technology to acquisitions of other companies. Some of the most important skills that J&J seeks in new hires are leadership skills, business acumen, a passion for your role, communication skills, integrity, teamwork, intellectual curiosity, and creativity. What is special about working for J&J? Unlike many companies with only a simple mission statement, Johnson & Johnson lives by and through a “living document” referred to as the Credo. The Credo helps guide the decisions that every employee makes and challenges each one of us to put the well-being of those we serve first. I believe this moral compass separates us from other companies and really cements our role within J&J. What can a student expect to learn during an internship at J&J?

Having interned for two summers at J&J before joining as a full-time employee, I believe J&J offers many opportunities to develop your knowledge and skill sets. There is a lot of cross-functional exposure at all levels, and this gives an intern the ability to work with many groups and the chance to learn about different areas of the business. The corporate culture is very inclusive, and there are many opportunities for interns to develop themselves and define their niche through networking sessions. When are you scheduled to be on campus? The company will be very visible on campus this fall. Our kick-off event is our open house on Tuesday, September 20 at 6:00 PM in the Rutgers Student Center. We will also attend two career fairs this fall: Engineering and Computer Science (September 23) and Business and Liberal Arts (October 21). Finally, we will conduct interviews on campus on the following days: October 5-6, 18-20, 25-26, and November 29. Log on to CareerKnight for details. Personally, I hope to participate in several of these events and also be at RU for home football games. What type of questions can a student expect during an inter view? Are they behaviorallybased? Interviews are tough, no doubt about that! During an interview with Johnson & Johnson, an intern, coop, or full-time candidate can expect many behavioral and situational questions that are geared to find out how he or she will react in a given situation or through a learned behavior. With these questions, the key to remember is to give specific-examples such as problem-solving and describing in detail the event, problem, and resulting outcome. Always remember to be personable and establish rapport with your interviewer! What is the best way to find out more about J&J? The best way to find out about positions and programs is to represent yourself well in the many recruiting events that J&J hosts annually at Rutgers. Additionally, the website ( offers a tremendous amount of content that will provide anyone with information regarding new products, J&J’s corporate social responsibility, J&J history, and job openings.

Now that you are a senior, it’s time to think seriously about your future plans. We know—May still seems a long way off. But whether you are thinking about a job, graduate school, or both, now is the time to begin putting together a plan.

Tips for All Students 1. Stop by Career Services and pick up our Career Services Guide, containing sample resumes and letters, and information on finding a job, applying to graduate school, and many other topics. 2. Visit the Career Services website at for information. Use the Internet for other job search and graduate school resources. 3. Attend Career Services workshops on a wide range of topics, including resume writing, interviewing, job searching, and applying to graduate school. Visit us online and click on “Events.” 4. Develop your resume for job or graduate school purposes. 5. Utilize our interactive career guidance system, Focus, or our own Rutgers Online Career Planning Site. Use these to identify your interests, skills, and values and how they relate to majors and career fields.

If You’re Pursuing a Job 6. Register for CareerKnight, the on-campus interviewing program, and participate throughout the year. Over 200 employers will recruit seniors this year on campus. 7. Attend our fall career days: Engineering & Computer Science on September 23; Math & Actuarial on October 7; and Business & Liberal Arts on October 21. Mark your calendars now for our biggest event of the year: New Jersey Collegiate Career Day on January 5, 2012. 8. Attend employer information sessions to meet recruiters, gather first-hand information, and gain a competitive edge. Over 50 sessions are scheduled each year on campus. Find information about upcoming information sessions on CareerKnight. 9. Access jobs and internships online through CareerKnight. Go to to log in to CareerKnight. Over 10,000 jobs and internships appeared last year, earmarked for Rutgers students.

If You’re Pursuing Graduate School 10. Attend two events this fall: Rutgers Graduate and Professional School Expo (Rutgers programs) on October 1 in the Rutgers Student Center; and Graduate and Professional School Day (nationwide programs) on November 2 in the Rutgers Student Center. 11. Set up a credentials file through Interfolio, our online credentials service. Go to www.inter . Request letters of recommendation from three professors who know you and your work well. 12. Attend our two-day, $250 GRE test prep seminar on Saturday, October 22 and November 12, in the Busch Campus Center from 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

September 6, 2011



Did You Know? You can keep up with all Career Services events and information on Facebook at and Twitter at


Class of 2011: Where Are They Now? “Where RU Headed?” That was the question asked countless times to members of the Class of 2011 during their senior year by parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, professors, and, of course, Career Services. Now we have some answers. Our “Quick Senior Survey,” conducted this past spring, provides a snapshot of the graduates’ experience at Rutgers as well as the employers that hired them and graduate schools that accepted them. “The news for recent Rutgers grads is better than for general workers in this tough economy,” says Richard White, New Brunswick-wide Director of Career Services. “With the national unemployment rate hovering around 9.2%, the jobless rate for all college grads is less than 5%. There is no doubt that in this climate, job seekers will need to work hard to find a job, but jobs are out there for graduates with strong communication, management, technical, and teamwork skills.” While the official “2011 Senior Report” will not be published until early next year, we do have some preliminary results from nearly 1,500 respondents. The #1 employer of the Class of 2011 is PricewaterhouseCoopers with 89 hires—63 full time and 26 interns. Bank of America is #2 with 57 hires—27 full time and 30 interns. Deloitte is #3 with 33 hires—7 full time and 26 interns. Other leading employers in alphabetical order include Barclay’s, City Year, Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Kohl’s, Macy*s, Peace Corps, Prudential, Target, and Teach for America. Greg Sobol, assistant director of career services in the Busch Campus Center, closely follows the graduate and professional school trends. “Once again,” says Sobol, “the impressive list of schools demonstrates that if you come to Rutgers, work hard, and do well, you can attend the finest graduate and professional schools in the country – or the world.” While it is not surprising that Rutgers is the #1 graduate school that 2011 grads are attending, other distinguished schools accepting recent graduates include Columbia, Cornell, Georgia Tech, Har vard, Johns Hopkins, Michigan, NYU, Penn State, Princeton, Stanford, the University of Chicago, and Yale.

Did You Know? You can earn 3 credits for an internship and 6 credits for a co-op through the Rutgers Internship and Co-op Program. Itʼs open to all undergraduates, regardless of major.


September 6, 2011


September 6, 2011


Ask the Director Dear Director: I am a junior majoring in French. I’m thinking about a possible second major, but not quite sure what jobs are available with my major and what other major would help me obtain a job after graduation. Can Career Services help? —Junior French Major

Dear Junior French Major: You have come to the right place. Career Services can help. I have two suggestions: For a list of jobs obtained by Rutgers French graduates during the past decade, log on to our “Majors and Career Profiles” series at You will find that French majors move into a variety of fields, many unrelated to their study of French language and literature. Try to keep an open mind regarding the type of work that you will later pursue. To discuss your academic and career interests in detail and possibly take a skills assessment, schedule an appointment with a career counselor at one of the following locations: 46 College Avenue—Call 732-932-7997 BCC—Call 732-445-6127 Ext. 0 Good luck with your career planning. —Dr. Richard White Director, Career Services 56 College Avenue

Career Services Inbox Dear Dr. White: About two months ago you reviewed my personal statement for the Graduate School of Education here at Rutgers. I presented my personal statement to you at the very last minute, but you still managed to help me improve it dramatically. With your help, I am glad to inform you that I was accepted into the program. You really helped me during a tough time and it paid off in the end. I cannot fully express my gratitude in words: you really have played a key role in making my dreams come true. Once again thank you very much for everything you have done for me. Tanya Carneiro Journalism and Media Studies/English, Class of 2011 GSE, Class of 2012

Did You Know? Career Services offers 12 career day events from September to May, plus a Big East Career Fair every March at Madison Square Garden.



Did You Know? The Career Services website – received more than 765,000 visitors in 2010-2011.

September 6, 2011

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