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Effective body language Effective body language is an important tool for any trainer. Most experienced trainers know and understand that without effective body language then they can quickly loose an audience. When we deliver training the majority of our message is being taken from body language. Of course we all know this from being involved in really effective training ourselves or should I say when we have been bored to death there is a good chance that the trainer didn’t use effective body language. Trainers who concentrate on body language are a delight to watch. They emphasise key points, encourage group involvement and if they know what they are doing can send covert messages to their delegates all by using effective body language. Sometimes people can be very sceptical at this stage, they can’t believe that powerful body language can have such an impact but it does. The fact is that when we are training people the majority of the message we are sending across is via effective body language. Next comes tone, I will often describe this in training as when I was younger and my Mum used to say ‘Ralph…’ ( assertive tone) I knew exactly what she meant. Tone has a huge effect on the message we are sending and if delivered correctly we can engage individuals effectively by using tone correctly. Sad is may seem words make up the least of these areas, how amazing is that, the words that we use are below body language and tone.

Effective body language