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San t a is com in g Welcome to issue 2 our Christmas edition of Target Online. A Online magazine for business to advertise on a budget. Local trades Business & Charities. For contact and advertising info T 07934351090

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W h at is Ch ILD? M or e in for m ation Ch il dh ood In ter stitial Lu n g Diseases: An 18-year Retr ospective An al ysis Ch il dr en 's In ter stitial Lu n g Disease (Ch ILD) An Official Am er ican Th or acic Society Cl in ical Pr actice Gu idel in e: Cl assification , Eval u ation , an d M an agem en t of Ch il dh ood In ter stitial Lu n g Disease in In fan cy Paediatr ic in ter stitial l u n g disease In ter stitial l u n g diseases in in fan ts an d ch il dr en Eu r opean pr otocol s for th e diagn osis an d in itial tr eatm en t of in ter stitial l u n g disease in ch il dr en Pediatr ic In ter stitial Lu n g Disease Ch il dr en Ar e Not Sm al l Adu l ts Ch il dr en ?s In ter stitial Lu n g Disease (ch ILD) is a gr ou p of r ar e l u n g diseases fou n d in in fan ts, ch il dr en an d adol escen ts. Th er e ar e a l ar ge n u m ber of in ter stitial an d diffu se diseases wh ich fal l u n der th e ch ILD u m br el l a. M an y of th e diseases, al th ou gh h avin g ver y differ en t cau ses, wil l pr esen t with sim il ar sym ptom s an d sign s, an d th ese for m par t of th e ?ch ILD syn dr om e?. Th e m ain featu r e of ch ILD is th at oxygen h as pr obl em s passin g in to th e bl oodstr eam via th e l u n gs, an d th er e ar e var iabl e degr ees of l u n g scar r in g.

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Th e sever ity of disease an d l on g ter m ou tcom es wil l var y con sider abl y fr om per son to per son . If you ar e a par en t/ car er for a ch ILD su ffer er pl ease con tact th eir special ist for m edical advice as th ey m ay be abl e to in dicate th e disease cou r se. Do n ot be su r pr ised if th ey can n ot. Ch ILD is a r el ativel y n ew an d u n r esear ch ed gr ou p of diseases. Gen er al l y som e ch il dr en m ay gr ow ou t of th eir con dition , oth er s wil l n eed l u n g tr an spl an tation an d sadl y oth er s m ay die. Pl ease h el p u s h ow best you can . H er e ar e som e ideas on h ow you can h el p


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Issue 2 our Christmas issue for Business advertising on a budget. For more info visit