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INDIGO 19, Developed by Harmony Investments & Spyrock Real Estate Group




rust and honesty is an investment you put in people. Trust is the key to any good relationship. You can trust us as your “wingman” to professionally manage your investment/asset consistent with your goals and values. You are more than a number or a client to us. We consider you to be our partner. As your partner, we will treat your asset as if it were our own. We are a small company with big solutions that reflect the complex needs of multifamily management. Our core services will give you the ease of mind in the daily management of your property and the achievement of your goals. We are your face to the world and to your community.

MENU OF SERVICES Due Diligence: Whether you are looking to acquire multifamily properties or want a detailed analysis of a property you already own we can provide a comprehensive third-party evaluation in supporting your needs.

Maintenance Services: Attention to maintenance is essential in ensuring that communities function at their optimum level. Our professional on-site maintenance teams ensure the integrity and attractiveness of our communities and buildings. All of this is managed through an on-going system of regular maintenance, detailed inspections and preventative performance measures. Capital Improvement: We can help you plan the next generation of your asset through a short-range plan, which identifies capital projects and equipment purchases. We will execute the project through a detailed planning schedule.

Income Generation: Today’s competitive market requires an attunement to long-term equity and financial returns. We will work closely with you

to achieve those goals in careful management of your property’s budget.

Leasing and Marketing Services: Our marketing team works closely with regional and property managers in providing effective marketing strategies for our clients. Our marketing platform includes the use high-end marketing technology, digital solutions, creative targeted marketing collateral and well planned media schedules in executing the best use of marketing dollars.

Budget Management: Your asset’s budget is a strategic expression of your financial goals. We deploy automated tools in ensuring the best analysis in the control of expenses, revenue projections and forecasts, costs, liabilities and cash flow. Performance Analytics: Detailed monthly reporting packages will keep you abreast to your asset’s financial health. Our precise measurement tools, financial controls and reporting mechanisms are used to improve productivity and profitability. Professional Development and Education: With custom curriculum design, local market knowledge and an array of courses, the education group provides introductory and ongoing training for all associates. Customer Care and Brand Management: Bonaventure optimizes customer care services and initiatives in building the value of our brand. We bring our brand values to life in creating long lasting experiences for our residents.


2700 S Quincy St # 500 • Arlington, VA 22206 • 703-567-4590

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Bonaventure specializes in multifamily asset management, development, and redevelopment, primarily in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern US....