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Weight Loss Pills – The Alarming Trend Introduction Over the past few decades, obesity has emerged as a major epidemic in the world. Particularly in the United States, the increase in obesity has been so rapid, that it has now emerged as a public health concern at the national level. The problems and medical complications associated with obesity are alarming to an extent that a number of people are now opting for fad diets and weight loss pills in order to reduce their weight. The increased usage of obesity pills, drugs and various dieting agents has attracted significant criticism from health experts. These products are said to contain high levels of toxins and are harmful for the human health. The Problem Unfortunately, a number of weight loss drugs that have been banned by the government can still be accessed online. This trend draws significant concern from medical experts. It is assumed that annually, Americans spend more than $61 billion on different weight loss products. Dieting behaviors have become so common that a large majority of children have already tried different methods for weight loss. Health experts argue that the onslaught of an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits at such an early age is likely to cause further complications and weight control issues in adulthood. In adults, the trends are far more dangerous. While young adults may seek to adopt healthier weight loss methods; adults tend to switch to unhealthy weight loss options which include diet pills and certain laxatives. The Risks It has been found that a majority of over-the-counter weight loss drugs contain elements such as the phenylpropanolamine (PPA). This appetite suppressant directly impacts the central nervous system of the body and is only recommended for very obese individuals under strict medical supervision. When the intake of PPA is combined with exercise or reduced food consumption, it leads to rapid weight loss. However, it is worth mentioning that the effect is only temporary, unless an individual is able to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In addition, certain weight loss drugs which help in suppressing hunger may also not be completely safe. Studies have found that these drugs are closely linked to cardiovascular

diseases. Other effects include increased resistance to the flow of blood through the lungs. As a result, the heart has to undergo increased strain and in certain cases may even lead to strokes. With new drugs emerging in the market, people assume that these drugs are safer. It is worth mentioning here however that the side-effects of these may range from increased blood pressure and pulse rate to a dry mouth. Conclusion The hard truth about effective and healthy weight loss is that it is not possible without adopting a healthy lifestyle. One needs to follow an exercise plan and ensure consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in order to reach a healthy weight. The detrimental impact of weight loss drugs is too great to be ignored. What we need today is greater awareness regarding such drugs. Through strict policies and regulations, the abuse of weight loss drugs may be avoided.

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The hard truth about effective and healthy weight loss is that it is not possible without adopting a healthy lifestyle. Source: http://www...