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Developers Exploit the Power of DNN DonNetNuke, popularly known as DNN has emerged as one of the largest and most influential open source web application framework. Using Microsoft's ASP.NET, it has paved the way for the worldwide clients to manage information available on their website, intranet as well as extranets.

DNN is considered an ideal option for creating commercial websites, online publishing portals, corporate intranet/extranet and custom vertical applications. This is because the community of the registered users in experiencing a vertical growth. The best part of DNN is that it can be obtained free of cost just by giving back the credit to the DukeNetNuke network community. Once this is done this app can be easily obtained, installed and hosted. The developers have discovered that by using DNN, it is very easy to build websites with interactive information that can be modified whenever required. This makes DNN favorite of bloggers, weather forecasting websites, news module websites, and other websites where constant data updating is required.

Here are the few very evident features of the versatility of DotNetDuke. User-friendly This is the biggest feature of DNN. It ensures ease of use with different website wizards, help icons, and a highly advanced user-interface.

Rich in features DNN is equipped with a powerful set of built-in tools designed to support site hosting, web designing, content, security, as well as membership options.

Powerful DotNetNuke has the capacity to enable administrators to support multiple portals or websites with just one install.

Localized The feature of being multi-lingual allows administrators to translate their portals and projects into any language.

Fully Customizable This feature allows administrators to force changes to elements such as font type, color and bullet points, to overall site appearance with ease and without any sort of repercussion on the content. Now let us have a quick look at how DotNetNuke developers in India develop a fully-functional website with DNN.

CORE MODULES The DNN framework includes a wide array of modules to add information to web pages. It is designed in such a way that it can manage even a robust website or a portal content. These numerous modules can be configured to meet the specific requirement of your website. Some of the core modules are Announcements, Contacts, Banners, Documents, Discussion, Events List/Calendar, FAQs, Feedback, Images, News Feed (RSS), Search and so on. Note that all these modules can be developed using any .NET language.

SKINS The look and feel of the website built on the DNN platform can be controlled through skins created using HTML. This makes it extremely easy as the appearance of the website can be changed just by changing the skin.

Save time with DNN DNN is sustained by a large installed base and a high quality technical support. Thus, it is a good way of starting building a web application. The uniquely designed architecture helps the administrators to take advantage of the third-party add-ons for building customized web applications.

Security – How Strict It Is? The built-in security features on the administration pages make sure that the control is completely in the hands of an administrator. He has the full authority to direct who can view and edit resources. This is called role based security model.

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How to Use the Power of DotNetNuke  

DonNetNuke, is known as DNN has emerged as one of the largest and most significant free web program structure.