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First of all Be sure to choose one of the Web hosting companies that fit the specific .needs of your site

Instructions A dial-up connection is usually too slow so make sure -1 the host's server provides a fast connection to the . Internet -2Find out how many machines will be sharing the server . with you to avoid the slow speed sharing with others Investigate limits on bandwidth and hits. Make sure -3 you won't be charged severely if a lot of traffic goes . through your site

Find out what kind of customer support the host offers -4 .that must be Twenty-four hour support and speedy replies Plan ahead when thinking about Web space. The amount -5 of space you need depends on the nature of your site, but . be sure to give your site room to grow Look for a company that offers -6virtual hosting, This will allow you to use your own domain name as your URL . within the host's domain

Make sure the host provides adequate CGI-bin access -7 if you'll be using forms, and that the CGI bin can support . your scripts Opt for Web-based administration if you're unfamiliar-8 with Web programming. This will provide a Web-based .interface for the maintenance of the site Look for a host that offers FTP and Telnet access to -9 . facilitate uploading files and editing CGI scripts

Make sure you understand the host's e-mail services - 10 as some servers offer POP mailboxes, while others simply . offer aliases that reroute mail to existing mailboxes

how to choose a web hosting devices  
how to choose a web hosting devices