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Forever by Tarboo, Inc. A Collection Of Unique, Handcrafted Garments.

He Was Inclined To Say “…there are some things that last longer than love.”

Often This Evoked a chuckle from her, the absurdity of but passing significance.

With Time The Words had loomed like the primordial; undeniable but intangible.

She Wondered Now... were these the last remnants?

Memories Caught

Between Fibres

Were These The Traces of supernovas now extinguished?

Stewards Of Memories that, once pristine, had taken on the din of nostalgia.

A Few Garments (once a constellation) scattered for her and only her.

A Smile would find itself parting her lips at times....

A Companion to the realization that there are indeed some things that last longer than love.

These Things Are...



Bone 100% Premium Cotton $168

Stone 100% Premium Cotton $168


Black and Grey 100% Premium Cotton $168

Tone 100% Premium Cotton $168


Chestnut and Chocolate 100% Premium Cotton $168

Cornacoupia 100% Premium Cotton $168

The Forever Collection Directed By Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes Photography by Kyle Johnson Spring 2012, Š Tarboo Inc

Forever Collection Spring 2012  

A collection of handmade garments designed to last forever.