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Contents Pakistani Cuisine Page No‌8 - 21 Chicken Korma (Chicken meat cooked with yoghurt and spices) Chicken Karahi (Chicken / lamb meat with a mixture of spices, prepared in a sizzling cast iron pot called karahi) Chicken Jalfrazee (Spicy chicken with tomatoes and green pepper) Kebab Masala (Lamb/ Beef mince with spices, rolled and fried) Nargasi kofta (Meat balls stuffed with egg) Katta Katt (Katta Kat is the clanging sounds that are made from spoons hitting the pan while lamb / Goat)

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Kunna dish (A vey popular dish from Chiniot, near Lahore, situated in the Punjab province of Pakistan, made with large pieces of Goat / lamb)

Niharee (Lamb/ Beef boneless with a very special spicy sauce) Haleem (Dish made of meat stew, lentils and spices) Shami Kebab (Shami kebabs are very popular as a starter or a snack, made with mince, lentils and spices) Biryanee (A rice-based dish made with hot spices, usually basmati and meat) Mughal Pulaoo (Rice cooked with Garam masala in meat stock) Zarda (A sweet rice dish with orange food colour, then combined with raisins and nuts), Halava (A sweet semolina dessert)

Chinese Cuisine Page No‌23-32 Egg fried Rice (Boiled rice cooked with fried eggs and spices) Sweet and Sour Vegetables (Mixed vegetables cooked with sugar and sweet and sour sauce)

Beef and Chillies (Slices of beef pieces cooked in Chillies and spices) Sweat and Sour Prawns (Cooked with sugar and sweet and sour sauce) Stir Fry Chicken with Vegetables (Chicken chunks cooked with mixed vegetables and spices) Chow mein (Fried noodles cooked with meat) Corn Soup (Soup cooked with meat and corn) Sweet and Sour Soup (Soup cooked with sweet and sour sauce)

Shredded Chicken (Chicken cooked with green pepper) Wonton Soup (Meat wrapped with cabbage leaf in soup)

Turkish Cuisine Page No…. 34- 36 Shoorba Addas (Lentil soup) Stuffed Cabbage with ground Meat (Cooked with spices and tomatoes) Smoked Kebab (Kebab cooked with mince and spices)

English Dishes Page No… 38-41 Shepherd’s Pie (Mashed potatoes cooked with mince and spices) Casserole Lamb Shanks (Meat roasted with spices) Cauliflower Cheese (Cauliflower pieces cooked with cheese sauce) Stir Fried Vegetables (Colourful mixed vegetables cooked with spices)

American Dishes Page No… 43-45 Onion Steak (A cut of meat usually beef, with fried onions) Chicken Maryland (Chicken pieces cooked in white sauce) Chicken drum stick (Fried Chicken leg)

Greek Cuisine Page No‌ 46 Moussaka (An Aubergine and potatoes with mince meat cooked with spices and cheese sauce)

Indian Cusine Page 48-51

Red Kidney Bean Curry (Kidney curry cooked in spices) Dall Makah NĂŠe (Dall cooked with cream) Spicy Potatoes (Fried potatoes cooked with spices) Chicken Coriander (Chicken pieces cooked with Coriander leaves and mint)

Contents of dishes  
Contents of dishes  

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