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Little Does She Know..

Men at  The  Mar(n  Agency  Tell  All

Oftentimes, women wish men were more open with their feelings and told them how they really feel.

Unfortunately, it’s hard for men

to put everything on the table and their feelings into words.

Men can have a funny way of expressing their feelings.

Some overindulge with gifts and kisses, while others will give a special look, smile or hug.

When men are asked to reveal their emotions and feelings for the woman they love, cheeks often turn red, hands become clammy, and hearts usually remain shy.

However, when men at were asked to share their thoughts, memories, feelings and emotions about their one and only, creative letters, heartfelt stories, and funny memories of their first moments together were eagerly shared.

These are good men. They love their wives. And this is what they would tell them.

John Adams Chairman |  Managing  Partner  |  CEO My  dear,  dear  wife  has  a  heart  and  a  mind  that  not  only  fascinate  me,  but  make  me  a  be?er  man   every  day.  If  I'm  away  from  her  for  very  long,  I  get  lost.   She  loves  fiercely.  I  adore  her.   Married  40  years. Distance  didn’t  keep  us  apart  aKer  meeLng  our  first  year  of  college  at  two  different  schools.  

Mike Hughes President |  Managing  Partner  |  CreaLve  Director For  long  periods  of  Lme,  Ginny's  been  the  most  important  person  in  the  lives  of  both  our  sons,  her  mom,   her  stepdad,  a  couple  of  friends  and  me.  We've  all  needed  her.  Ginny's  made  my  incredible  life  possible.         She's  tolerated  (someLmes  just  barely)  the  unreasonable  demands  of  my  work  schedule.  She's  put  up  with   me.  So  even  if  she  wasn't  the  most  beauLful  woman  I've  ever  known—which  she  is—  I'd  love  her  deeply   and  everlasLngly.       Married  37  years. I  met  Ginny  at  work,  and  she  sLll  makes  my  heart  go  pi?y  pat.

Earl Cox EVP |  Partner  |  Chief  Strategy  Officer My  dearest  Laurie:   Since  the  moment  I  met  you  36  years  ago  I've  felt  you  were  my  soul  mate.  As  they  say,  you  complete  me  and   help  me  be  a  be?er  man  than  I  ever  thought  I  could  be.  You  showed  me  that  expressing  my  feelings  and  fears   isn't  a  weakness  but  a  strength.  And  there's  no  greater  giK  you  could  give  me  than  that.   Married  36  years. Sparks  flew  when  I  checked  her  ID  at  a  local  bar  at  Virginia  Tech.

Matt Clement Senior Vice  President  |  Director  of  Digital  OperaLons Opposite  yet  like-­‐minded  people  do  a?ract.  But  that's  when  the  work  begins  if   you  truly  feel  something  special  enough  to  go  the  distance. I'm  a  laid  back  guy.  My  wife  is  type  A.  I  talk  less,  she  talks  more.  Together,  we   balance  each  other  out.  I've  taught  her  to  relax  and  take  life  as  it  comes  and  she's   pushed  me  to  be  be?er,  more  driven,  more  aggressive.  We  work  well  together,   complement  each  other  and  support  each  other  through  good  and  bad.  I'm  lucky   I  guess. What  holds  true  more  than  ever  is  that  I  love  my  job.  I  love  my  wife.  I  love  my   kids  and  love  my  life.  Without  Michelle's  love  and  support,  we  wouldn't  be  half   the  family  we  are  now. Married  11  years,  friends  for  14.

Mike Kelley Vice President  |  Planning  Director It's  hard  to  put  into  words...   Not  just  about  loving  you.  But  feeling  loved  by  you.     It's  a  comfortable  high.  Always  laughing,  talking,  silent  or  serious.  It's  us  together.   And  bringing  three  beauLful  children  into  this  world  has  made  our  bond  even  stronger.   We're  a  team.  You  and  me.   And  I  love  it.   It’s  a  feeling  of  forever  that  makes  me  so  happy.   Married  nine  years. Who  knew  bumping  into  you  in  the  hallway  of  that  crowded  high  school  party  would  leave  a  love  mark.  

Dean Jarrett Senior Vice  President  |  ExecuLve  Director  of  Corporate  CommunicaLons Lots  of  guys  refer  to  their  wives  as  their  “be?er  half,”  but  if  you  ask  anyone  who  knows  Mary  Kay  and  me,  they’ll  tell  you  that’s  a   parLcularly  apt  descripLon  in  our  case.  (My  phone  nickname  for  her  =  ‘Be?er  1/2.’)  You  see,  Mary  Kay  is  an  amazing  woman  with   a  huge  heart  who  radiates  style  and  grace.  She’s  a  cardiology  nurse  pracLLoner,  an  incredible  Mom  to  our  two  teenagers  and,  in   her  spare  Lme,  organizes  medical  mission  trips  to  Honduras.  Admi?edly,  I  was  first  a?racted  by  her  looks.  She  took  my  breath   away  the  moment  I  saw  her  at  a  Christmas  party.  I  marched  straight  over  to  the  hostess  and  asked,  “Who  is  that  and  do  you  think   she’d  have  my  children?”  But  aKer  21  years  of  marriage,  and  those  two  great  children  of  ours  she  went  on  to  have,  I  now  know  a   hundred  other  wonderful  things  about  her  in  addiLon  to  her  classic  beauty.   Married  21  years. The  hostess  must  have  known  something  I  didn’t  know...

Matt Mattox Vice President  |  Group  Planning  Director My  wife  makes  me  a  be?er  person.   She  has  a  wicked  sense  of  humor  that  always  makes  me  laugh.   She  adapts  brilliantly  to  any  situaLon.   She  puts  up  with  my  idiosyncrasies.   She  lets  me  know  I'm  wrong  when  I'm  wrong.  (Which  is  oKen,  and  legiLmate.)  :  )   She  loves  our  boys  (one  human,  one  dog). She's  beauLful.   We're  a  team  that's  be?er  together.   Married  five  years,  friends  for  eleven. Being  friends  with  her  college  roommate  really  gave  me  the  one-­‐up.

Danny Robinson Senior Vice  President  |  CreaLve  Director Baé,   As  the  saying  goes,  opposites  a?ract. Perhaps. You're  a  woman.  I'm  a  man. You're  short.  I'm  tall. You're  a  Yankee.  I  was  born  south  of  the  Mason-­‐Dixon  line. You're  quick  to  react.  I'm…much…slower.   You  have  hair. So  yeah,  I  guess  you  can  call  us  opposites.   But,  with  the  excepLon  of  "you're  a  woman,"  the  list  of  things  that  make  us  such  good  friends  and  such  good  mates  fall  squarely  under  the  heading;  "Same".     We  laugh  at  the  same  things  (slapsLck  notwithstanding). We  both  vote  to  the  leK. We  prefer  movies  to  plays. R&B  and  hip  hop  to  jazz  and  country. Sleeping  in  to  rising  early. Football  to  baseball. Champagne  to  beer. Dogs  to  cats. New  York  to  LA.  Or  Miami.  Or  Dallas.   French  fries  to  almost  anything. We  are  both  romanLcs  but  find  ValenLne's  Day  a  bit  silly. We  oKen  prefer  to  sit  around  and  do  nothing…as  long  as  we're  together We  understand  the  need  to  someLmes  sit  around  and  do  nothing…and  be  apart. We  like  the  same  kinds  of  people,  but  like  each  other  more  than  anyone  else. We  both  value  Lme  with  family.  We  both  love  our  children  with  all  of  our  hearts.   We  are  both  accepLng  of  differences.  So  even  when  we  are  different,  we  are  alike. The  list  of  "alike"  far  exceeds  the  list  of  "different." These  are  the  things  that,  for  me,  define  our  love  for  each  other. The  similar.  The  familiar.  The  synced. There's  a  chance  that  Paula  Abdul  and  her  dancing  cat  got  it  right.  Opposites  a?ract.  But  a?racLon  ain't  enough. People  oKen  ask  me  what's  kept  us  together  for  so  long.    My  answer  is  simple:  we  like  the  same  things,  including  each  other. Married  26  years. The  books  led  me  to  her  looks  at  graduate  school  in  Atlanta.

Mason Coleman Vice President  |  Director  of  Account  Business  Analysis I  married  you  because  I  wanted  to  make  a  life  and  family  with  you…and  because  you  make  me  smile   outside  and  inside.  I  loved  you  then  and  sLll.  I  wish  I  did  a  be?er  job  of  sharing  how  I  feel  when  babies   aren't  crying  or  the  home  chores  need  to  be  done.    Seeing  you  so  sick  for  these  last  few  months  makes   me  want  to  be  be?er  with  every  li?le  moment  I  get  to  have  with  you.  Time  just  with  you.  Like  the  long   hug  we  shared  the  other  day…I  love  you  Pre?y  Girl.  -­‐Mas Married  five  years.   Time  with  you  is  my  favorite.

Brad Higdon Vice President  |  Account  Director My  wife  is  an  angel.  I  know  that  because  no  one  from  this  planet  would  have  ever  married  me.  I  love  her   immensely. Married:  7  years. I  knew  we'd  be  together  the  first  Lme  I  saw  her,  and  I  think  she  knew  it  too.  

Phil Williams Account ExecuLve In  the  movies,  the  mistakes  and  trials  of  the  protagonist  always  seems  to  lead  them  inevitably  to  the  one  they're   supposed  to  be  with.    I  used  to  spend  a  lot  of  Lme  being  skepLcal  of  that.    Life  isn't  like  the  movies.    By  the  Lme  I  met   Lauren,  we  both  had  our  fair  share  of  failed  relaLonships,  awkward  first  dates,  unrequited  crushes,  and  all  the  other   mishaps  that  you  encounter  while  daLng  in  your  20s.    But  it  wasn't  unLl  Lauren  that  I  realized  that  all  those  lessons  and   mistakes  I'd  made  in  the  past  led  me  directly  to  her.    Too  many  serendipitous  accidents  brought  the  two  of  us  together   and  it  caused  me  to  rethink  my  whole  "life  isn't  like  the  movies"  stance.    Granted,  our  life  together  is  not  always   glamorous,  but  I  truly  believe  that  everything  has  led  up  to  her  and  that  everything  moving  forward  will  be  an  adventure   wri?en  for  the  two  of  us. We  met  almost  three  years  ago  and  are  getng  married  September  22nd. How  we  met:  At  the  Lme,  I  was  wriLng  for  a  daLng  blog  called  Shmi?en  Ki?en  and  wriLng  about  daLng  woes  and  funny   stories  about  being  single.    The  owner  of  the  site,  Anna,  invited  me  to  come  up  to  Philly  and  DJ  their  holiday  party.    There   I  met  Lauren,  who  I  found  out  also  wrote  for  the  same  blog.    I  immediately  started  thinking  about  all  the  ridiculous  stuff   I'd  wri?en  and  thought  my  chances  were  slim  at  best.    I  asked  her  on  a  date  (in  Philly)  and  drove  four  hours  and  took  a   day  off  work.    It  was  hands  down  the  best  date  I've  ever  been  on  in  my  life.    AKer  a  year  of  adding  thousands  of  miles  to   my  car,  she  moved  to  Richmond  a  li?le  over  a  year  ago. Soon-­‐to-­‐be  newlyweds.   My  beats  must  have  been  a  hit  at  her  friend’s  holiday  party.

Ryan Micklos Senior Project  Manager

Ever since  we  were  15  we  have  been  growing  up  together.  Thirteen  years  later,  here  we  are  married,   conLnuing  our  story  and  building  a  world  of  our  very  own.  There  is  absolutely  no  one  I'd  rather  go  down  this   road  with.  Thank  you  for  all  that  you  are  and  all  that  you  have  helped  me  become.  I  certainly  could  not  have   go?en  this  far  without  you.

Married 10  months. Here’s  to  us,  and  being  kids  forever.  

Chaucer Barnes

CreaLve Hybrid

My wife  is  a  cheat.  I  don't  mean  that  she  cheats  on  me.  I  mean  that  I  cheat  the  game  of  life  with   her.  Like  in  a  video  game,  when  you  can  enter  a  code  and  have  unlimited  lives,  or  weapons,  or   unlock  a  certain  car  or  level.  She's  that.  She's  the  source  of  all  my  energy,  luck,  focus,  and  magic.     With  her,  I  am  absolutely  invincible.  Without  her,  I'd  die.  But  unlike  in  a  video  game,  that  death  is   unthinkable. Married  three  and  a  half  years. Haven't  looked  back  since  the  first  text  she  sent  me:  "so...OJ...pulp  or  no  pulp?"

Jason Ray Project Manager Rebekah  is  my  companion,  my  compass  and  my  light.   It's  been  an  honor  witnessing  her  growth  as  a  mother,  and  wife,  following  the  birth  of  our  son  Evan.     Even  on  the  the  most  hecLc  of  days  we  take  the  Lme  to  stop,  embrace  and  say  those  three  li?le   words  to  each  other.     I'll  always  be  an  open  book  with  her.    She  deserves  nothing  less. Married  three  years. I  met  my  wife  on  the  ONE  train  in  NYC  (this  NEVER  happens).     “Kismet”  is  the  only  word  that  really  fits  while  trying  to  describe  our  chance  meeLng.

Dave Ashton


We met  in  Washington  D.C.  at  a  duckpin  bowling  alley.  I  was  a  sunburned  door-­‐to-­‐door  salesman.  She  was  a   vacaLoning  elementary  school  teacher  2,086  miles  away  from  home.  We  dated  over  the  phone.  She’d  make   me  laugh  so  hard  the  muscles  in  my  forehead  burned.  I  kissed  her  the  next  Lme  I  saw  her.  A  year  later,  I  flew   her  to  New  York  City  to  propose  on  a  rowboat  in  Central  Park.  It’s  been  four  years  since  she  said  yes,  and  I  sLll   think  she’s  the  best  thing  to  ever  happen  to  me.  Out  of  the  seven  billion  humans  living  on  this  spinning  chunk   of  rock,  she’s  my  favorite.   Married  four  years. Apparently  she  has  a  thing  for  sunburns.

David Hylton

Social Copywriter

For my  wife,  ChrisLna: Each  day  I  wake  up  with  a  smile  on  my  face…because  of  you.   Each  day  I  laugh  at  the  silly  things  in  life…because  of  you. Each  day  is  be?er  than  the  day  before…because  of  you.   Married  eight  years. We  met  while  at  work,  back  in  2001.

Andrew Kennedy

Account Coordinator

My wife,  Joyce,  and  I  have  been  married  for  a  li?le  over  a  year  now.  When  we  originally  met  in  college,   she  claims  I  was  "too  focused  in  class"  to  pay  a?enLon  to  her,  but  I  did  noLce  her,  and  thought  she  was  (and   sLll  is)  smoking  hot.  Anyway,  fast-­‐forward  a  few  years,  and  I  was  living  and  working  in  NYC  while  she  was   getng  her  graduate  degree  back  in  Richmond.  Without  fail,  I  was  on  the  Chinatown  bus  every  Friday  evening   to  travel  back  to  Richmond,  because  nothing  ma?ered  more  in  my  life  than  getng  back  to  her,  if  only  for  a   few  fleeLng  days.  We  now  live  in  Richmond  which  is  fantasLc,  but  in  a  way  I  miss  those  weekends,  because  we   devoted  every  second    to  making  the  most  of  what  li?le  Lme  we  had  together.  She's  my  best  friend,  my  one   true  love,  and  nothing  makes  me  happier  than  knowing  I  get  to  spend  eternity  with  her. Married  1+  years. Distance  was  nothing...

Neal Iwan Freelance Studio  ArLst I  must  give  some  credit  to  the  hours  and  dollars  spent  in  art  school.  I  was  working  individually  on  a  collage   project  for  my  Design  Fundamentals  class  that  Kristen  was  also  in  but  I  forgot  to  bring  glue.  My  project  had  no   chance  of  staying  together  without  that  vital  ingredient!  This  gave  me  an  opportunity  to  talk  to  the  pre?y   redhead  across  the  room.  It  took  some  convincing  but  she  let  me  borrow  her  glue...  and  buy  her  dinner.  We   have  been  inseparable  ever  since. Married  three  years. Glad  your  mom  taught  you  to  share...

I told you.. These are good men. They love their wives. And this goes to show that real men, with really big hearts, really do exist. XX,

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