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Parsippany Hills High School’s

October 2016 | Volume XLII Issue 5

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Hello PHHS Key Clubbers!


This month was chock full of service opportunities, from bringing in Fall CSH cards and cans for Fall Rally, to volunteering at the Breast Cancer walk and Halloween at the Hills! Of course, the service doesn’t stop there— look out for more to do as we swing our way into November. That being said, we are so proud of all our general members who have dedicated their time to completing our 10 hour requirement, and can’t wait to officialize your induction into Key Club! Keep it up! Yours in Caring and Service, Tara Srinivasan and Shreya Nair

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Fall Rally Recap

54 Breast Cancer Walk 65

Halloween @ the Hills

77 Peek Outside PHHS

Quote of the Month: “Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

Key Clubber Thomas Shweh placing bags of cans into food drive cart at Fall Rally

Fall Rally 2016


Sunday, October 9th marked the highly anticipated Fall Rally 2016! This

magical event, which took place at Six Flags and had a fairytale theme, brought together Key Clubbers from clubs all over the district, making it the largest gathering of year. In addition to updates about district happenings and icebreakers, clubs brought in tons of non-perishables to aid in the fight against hunger in New Jersey. Despite the heavy rain, our spirits were not dampened— thanks to the enormous contributions we made. We thank all our general members who donated!

(Below) Key Clubbers from all over the district; (right) LTGs in fairytale costumes, Division 20 Key Clubbers

Oct 2016


Walkers receiving energy bars and water; volunteer sticker; walkers at the finish line

On the sunny Sunday morning of October 16th, hundreds of people

gathered in Parsippany to join together in the fight against breast cancer— and Key Club was there too! The chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer some time during her life is 1 in 8, and though death rates have been going down, the American Cancer society still needs funds to invest in innovative research and provide information and support to women across the country. To help out, Key Clubbers participated in the walk and donated, as well as volunteered at the refreshments table offering much-needed sustenance to walkers. Thank you to all who took time out of their weekend to make a difference in our community! Oct 2016


Halloween @ the Hills As October comes to an end, we all looked


forward to celebrating one of the most anticipated events of the year—Halloween at the Hills! The event, held on Friday, October 28th, was a huge success. Leading up to the date, general members brought in bags up candy— a total of 400 pounds! Members also worked hard creating decorations for our Disney theme. On the day of, the board dressed up as the 101 Dalmations! Several general members helped out in setting up before the event started, running the actual event, and cleaning up afterwards. Children were able to play “Pin the Tail on Simba”, fish for candy with Nemo, and other Disney-themed games. The club also handed out a lot of candy, brought in by our general members. With help from everyone in the club, the room was decorated to match a Disney wonderland with beautiful handmade Disney posters and stuffed animals lining the walkway. The general members dressed up as Disney characters as well, adding to the magical aura of the room. As always, all our visitors loved the Key Club room, and we hope to continue to impress everyone next year!

Setting up Halloween @ the Hills 5

(Left) Cars themed ring toss; fishing for candy

(Right) Minnie Mouse bean bag toss; Pin the Nose on Mr. Potatohead

(Left) Halloween @ the Hills event crew

(Right) Children visiting the room Oct 2016


Peek Outside PHHS:

What’s the K-Family Up To?

Holiday Movie Night On December 1st from 6:30-8:45 in the Parsippany Main Library,

Division 20 will be holding a holiday movie night to raise funds and cans for our district project! The night will involve watching the movie Elf, snacking, and engaging in fun service projects from Key Clubbers across the division to ring in some holiday spirit. If interested in attending, remember to bring $5 or 3 cans as admission to go towards fighting hunger!

In continuing the support of UNICEF since 1994, Key Club International is

promoting Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF to raise funds for the elimination of maternal and neonatal tetanus once again! Because of MNT, a newborn dies every 11 minutes, and nearly 100 million women in more than 15 countries still need help fighting against this disease. This Halloween, be sure to take your collection box with you while trick-or-treating to ask for donations. Oct 2016


Questions or comments on all things Key Club?

Contact the PHHS Executive Board President: Asha Patel Vice President: Karoline Xiong Corresponding Secretary: Crystal Tran Recording Secretary: Michael Tran Treasurer: Vishal Mansuria

Editor: Tara Srinivasan Editor: Shreya Nair Historian: Thomas Shweh Historian: Juliana Urbis

or our

Division 20 LTG: Vanessa Ting

Key Reminders Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF Continue bringing in Fall CSH cards (due November 17nd) Parsippany Hills High School’s October 2016 Volume XLII Issue 5

Next general meeting: Wednesday, November 9th

Key Notes | October 2016  

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