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BETWEEN THE PAGES Tararua District Library February-March 2017

Woodville i-SITE/Library/Service Centre and Public Toilets


ere has been a lot of activity and goings on across the road from the Woodville Library and Service Centre. Proposed design of new i-SITE/Library/Service Centre building 45 Vogel Street, Woodville

Centre. Progress so far is on track - the interior has been gutted, and the new improved layout underway. Preliminary wiring and plumbing have been completed - anticipated completion is mid 2017.

Work in progress: New Library interior

The old Woodville Engineering Services building is getting a makeover and will be the new improved premises for Woodville's i-SITE/Library/Service

Woodville Library and i-SITE staff are very much looking forward to moving into their new premises. Exciting new additions include new toilets (inside the library), a history room and a meeting room. Next door at 43 Vogel Street will also house brand new public toilets for

Work in Progress: 45 Vogel Street

Woodville. Exciting changes ahead and we are sure the end result will be loved by the i-SITE and Library/Service Centre customers and staff alike!

Existing premises i-SITE/Library/Service Centre

New premises i-SITE/Library/Service Centre and Public Toilets 43-45 Vogel Street, Woodville

Dannevirke 374 4255 – Woodville 376 0200 – Pahiatua 376 0121 - Eketahuna 375 0219

Children’s News YOLO

Book Club for 8-12 year olds at Dannevirke Library

Every third Monday during term time (except public holidays) 4:00pm – 5:00pm NB dates available on Next meeting: Monday 6th March

Any high school students interested in beginning a Teen Book Club, please come along to the YOLO at Dannevirke Library. Free chocolates and chippies! We can then decide on a suitable day and time for your meetings.

Little Ears is a fun and free early literacy learning and activities session for pre-schoolers and their caregivers. Dannevirke Library - Mondays during term time (except public holidays) 9:30am – 10:00am Pahiatua Library Woodville Library

- Tuesdays during term time (except public holidays) 2:00pm – 2:30pm - Wednesdays during term time (except public holidays) 2:00pm – 2:30pm

Digital Literacy Programme During the Term 1 school holidays, our digital literacy programme will be “Animate It!” using OGOBILD animation sets. Create and Animate! OGOBILD is a line of creative construction toys created to promote open-ended play and stimulate a child's imagination. Children will learn how to create their own stop motion animated movies. This programme will be available at all four branch libraries, for school children aged 6 to 17. However, numbers will be limited. Keep an eye out next month on our blog / facebook page, and at your local library for registration dates.

Tech Tip

Tech Tip

Tech Tip If you’re browsing our online catalogue, one way to do it is to leave the search box empty, and click search


ummer may be a disappointment but your local library is not!

This results in a list of our entire collection with the facets along the left column you can use to narrow down the list

No matter if the weather is windy and grey, come visit us to see what's on offer. New items arrive daily books, recent DVDs, jigsaws, audio books, magazines. Plus access to free 24/7 wifi ; free public computers with Microsoft Office suite, Skype, and databases such as Ancestry, Press Reader, and more. Membership is free to local residents and temporary visitors. For a small fee, nonresidents can also join. Our collection is free to borrow (except DVDs), even the latest books. Our librarians run regular programmes such as the upcoming Digital Literacy Programme for children in April, and Stepping Up Adult Computer Classes (courtesy of Wairarapa REAP) and more. Throughout the year, there are special events like our adults and children's quizzes; the popular poetry competition, and more. Libraries are not places of yesteryear - they are vibrant and growing community hubs, bases of knowledge, striving to be on the forefront of new information and technology. Everyone is welcome in our libraries - we are here to help you discover and learn. You may not be able to rely on the weather, but your local library is here for you!

E.g. I have ticked Dannevirke Library and Graphic Novels, so the list now shows 167 graphic novels (comics) shelved at Dannevirke Library:

To get rid of filter’s you’ve chosen, just click on the x in the Narrowed by box, or Clear All.

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library” - Albert Einstein

Staff Pics YOLO Children’s Book Club (during term time) Every third Monday, 4pm, Dannevirke Library Term 1 times: 13th Feb, 6th March, 27th March Little Ears Story Time for Under 5s (during term time) Dannevirke Library Mondays 9.30am Woodville Library Wednesdays 2pm Pahiatua Library Tuesdays 2pm Digital Literacy Programme Dannevirke, Woodville, Pahiatua and Eketahuna Libraries during Term 1 school holidays. For school children aged 6-17. Create your own stop animated movies. Keep an eye out next month on blog / facebook page, and at your local library for registration dates. Woodville Book Club for adults Woodville Library - Last Tuesday of every month, 2pm - all welcome Stepping UP Adult Computer classes *Enrolments essential Run by Wairarapa REAP - Contact Pahiatua and Eketahuna Libraries, or Wairarapa REAP for 2017 dates/times.

Poets Corner WEATHER OR NOT The hot northerly sucks the green from the grass a breeze that could only spring from the devil’s arse scares the clouds away As if from nowhere dust appears the same colour and taste of last year’s how the memories last

to stir a pot of despair as the present becomes the past

Still the resolute stand and laugh at trees that dance in the foul draught, at grey hilltops kissed white by the last rays of pitiless daylight

Pete Tohe This book of poems is available to borrow from any branch of the Tararua District Library

I found this book to be a charming read. Nothing too strenuous, just what is needed to delve into while on holiday. (Which is now but a distant memory!) Set in a small New Zealand seaside town, the novel’s central character is Lia, whose twin brother is about to marry her best friend and business partner, Anna. Lia and Anna run a busy little café, and if you like food, the recipes and food mentioned throughout the book are sure to have your mouth watering. There are some really likeable characters in this book, such as the twins' slightly vague, new age, hippy-ish mum. The very Kiwi-ness of this book resonates - the loveable, but slightly dis-functional family and the quirky depiction of life in small town New Zealand where everyone knows everyone. And did I mention the food!! There are recipes at the back of the book which I will be trying. There is also, of course, the standard dose of romance that comes with my idea of a good holiday read. All in all, a great light-hearted warm fuzzy kind of book. I would rate it 7/10. Pamela “Colonia” is an R16 movie based on a true story set in ‘Colonia Dignidad’ in Columbia. Colonia masqueraded as a religious cult operated by lay preacher Paul Schafer (Michael Nyqvist), but in actual fact, it was the prison of Pinochet’s secret police. Air hostess Lena (Emma Watson) and photographer Daniel (Daniel Bruhl) are a young couple in love, visiting Chile, when they get caught up in the Chilean military coup of 1973. When Daniel is arrested for taking photographs, Lena tracks him to Colonia and joins the cult to gain access to the compound. She endures the strict conditions for many months before discovering what has become of Daniel, and eventually making contact with him. They plot to escape, but their plans have to be advanced when Daniel is scheduled for execution. I found this movie to be thrilling but also definitely a love story. The relationship between Lena and Daniel is lovely to watch, woven between the action sequences. I think it would appeal to both men and women, as it has something for everyone. It was also informative – I’d never heard of Colonia before. Definitely worth a watch. - Natalie

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