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STOMP-ing Across America: Broadway Features & Reviews

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3/18/09 11:14 AM

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Broadway Features and Reviews

STOMP-ing Across America By Tara Puckey, Broadway Magazine

The Off Broadway hit experience STOMP left audiences amazed with the musicality and invention of this dance-percussion-performance-experience. Now, audiences across America have a chance to check out all the magic. Who knew trash cans, sand, and plastic bags could be so musical? Hoosiers soon found out when Stomp thundered through town in Indianapolis. A compelling combination of visual comedy, percussion, and movement, the show captivated a full house at Clowe's Memorial Hall on a cold night in March. The production, only an hour and a half without intermission, seemed to fly by. Audience interaction brought the crowd to life as they clapped gleefully with the cast until, of course, the combinations became too complicated and the noise trailed off, followed by bursts of laughter. An amazing skit featuring plastic and paper bags, fast food straws, and other sorts of garbage was amusing and stimulating. Later, cast members swung from the ceiling banging on pots and pans, creating an immaculate musical collaboration involving the entire cast. Snapping fingers, stomping feet, and clapping hands brought together rhythms that even the most sophisticated sound system wound have trouble recreating. This musical creation includes everything, even the kitchen sink filled with water and dishes, and is a must-see for all ages. A simple set, a lot of raw talent, and some trash make Stomp one of the best productions I've seen in ages. I'll be banging my broom around at home for weeks! For additional Broadway features visit Tags: Stomp, Broadway Across America, Clowes Memorial, Tara Puckey

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Stomp: Review  

A review of the Broadway show, Stomp, as it tours through Indianapolis, Ind. with Broadway Across America.

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