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Story of the Science Careers Symposium Role: Lead designer, Founder and Project Lead of Science Careers Symposium taking it from concept to reality The High Level Design Process Empathy I realized that I had been given incredible opportunities to experience and enjoy the beauty of science outside of textbooks. However, most of my peers had not and would never have such experiences. This really upset me, because at a time when scientists are greatly needed, there is a severe lack of engaging science education.

Problem statement Middle and high school students from underprivileged communities are not usually exposed to science and its possibilities in an appealing manner.

Reframe the problem There is a need for engaging methods of exposing students to science.

Ideate and Capture Feedback I worked with the Virginia Junior Academy of Sciences, the Science Museum of Virginia, and the University of Virginia to incorporate their feedback into my design. I contacted scientists, school teachers, and faculty to create an event that was effective. I am currently working with faculty and students from Stanford University to create a program that extends the concept of the Science Career Symposium and creates a greater impact.

Iterate I conducted the SCS twice, with different sponsors and different speakers. I changed the program and was able to what was effective and what was unnecessary.

Build and test: The Science Careers Symposium was created for secondary school students who were recruited from inner city schools in Central Virginia. I invited eminent scientists to share their candid journeys – their choice of careers, what it took, what went right, what went wrong, and advice to budding scientists. The students were able to observe and participate in demonstrations and interactive displays that captured their attentions and illustrated interesting scientific principles.

Reflection and takeaways The Science Careers Symposium has been a tremendous success, receiving sponsorship from several national agencies and the participation of more underrepresented students. Science Careers Symposium was awarded the prestigious Gladys Marinelli Coccia Award for Outstanding Social Enterprise.

Science Careers Symposium

Story of the Science Careers Symposium  

Design Process and Mind Map of Science Careers Symposium