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M’s The Word Gripped’s very own Dj Taz catches up with new and upcoming artist/musician DJ M. DJ Taz: Hey what’s going on man? Let’s go back a bit…you’ve been busy this past year, you got a great deal of airtime with “Times up”, worked with some big names like Dr Dre and DJ Khalid, won the best upcoming talent which got you loads of publicity, and had a couple of TV interviews across America …So what have you being doing since?

Dj Taz: Not too long ago I heard that a few record labels had an interest in your music. So what was that all about ?

Dj Taz: So what was Dj M doing five years ago? What are your goals for five years from now?

Dj M: There’s been a lot of Hype, and right now I’m just waiting for the right deal, I’m just going to let the buzz around me continue. Then money will come rolling in just like it should.

Dj M: Whats going on Taz? Thanks for let me come down ...I just hooked up with Snoop Dog through Dre. There trying to get me global man, pushing me through with some industry guys. Ive been writing songs, doing freestyles for Dj Lilman’s mixtape and just making myself known within the hiphop scene, you know.

Dj Taz: With mainstream music becoming so commercialised, do you feel that the mixtape scene is growing more since fans are looking for other ways to hear music they can’t find in stores or on the radio?

Dj M: 5 years ago I was in school. The goals were to get the grades, and try and live my music dream. 5 years from now I want to be Global, running a corporation that is multitasked with music, a clothing line and other stuff I’m just not sure of yet.

Dj Taz: So For the people unaware of DJ M when did you first start Making music and rapping? DJ M: when I was about 12 man I started out writing simple raps and showing my homies at school and they thought they were ill. I used to spray out in the canteen all the time. I even got teachers standing on their feet once. The beats came as easy as writing the raps, it comes hand in hand. Since then I’ve been savaging every mic I touch and every beat I make. DJ Taz: The music and radio industry can be tough on new artists. How has it treated you so far? Dj M: Getting noticed was difficult at first. I’m still working to get big radio’s to hear my music like HOT 100.9 and SMOOTH 90.3 it’s because some stations have their pre-programmed artist they play. That’s why it’s tough getting anywhere with the radios.

Dj M: well some artists work more on their mixtapes then there albums. That’s because everything gets censored through major releases and a lot of artists don’t like that. The radio only plays like 30 to 40 songs a day so a lot of artists aren’t being heard. So mixtapes enables the other artists to hit up there fans from a different line.

“I used to spray out in the canteen all the time.I even got teachers standing on their feet once.” Dj Taz: What qualities do you appreciate most in other music talent, either personal or skill-related ? Dj M: Its when they have a passion that touches other peoples heart with verses that are true and people can relate to. I appreciate the real life stories that are life changing and artists that can switch up there style if they have to. Also never giving up even if its the hardest thing.

Dj Taz : Where can people learn more about Dj M? Dj M: Hit me up on either my myspace, facebook, twitter. Send me a friend request or a message, I’ll try my best to reply ASAP cause every fan is important to me. Dj Taz: As far as Dj Taz, what should the fans be looking out for? Dj M: I have a couple mixtapes dropping soon im working on my album which will have atleast 20 Bangers from top to bottom, so be on the lookout for them. Dj Taz: well thanks for your time bro...Do you have any last words for you’re the readers..? Dj M: I just got a massive passion for music, so please carry on supporting me, I appreciate all of it, peace out.

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