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Taranaki Iwi Trust (mai I Onuku taipari Ki Ouri)





December 2006

Rere kohukahuka ki uta, rere kohukahuka ki tai, ki te tihi a Taranaki, I te maunga, I te tangata Whakarongo mai whakarongo mai

Taranaki Te Maunga

T en a ko u t o u e t e w h an au w h aan u i. T en ei t e mih i at u ki a ko u t o u i raro i t e ah u at an g a o t en ei w a ki n g a t in i ait u a i w aen g an u i i a t aat o u h aere h aer e h ae re t e h in g a mat e ki t e h u n g a mat e, t e h u n g a o r a, ki t e h u n g a o ra. T en a ko u t o u , t en a ko u t o u , t en a ko u t o u kat o a. Naku T o kat u mo an a W ald en

Mand at ed I w i Organisation (MIO) The Taranaki Iwi Trust achieved Mandated Iwi Organisation status on the 4 September 2006. The Taranaki Iwi Trust was setup to receive and administer the Fisheries Assets under the Maori Fisheries Act 2004. The 15 Foundation Trustees are: Tokatumoana Kevin Walden (Chairman), Kerry Walsh (Secretary/Treasurer), Peter Moeahu, Patsy Bodger, Hone Baker, Fay Mulligan, David Jones, David Tamatea, John Niwa, Neil Jury, Leanne Horo, Te Uraura Nganeko, Hone Niwa, Russell Hohaia and Keith Manukonga. There are many tasks that need to be done to get the Taranaki Iwi Trust fully operational and we have a 12 month plan with time-frames in place to achieve this.

Inside this issue: •

Taranaki Iwi Trust update.

Taranaki Iwi Fisheries Ltd update.

Marae Contacts

Map of Rohe

Taranaki Iwi Trust Contact details

Fisheries Assets Handover Ceremony

The first elections of the Trust must take place before the 4 September 2007 where seven • Trustees will be appointed. A date will be set early in the New Year for this.

Taran aki Iw i F i sh eri es Ltd A sset H old ing Comp an y

Te Runanga O Taranaki iwi Inc update.

I runga i te ahuatanga o tenei wa, he mihi ki te runga rawa, nana nei nga mea katoa. He mihi hoki ki nga mate kua wheturangitia, na reira ratou ki a ratou mihi atu, oti atu i te po. Ka huri ki te hunga ora, ka nui te mihi atu ki a koutou ki a tatou hoki nga uri mai nga whanau, hapu o Taranaki. No reira tena koutou, tena tatou katoa. It is my honour to write a brief note for this newsletter on behalf of the Directors of Taranaki Iwi Fisheries Limited. Taranaki Iwi Fisheries Limited is the Asset Holding Company owned by your Taranaki Iwi Trust. The Directors are: Wayne Tamerangi Mulligan — Interim Chair ,Peter Charleton & Robert England. The immediate tasks before the Directors are to: ·

Collect information and conduct due diligence on the fishing industry


Prepare the Asset Holding Company for business, in particular, implementing sound policies and systems and identifying risks.


Prepare performance agreement documentation between the Iwi Trust and the company.


Protect our Charitable Status, protect our Quota and maximise the ACE (Annual Commercial Entitlement) for the Iwi.


Ensure compliance with the company constitution and the Trust’s Deed.

The Directors are mindful of the extensive and technical work ahead and we will be developing the company’s business plan and infrastructure over the coming months. Wayne Tamerangi Mulligan - Interim Chair

Taranaki Iwi Trust (mai i Onuku taipari Ki Ouri)





Marae Contacts

Te Runanga O Taranaki Iw i INC

Orimupiko Marae PO Box 86 Opunake Chairman Grey Ratahi Secretary Kerry Walsh

A big mihi to the Puniho Pa hau-kainga for hosting the Te Runanga o Taranaki Incorporated AGM 2006.The main discussion centered around the future of Te Runanga o Taranaki Iwi Incorporated as you all know that the Taranaki Iwi Trust has been established as the Mandated Iwi Organisation under the Maori Fisheries Act 2004.After some robust discussion it was agreed that Te Runanga o Taranaki Iwi be left sitting on the shelf for the mean time and that all the business of the Runanga be transferred over to the Taranaki Iwi Trust. There was flexibility within the Taranaki Iwi Trust Deed to accommodate this transfer. As Chairperson of Te Runanga o Taranaki I would personally like to thank all the board members over the last eight years for their support and commitment in progressing the social, cultural, environmental and political aspirations for the iwi. Ahakoa me nga auheke, me nga aupiki ka whai tonu tatou I nga wawata o to tatou nei tupuna.Otira he mihi kau ana ki a koutou te whanau o Taranaki Iwi mo te wa kirihimete me te tau hou hoki.

Te Potaka Pa C/- Secretary, Box 150, Rahotu Chairperson Josephine Robinson Secretary Leanne Horo

Puniho Pa RD 37 Warea Chairman David Jones Secretary Fay Mulligan

Naku noa iti Tokatumoana Kevin Walden Chairman

of the eight Iwi in Taranaki

Registrations We have close to 2000 members on our Taranaki Iwi Register . The Register will remain open so that anyone who can trace their whakapapa to Taranaki can become a member. If you require a registration form or you know someone who does please contact the Office and one will be posted to you.

Fisheries Assets Handover Ceremony

Oakura Pa C/- PO Box 246 New Plymouth Chairman (Trustees) Robert Mita

will be held at Oakura Pa on the 16th February at 1pm. Representatives from Te Ohu KaiMoana will be present. Watch the website for further details.

Meri Kirihimete We would like to wish you and your whanau a healthy and safe Christmas and that we all look forward to a prosperous New Year. Reminder to all our families to keep our children safe over the festive season. They are our future.

Contact Details: Taranaki Iwi Trust Private Bag 40 Pungarehu 4538 Taranaki Phone: 06 763 8550 Fax: 06 763 8550 Email:

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2006 Dec - Taranaki Iwi Trust Panui