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Evaluation part 7 What have you learnt about technology from the process of constructing this product?

By Tara Mann

Pre-Production Techn ology




Personal developmen t


Uploading planning work

It meant I had all my work for the project in order

This was successful because it meant If I needed to look back at work I had it all there and didn’t need paper. However it was unsuccessful as I had the problem of forgetting to upload the work so it kept it as drafts.

I learnt how to link from websites out of blogger which was easy once I understood the correct way.


Use of theme in BSR- trailers

I used YouTube to get the trailers of some BSR films and analyse the themes portrayed.

YouTube was very successful during pre production because it allowed me to look at other BSR to get ideas and understand the genre, however it was we had to be careful of copyright issues as one of my videos was flagged.

I learnt how to reupload a video to YouTube and had to annotate it for sound analysis of BSR genre


Uploading work from PowerPointLinking the timeline

This website meant that I could link my work done in programs out of the internet to my blog.

Issuu was very successful as it allowed me to upload documents such as PDF and upload it to my blog, whilst keeping it in a library. However some documents didn’t upload and I had to go back and change them spending more time on them than I needed to.

I used a new program, which has helped me in other subjects.

Phone camera IPhone 4

For our vox pop

Because we had to record the responses from our target audience about the BSR genre

Using my phone camera meant I could interview people when ever I had the chance however when filming I forgot to press record and had some issues with getting the clips on to iMovie to edit them.

I have learnt the correct way to upload clips from my phone to iMovie in order to edit them.



We felt the program helped develop the idea of our opening more and broke it down into more sections

Prezi was good because it allowed to me to break down my treatment and spend each section looking into detail and also allowed to me to expand on points, however people could edit my work once I had finished it and I couldn’t find away to stop that.

I have learnt how to use a new program which I never knew I could use or even existed.

Power Point

My perfect audience

I used this program because it was easy to create a profile for my perfect target audience

PowerPoint was easy to use because I have used it so many time before however I found that it was difficult to upload as I had problems when getting it on to my blog.

I learnt how to PDF the document correctly to upload to my blog which helped in ICT as well as media.



We used excel because it was easy to break down the sections, the layout was easy to get everything in place and would be easy to follow in the future when filming.

Excel made it easy and quick to create my script in as it had a basic template for us to follow however I found it hard to type in my text because it have an auto text which kept putting in words I didn’t want.

I explored new areas of excel which I didn’t know it had.


I edited the vox pop together

I felt that editing on iMovie would help me get used to using the program again for the opening and also because it was the quickest way which I knew to get the clips together

IMovie was easy to use as I had to the drag the clip to where I wanted it on the timeline and I could easily adjust the time, however I found it hard when trying to import pictures from outside of iMovie however In the end I had to look up tutorials.

I learnt how to use IMovie in more detail which helped when I was do post production.

Slide share


I used the website to understand BSR genre in more detail and looked at the conventions so I could meet the correct criteria in the future.

It had everything broken down into section which meant it was easy to read and understand the BSR genre however I felt that it was very basic and didn’t tell me everything I needed in order to understand the conventions

I learnt how to do independent learning as I had to use the website during the holidays because I forgot some of the convention.

Film 4

I used the website when looking at the ideology

I used the website to try and understand film 4 by reading the information they had on the website

Film 4 website didn’t have much about them in terms of ethos but did have a lot on their films which made this task easy to conduct. I could understand the institution in more detail so I could create a product for the audience which meet the correct criteria.

I learnt how to get primary research from website by my self.

Production Techn ology



Successful/Unsuccessf ul

Personal development

Live type

For graphics

We used live type to create our graphics because we felt that live types was the easiest to create a graphic, we also created the title in here so we were familiar with the program.

Live was not easy to use as it had to many buttons in my view just to change the colour but I did make the graphics look good and allowed us to import a picture to the title.

I learnt how to use a new program from not knowing at all and now I feel that I could create graphics in live type without help.


Uploaded and to create my production logs

I used blogger to put up pieces of my evaluation because it was easiest way to keep my work together so I could see what I had to do.

Blogger allowed me to upload my production log every week however I found it hard sometimes when adding pictures as they jumped around making the text move which was hard to re place.

I learnt how to use blogger in more detail as we had to produce our production logs on blogger therefore I had to learn how link websites, add pictures and move the text around


We edited our work

IMovie was fairly familiar to us, and was the main and easiest way open to us to edit our work at school.

IMovie allowed us to edit the shots we had, as I had used iMovie before it was easy in terms of understanding what everything done however I had a hard task trying to use the precise edit as I couldn’t get it on point.

The more and more I practice on IMovie the more I feel confident with it, I understood how to match the music with the shots this time.

Digital camera HD

To film the shots we needed for the opening sequence

Because It gave us quality for a BSR genre and was the only camera available.

The camera was easy to use and allowed the quality we wanted for this genre however it had a limited filming capacity because the memory card wasn’t big enough when we filmed.

I learnt new camera skills which I didn’t know before we filmed which has helped me a lot.

Final cut


Final cut allows us to put the graphics where we wanted once we rendered the opening as it had a timeline were we could freely move the graphics around to see where they went the best.

Final cut was long to use as every time we moved a graphic we had to render it which took a lot of time up however it was very successful as we got the graphics in the position we wanted.

I learn how to use a completely new program which I felt was the best program for our graphics giving the best outcome.

YouTub e

Upload the final product

I uploaded my final video to YouTube so I could put it on to my blog for everyone to see.

YouTube was very successful because it allowed me to put my opening up for everyone to access quickly however I was worried that it wouldn’t upload properly as the music jumped a bit and the quality decreased.

I learnt how to make the video private and remove comments which I had never done before because I h and used YouTube account in detail.


Call sheets

We had to make a call sheet which acted as a dairy when filming, word was the easiest to type it up. We screen shot the document to upload the picture to blogger.

Word was easy to use as the call sheets could be made quickly and the template stayed the same, however I found it hard to upload the document to blogger because it wasn’t a picture

I learnt how to change the word document to a picture which I never done before and this helped in ICT.

Free music archive

For the soundtrack

We had to find music for the opening which was copyright free and this website provided all copyright free music and broke down the genres making it easier to find garage music.

Free music archive was successful because we got the correct music that we wanted which was copyright free and was easy and free to download however this meant I was limited to the music we could have as our soundtrack because the website only had unknown songs which may be hard for our audience to relate to.

I didn’t know there were free copyright websites, this helped me understand why its important to get acceptance and make sure its your work.

Firework / Photosho p

To make the production logo and part of title

I used Photoshop and fireworks to create the production logo and the title. I had previous knowledge in theses areas so it was quick to make.

I find fireworks easier to use because we have used it in other subjects but Photoshop gives a better finish however Photoshop was more difficult to use as I couldn’t get which button to use when trying to delete the background of the kiss mark. However Fireworks was very easy it create the our Teacup logo in because we could import and create our own images.

I gained more knowledge in Photoshop when creating the kiss mark.


We added animation to our production logo

Flash allowed me to add an animation to our production logo which meant that it wasn’t just a still image.

I found flash very easy to use because I have knowledge in this area however I found it hard when trying to change the format for IMovie as it didn’t save properly as it made the timing shorter.

I learnt how to change the format of a video when you export it from flash.

Post production Techn Where ology


Successful/Unsuccessf Personal ul development


To upload my evaluations

I uploaded my evaluation so my teacher could mark them and so I could keep them all together and in order so I knew which parts I have done.

Blogger was successful because it allowed me to upload each part of my evaluation however blogger was unsuccessful when I made changes to my work I forgot to delete the old on which became confusing

I learnt how to change the blog without deleting the whole blog post.

Flip camera

To film our evaluation which were joint

We used the flip camera because it was the easiest way to record ourselves and didn’t cause problem and also its easy to upload to a computer.

The flip camera was successful because it was quick and easy to film the evaluation but on one go we forgot to press record and we had the chance of deleting the wrong part , the flip camera also let us record and delete our clips as many times as we needed to.

I learnt how to delete the part you don’t want straight from the camera rather than going on a computer.


Uploaded the evaluations

I uploaded my evaluations to YouTube so everyone could see them and so I could upload it to blogger

YouTube meant that I could upload my evaluations so I could link it to my blog for my teacher to see however I we made changes to it so the music wasn’t in place. We relied on YouTube a lot during this unit because it allowed us both to have access to the videos.

I learnt how to embed rather than just copy the link which makes the page look better and give easier access to the videos.


Edited the joint evaluations

IMovie was easy to edit the clips together and then easy to export as we had previous knowledge in the program and this also meant we could edit at school

IMovie was successful as it allowed us to quickly edit the footage from the flip camera and add and take out parts, it also allowed me to add an image over the video which helped show my point however it was unsuccessful as I deleted the clip we needed by accident and didn’t have a back up which meant we had to re film.

I learnt that you should always have a back up with technology as it can easily be lost and take more time up.

Slide share website

I got some points about common conventions

Slide share helped me when I got stuck on areas to evaluate, it also helped me look back at conventions and the BSR genre to help me evaluate my work .

Slide share was successful as it allowed me to access information which helped me with my evaluation quickly and for free however I felt that it didn’t have all the information I needed but it still gave me a guideline when I forgot bits.

I learnt how o research point which I was stuck on and gained new information about the genre and film 4


Upload my individual evaluation

I had to upload my evaluations on PowerPoint through issuu to get in on to my blog

ISSUU is successful as it allowed me to upload parts of my evaluation to blogger however sometimes it cuts of parts and I have to re do it spending a lot of time on pointless areas.

I learnt how to link my issuu to my blogger, embed not like give the link.

PowerPoin t

I created parts of my evaluation on

PowerPoint allowed me to use more technology and was easy to break down my evaluation into parts.

PowerPoint was successful as it allowed me to create my evaluation in my own time and add pictures and text with a simple click however the space I very limited to write in, you end up with loads of slides.

I tried to condense my work learning how to work with the space I have.

part 7  


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