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By Tara Mann



In the mise en scene we denote a Knife which helps establish the theme of violence in this film. The colour palate and Lighting is very low key adding to the tension and highlighting the knife more as prop is a very serious thing. The characters performance helps the mise en scene as they are fighting as if its real and realistic. They play to the stereotype of boys from an estate block. The mise en scene represents that characters to be very dangerous and careless as they are fighting with a knife in the street openly. This also connotes them to be involved in something bad as they are fighting over a deal. The mise en scene connote Britain to be a place were knife crime is openly done, also shows the location that the clip is set has a high rate of crime and the costume helps show how working class the area is. BSR theme is established through the mise en scene as we see theme of violence established through the prop and they are made to be very realistic as the location and lighting are found.

We connote a very working class area, as we denote estates, train, shops and houses (busy area). The location is found as it adds to the realistic of the storyline. The lighting is found, but the colours palate is very dark and grey which connotes the feel of the characters and suggest mystery and hard life. This working class view is shown in most BRS as most areas are generally like this. The view is typically British as we don’t see o sunshine but a dull day looking over working class urban city. The mise en scene helps establish the themes as it adds to the tension and realistic of the story occurring as the lighting is very low key and the performance of the actors are very shifty and suspicious.

We denote the characters costumes to be un-branded hoodies and jeans, their costumes are very simple and connote the characters to be working class. The lighting is found as we see the location lighting how it is naturally which makes the area more realistic. The mise en scene represents the character as typical boy who are up to no good as we denote them in hoodies, also the actors are un-experienced adding to the realistic of characters in the story. The colour palate for the character is very dark and dull which creates enigma about them as their costumes are dark and not branded, showing them to be working class. The mise en scene represents the location to be working class as we see typical buildings and two boys which have no branded, normal clothes on. It also represents the location to be a simple place as there is nothing special in the set. BSR is established as we see found location which make the story more real due to it being filmed in a natural environment. It also represents the location to be working class due to the look of the area that they chose.


Camera We denote a close up of drugs, which we then see a mid shot of the character taking theme, this establishes the theme of drugs very clearly to the audience as we later denote him very energetic in his interview. The close up makes the theme bold and clear to the audience whilst the interview establishes the effects of drugs. The close up draws attention but connotes drug to be very easy to take as they have it openly on a table in a restaurant. The close up of the drugs helps establish how the characters depend on having a good time and over coming situations. We also see the character not ask any question once his friend pulls out the drugs which could connote peer pressure. This connotes Scotland be a place that drugs are acceptable, the close up draws a lot of attention to the drugs therefore highlighting how drugs may be seen as a norm in Britain. Also the framing in the shot of the character taking the drugs doesn't’t follow the rule of third as his eyes aren't a third way down the screen, we denote a low angle but not a low as a normal angle would be, this adds more tension to the idea of the theme and the seriousness.

The framing is of this shot is not following the rules as we denote a man half cut off, but we denote camera movement as we see the man on the right full appear and disappear with in the time this shot is on screen. Bad framing is typical in BSR as loose camera movement makes the scene feel more realistic. It also looks as if the audience are seeing the man through someone view . The framing and camera helps establish the characters as the camera dominates this character showing how important he thinks he is as we see other shot of people, the bad framing takes our belief that he is as important as he thinks he is. The camera helps represent the location to be a place which the men think they each have the power and to be a place which may be associated with drugs, alcohol and smoking as when the camera moves we see each of these with props. BSR typically show how men think they have power within their group, the camera almost looks as if it being hand held here as its jerky which is typical in BSR as the camera shots are not perfect which adds to the realistic of the movie.

We denote a long shot, how ever we establish the location as we denote the country side. We also denote our characters as rebellious due to the long shot as we denote a STOP sign in whilst we denote the country side and the characters. We can connote that the country side is isolated due to the ONE train in the long shot. This shot also connotes our characters to be much bigger than the place they live in due to the framing and angle. The characters look much bigger than the location. We also denote a bag which the men are holding alcohol in, alcohol is a theme as we see the men consistently getting drunk. The camera helps represent the men to be bigger then the location they live in as the are made to look bigger than the location in this shot. The camera represents the location to be very boring but a big place as we see a long shot of the location with the main characters. BSR use long shots to establish the area in most of their films and also show how isolated a place may be for people with dreams and hope but they get caught up in drugs and alcohol as seen in trainspotting.



We see simple and minimal editing as the more the edits the less the audience believe the situation and themes could occur. We only see edits when needed. The lack of edits help represent the characters to be very intense who have no time. When we do see the edit, they are used to highlight the impacts of the theme occurring. The lack of edit also represent the location to be very boring and a place in which things take time. BSR tend to have lack of edits as it creates more realistic storyline to the audience. We also see a track shot when his walking up to beat the man, the track shot shot follows the action in which the characters are going through, it gets the audience more involved and creates more realistic.

We first denote a close up of his face to show the damage done and the expression on his face. It the cuts to a long shot, the camera tracks him up until he arrive as the sink. We also denote a long take of him when his in the bath room, we denote a mid shot which last longer than normal shots. The long shot creates a slow pace to the movie which most BSR do as they make the story seem like its happening in real life as it keeps it realistic and doesn’t cut the boring bits out. The long take connotes the character to be very power full in his environment as we spend a lot of time on him, the slow pace create tension slowly as we see his character growing in the environment in respect to his power. The editing represents the location to be a place in which a place were things happen slowly. This is seen in BSR as we see someone believe they have more power then they believe, but we also see him as a victim first which a victim is always shown in a BSR. We also see the character trying to deal with life even though its hard for him. We see a shot reverse shot but we denote this in three’s, shot reverse shot in three is not normal shown in BSR as tend to show single SRS as it shows expression or a relationship, the use of this shot reverse shot this way as it shows that the characters may act in groups to survive. It also shows how different the characters in group are. This SRS represents the location to be very dependent on each other but a place with no sense of rules. BSR is represented as we see typical performance for that era which the Scum is shot in.

BSR Visual style