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They have no political will to share their power with Turkey.


They consider that EU cohesion might be at stake as a result of the cultural and religious problems, which may arise if Turkey joins the EU. The argument provided by those who do not support Turkish membership is the following: Turkey has a Muslim character and a different system of values, which do not comply with the EU cultural identity. Thus, Turkey has no place in the EU because Europe is a Christian Club with its own cultural character and system of values and therefore such a system of values and principles could not coexist with the Muslim one.

3) There are voices alleging that Turkey will be the US “Trojan horse” (Karin and Gerras 2005, p. 17). The three reasons mentioned above are relevant to the geopolitical - geostrategic theory of “tree wedges”. What does this theory provide for? In the context of a “power game” between the EU and the US, the Americans use “three strategic wedges” in order to keep Europe and especially the EU under the American geopolitical and geostrategic control:


Britain in the northwest.


Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic in the central Europe (MFA Republic of Poland 2008, Hildreth and Ek 2008, pp, 6-8)

Turkey in the southeast (Charalambides 2010, pp.32-37)


I consider that this is one of the main US geostrategic and geopolitical plans in order to put in practice what Richard Holbrook set forth and analyzed in his article, published in 1995, in the famous journal of Foreign Affairs, bearing the title : “America the European Power!”

5. Dilemmas and “Third Road” As we have already analyzed, Turkish accession to the EU moves between the political framework of a “power game” and a technical procedure including the fulfilment of the Copenhagen criteria on the one hand and other legal and political obligations required by the EU, on the other. Such a Turkey on the European doorstep


Turkey on the European Doorstep  

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