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Turkish Accession to the EU: the “Piranha’s” Threat and the German “Ghost”

It is obvious that the EU faces economic and systemic problems and therefore: 1.

One could argue that Turkey may have no strong motive to join the EU any more. As Turkey has a quite healthy economy, why should it get into the EU economic storm? This is a rational question, which politically aims at releasing Turkey from pressure in order to fulfil its obligations regarding the Cyprus issue and speed up the reforms required by the EU. However, there are institutional and political reasons for Turkey to join the EU. If Turkey joins the EU, it will seize the opportunity to render itself an EU leading country, what ever this means. In other words, Turkey will share the EU political and institutional and any other power with the traditional EU leading countries.


The EU does not possess the political courage to integrate Turkey. Some of the European leading countries, like Germany and France provide the following allegation: in case Turkey joins the EU, EU cohesion will collapse (Charalambides 2010, pp.64-65). This argument leads to the classical question whether Europe should implement a strategic option based on widening or deepening.

3. “Multiple speed” and Realism Taking into consideration what we mentioned above, we must raise three main topics, strictly connected to the Turkish accession to the EU and EU cohesion: 1) “Power games”. This is a topic which can affect and define the future and the outcome of the Turkish accession to the EU. 2)


Unpredictable factors and situations, such as the current economic crisis. Five years ago, no economic crisis could be seen in the horizon and nobody could imagine the ongoing economic tsunami. On the contrary, in 2003 Turkey was facing an acute crisis and a risk of a total collapse was eminent, while Europe seemed to be on a good and healthy economic track.


Turkey on the European Doorstep  

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