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2.1 Unpredictable factors In the case that all these variables - factors come into play, the EU system maintains its coherence. These are some of the main variables affecting EU cohesion and Turkish accession to the EU. Beyond those mentioned already above, there are other unpredictable factors (variables) which may affect European and global affairs and Turkish accession to the EU. Such a tangible example is reflected in the current economic crisis deriving from the problems that the European and global system of values and principles face. We are not eyewitnesses only of an economic, but also of a systemic crisis. These problems are relevant to EU cohesion and the upcoming enlargements. As Turkish accession to the EU constitutes a procedure directly connected to the enlargements, EU cohesion should be also seen through the lens of the Turkish accession to the EU in conjunction to the upcoming enlargements. In this respect, a significant question should be set: can we enlarge Europe but not take the necessary measures to guarantee EU cohesion, especially in the current period in which Europe must tackle economic and social problems? Greece, Ireland, Spain and Italy lie at the edge of the knife, and they are victims of their own structural problems (banking system, single currency and sovereign debt), the global economic crisis and its negative consequences, and the conflicting national interests. The Europeans made a significant decision as they formed the eurozone with the expectation it would become a global economic power. However, they did not predict the establishment of a mechanism of managing crisis. Therefore, when economic, institutional and other variables became victims of structural and systemic problems, EU cohesion got into tremendous trouble. Countries like Italy, Spain, Greece and others in the South of Europe, are shaken by manifestations and strikes, social and political instability. The international economic system is rocked by severe problems as the “golden boys” seem to have been turned into “piranhas” smashing the European and global economic systems and thereby putting the eurozone and its cohesion in jeopardy.

Turkey on the European doorstep


Turkey on the European Doorstep  

A Publication based on the International Conference organised at the European Parliament/Brussels by Dr. ELENI THEOCHAROUS, Member of the Eu...

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