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The European Budget Post-2013 and its Effects on EU-Turkey Relations

tion rate, the per capita level of assistance has been gradually increased over the period 2007 - 12. 2.2.2 Turkish participation in EU programs and further assistance.16 In addition to pre-accession assistance delivered through the IPA, Turkey benefits from several programs falling into the realm of internal EU policy. In the 2011 EU budget, close to 91 million EUR have been earmarked in EU Table 3. Funds earmarked for Turkey in EU programs in the budget 2011.

EU Program

in million EUR

Lifelong Learning Programme


Culture programme (2007 to 2013)


Youth in Action


Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme


Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)


Customs 2013


Fiscalis 2013


TOTAL 90.824 Source: EU budget 2011

programs for Turkey. Other than those for the IPA, where Turkey co-finances, the EU contributes directly to these programs. In absolute terms, the majority of the funding flows into education and training as well as research, since Turkey is associate member of the Research Framework Program (RFP). However, some funds are also made available for the fight against tax fraud (Fiscalis 2013) and the support of customs administration (Customs 2013). The latter is also related to the membership of Turkey in the Customs Union. 16. The list of programs below presents the most important programs accessible to Turkey. The list does not claim to be exhaustive.



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