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The European Budget Post-2013 and its Effects on EU-Turkey Relations

In order for IPA funding to be effective and coherent, its delivery concentrates on five components, each covering the needs of the beneficiary country:


Transition and institution-building


Cross-border cooperation with EU Member States, other candidate countries or within the framework of cross-border or inter-regional actions


Regional development aimed at preparing the country for the implementation of the cohesion policy of the Union, in particular the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund


Human resources development aimed at preparing the country for participation in the cohesion policy and the European Social Fund


Rural development aimed at preparing the country for the common agricultural policy and related policies as well as for the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

The allocation of funds by country and sector has been established by the European Commission for three forthcoming years in the so-called Multiannual Indicative Financial Framework (MIFF) and is based on the objectives defined in the Multiannual Indicative Planning Documents (MIPD). The amount earmarked for Turkey in the two respective MIFFs 2008-2010 and 2011-2013 totals some 4.8 billion EUR. For the period 2011-2013, that amount will be distributed among the following 7 sectors: Justice, Home Affairs and Fundamental Rights (17%); Private Sector Development (12%); Environment and Climate Change (18%); Transport (13%); Energy (5%); Social Development (12%); Agriculture and Rural Development (23%).43

15. C(2011)4490 final. Commission Implementing Decision of 28.6.2011 adopting a Multi-annual Indicative Planning Document (MIPD) 2011-2013 for Turkey.



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