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sufficient margin is left under the ceiling set by the MFF. In order to provide some additional flexibility, four so-called flexibility instruments have been created outside the budget. They can be mobilized in case of special needs. 2.2 EU assistance to Turkey under the current Multiannual Financial Framework Although Turkey is not an EU member state, it still receives funds from the EU budget. Like all (potential) candidate countries, Turkey is eligible to pre-accession funding through the Instrument for Pre-Accession. Moreover, it can draw funds from EU programs in which it participates. 2.2.1 The Instrument for Pre-Accession The most important instrument for Turkey in terms of the level of funds is the European Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA). It was introduced with the current MFF in 2007 to replace the old pre-accession instruments14 and to link the political framework within the enlargement package with the budgetary process. Hence, the funding through IPA is in line with the strategic multiannual priorities defined by the European Commission in its broad political guidelines as well as national development plans aiming at achieving the same goals. The reasoning behind this assistance is to foster the progress of candidate countries towards compliance with, and implementation of, the Community acquis by supporting institution-building and the rule of law; human rights including the fundamental freedoms, minority rights, gender equality and non-discrimination; both administrative and economic reforms; economic and social development; reconciliation and reconstruction; and regional and cross-border cooperation.

14. From 1996-2001, the EU provided assistance through the MEDA Program. It was succeeded in 2002 by the pre-accession assistance instrument which was used until 2006.

Turkey on the European doorstep


Turkey on the European Doorstep  

A Publication based on the International Conference organised at the European Parliament/Brussels by Dr. ELENI THEOCHAROUS, Member of the Eu...

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