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The seemingly diverse media scene in Turkey is highly deceptive. There are mainly five conglomerates, namely Doğan Media Group (DMG), Çalık Holding, Çukurova Holding, Doğus Grubu, Ciner Grubu and İhlas Holding in the country sharing all the media outlets and “there seems to be no efficient way to control the concentration of media ownership.”4 In March 3, 2011, the ownership structure of radio and television enterprises has been revised. Law No. 61125 increased the maximum limit on foreign investment from 25 percent to 50 percent, on the condition that the same foreign investor cannot invest in more than two enterprises. This adoption of this law is expected to change the domestic media market where international media companies can be major partners of the broadcasting companies. In the current media scene, Doğan Media Group currently owns 26 television channels (Kanal D, Star TV, CNN Turk, Cable TV channels), four radio stations, six daily newspapers (Hürriyet, Radikal, Posta, Fanatik, Referans, Hürriyet Daily News), 27 magazines, one digital platform (D-Smart), one distribution company (Yay-Sat), one news agency (DHA), 25 news portals. 40 per cent of the total circulation of national newspapers belongs to this group. A good example of the close links between the political establishment and the media would be Çalık Holding which owns one television (ATV), one radio (Radyo City), six newspapers (Sabah, Takvim, Günaydın, Yeni Asır, Pas, Fotomaç), 12 magazines and one distribution company. The CEO of Çalık Holding, Berat Albayrak, is the son-in-law of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan where the conglomerate owns 20 per cent of the advertising shares in the printing press and 23 per cent of the shares in the broadcasting sector.

4. Papathanassopoulos, S. 2005. “The Mediterranean/Polarized Pluralist Media Model Countries”, G. Terzis (ed.), European Media Governance: National and Regional Dimensions, Bristol and Chicago: Intellect, p. 194. 5. Law No. 6112 on the Establishment of Radio and Television Enterprises and Their Broadcasts (6112 Sayılı Radyo ve Televizyonların Kuruluş ve Yayın Hizmetleri Hakkında Kanun).

Turkey on the European doorstep


Turkey on the European Doorstep  

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