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Turkey’s Geopolitical Position and its Role as an Energy Corridor

E. Electricity Electricity differs from other sources of energy in the sense that it is not economical to use another country’s territory as a corridor to transfer electric power. It makes sense only in the case that the power grid of a country is connected to the grid of a neighbouring country. Common standards and compatible equipment are needed for two neighbouring countries to interconnect their power grids. The interconnection of power grids would allow neighbouring countries to import or export power one from the other. It might allow another type of cooperation mutually beneficial to them: •

Electricity authorities of various countries have to keep up to 15 - 20% of their power generation capacity in reserve for cases of emergency. However this percentage goes down when a country’s power grid is interconnected with the power grid of another country, because power cuts are not likely to occur at the same time in all interconnected countries.

Weekly, national or religious holidays may be on different days in many neighbouring countries that interconnect their power grids. Therefore the surplus power of one country could be utilized by another interconnected country whose requirement of power re mains unchanged because of holidays on different dates.

Working hours or peak and low consumption hours may be different in the interconnected countries. This would allow the consumption of surplus power saved because of low consumption by the other interconnected country.

Turkey’s Southern neighbours and especially the Gulf countries are interested in generating power from power stations run with oil and gas, to keep the added value in their own country and to export electricity instead of oil or gas. If this project materializes, the most economical transmission corridor will again be Turkey. If solar energy becomes economical in the long run, the Middle East especially Saudi Arabia—possesses almost unlimited solar energy potential. Indeed, Turkey’s eastern neighbours are countries that can generate power at relatively low cost because they are oil or gas rich or possess high hydroelectric potential like Georgia.



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