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The Official Newsletter for the Michelin Soccer Program

Fall 2013

Program Enhancements

It is with great pleasure I welcome you to the 2013 Michelin Soccer Program! With the growing popularity of soccer and new enhancements to our program every year, we expect this to be one of our best programs yet. Over the past 13 years, the program has created win-win relationships between soccer organizations and Michelin tire dealers nationwide. We continue building these partnerships through the soccer ball giveaway, cash donations and the MasterCard® Reward Card—given exclusively to participating organization families who purchase a set of four MICHELIN ®, BF Goodrich® or Uniroyal® tires during the rebate period. These program components provide you the opportunity to increase tire sales and give back to your community. Again, thank you for choosing to participate in the Michelin Soccer Program. Our continued goal is your success. Sincerely,

Jason Strand Michelin Soccer Program Manager

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Knowing how invested you are in the program, we are eager to continuously bring you enhancements. The following items have been added this year. • Increased communication with your soccer representative and soccer organization • A hand pump in the dealer Point of Sale Kits for easier inflation of your soccer balls • Improved soccer balls—we have switched back to a rubber bladder from the butyl bladders

• MasterCard® Reward Card: this will facilitate the ease of the rebate process for those consumers who purchase tires through the soccer program • Cards will be customized for each recipient and will feature artwork exclusive to the Michelin Soccer Program • They will provide the consumer instant access to their rebate and are accepted everywhere that MasterCard® is accepted

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Two dollars from every MICHELIN® tire purchase goes to support a local soccer league.*


Michelin Connect

Buy new tires. Spread more fun.

great Michelin Soccer Program items available. We have provided newspaper ads, PODS, radio scripts and Web banners. These items are a great way to highlight your involvement in the soccer program while simultaneously promoting your site.

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Don’t forget to visit and download all of the

*Promotional period valid for 30 days. See your local dealer for complete offer details. Copyright © 2013 MNA, Inc. All rights reserved.

ROADMAP Participating dealers, be on the lookout for several fun and important communication pieces in the coming months. SEPTEMBER THROUGH


Wrap-Up Documents: Documents are sent to dealers to record the number of soccer balls distributed and tires sold during the program. This tells us how much money we will be giving back to the soccer organization. Donation Press Release: Sent to all dealers, leagues and local newspapers, DPRs highlight the positive results of the program as well as the monetary contribution.




Fund Check: Soccer organizations will receive their check from Michelin based on MICHELIN® tire sales.



NOVEMBER Soccer Balls: Look for them during this time! League Partnership: Dealers are introduced to leagues. League Kits: Soccer leagues will receive a kit for a successful program.


Initial Press Release: Sent to all dealers and leagues, IPRs highlight the partnership and its purpose.

POS Kit Shipment: The POS Kit (Point of Sale) will be full of helpful tips to faciliate the program.

MICHELINSOCCER.COM REDESIGN Keep an eye out for the new and improved website. Along with video tutorials from both dealers and soccer organizations, we will provide fresh content. Your soccer organization will also be able to enroll online. This gives you, the dealer, the security of knowing your local soccer organizations are already prepared to partner with you in the coming Fall. You will also have access to the soccer organization’s location and contact information. You will also get the number of players in the league so you can accurately calculate your future soccer ball order and reach out to league contacts to develop a working relationship and discuss upcoming community soccer events.

Michelin fall 2013 newsletter  

Annual newsletter created for Michelin dealers highlighting the Michelin Soccer Program

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