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SLIP INTO SUMMER with Young Living

SAFE SUMMER SOLUTIONS Did you know that ditching toxic products can be one of the most life-altering choices you will ever make? For real. Toxins wreak havoc on our bodies in so many ways. We are constantly applying them on our skin and releasing them into our environment, and most of us do not even realize it. Nor do we realize the profound impact they have on our health. We are here to spread the word because some of the popular products we use in the summertime are some of the worst offenders. Did you know that most sunscreens and insect repellents sold on shelves are laced with toxins, which get absorbed directly through the skin & head straight to your bloodstream?

Oxybenzone, octinoxate, homosalate, titanium dioxide & benzophenone. These chemicals contribute to hormone disruption, organ toxicity, contact allergies, reproductive toxicity, DNA damage and cancers. YIKES! Not only are they toxic to humans, they are toxic to our reefs and water friends. In fact, some of the sunscreens sold on our store shelves are banned from use in other countries. But here is our chance to know better and do better. We can make a difference, both for ourselves and for the environment. So do not fret, we have tons of solutions! Â So sit back and soak it all


Your Western Oils Team

INSECT REPELLENT Most of us know how toxic DEET can be to our body, especially to our nervous system. But, if you don't, then please educate yourself before applying that beloved OFF bug spray this summer season. Good news, there is a way better alternative, that is just as effective. Young Living Insect Repellent has been clinically proven to be just as effective as DEET and is 100% plant-based. This is formulated as a liquid to extend the effectiveness and provide the maximum amount of protection. It is also super concentrated, so I pop it in a rollerbottle (half coconut oil + half insect repellent) and then roll a couple swipes over any areas of exposed skin. Pro-tip: A little goes a long way, it only takes a few drops to cover a large area! Wholesale :: $27 | Retail :: $35.53

INSECT REPELLENT wipes These wipes are effective and extremely easy to use, without worrying about spills or messes. They’re packaged for on-the-go use, so you’ll be ready to beat bugs no matter when adventure strikes! These wipes use Young Living’s Insect Repellent formula & the fabric itself is made of 100 percent compostable & biodegradable material. I literally use ONE wipe for my entire family! Just as the liquid repellent, a little goes a long way. 12 wipes Wholesale :: $27 | Retail :: $35.53

DIY bug bite balm

3 tbsp unfractionated coconut oil 7 drops each of lavender, purification + tea tree 2 ounce glass jar Combine ingredients and store in a metal or glass jar. Apply to bug bites as needed to soothe itch & facilitate healing.

MINERAL SUNSCREEN Made with ingredients you can feel good about, Young Living’s Mineral Sunscreen Lotion provides protection against UVA/UVB rays without harsh chemical ingredients. It offers broad-spectrum SPF 10 or SPF 50 protection using naturally derived plant & mineral-based ingredients, including non-nano zinc oxide—a physical UV blocker. The lightweight formula goes on smooth & stays water & sweat-resistant for 80 minutes. Not only that, but you can use it as a moisturizer! If I am heading outside, I substitute my normal moisturizing routine with this beauty. Too thick? Split it with a moisturizer, coconut oil or sweet almond oil until you reach the desired consistency. Wholesale :: $29.75 | Retail :: $39.14

DIY SUNSCREEN SPRAY 2 tablespoon raspberry seed carrier oil 2 tablespoons of carrot seed CARRIER oil 1 teaspoon of almond oil 10 drops carrot seed essential oil distilled water 2 ounce glass spray bottle Add the carrier & carrot seed oil to the spray bottle and fill the remainder with water. Shake well before each use. Spray liberally on skin before sun exposure for approximately 45 SPF protection. Reapply as needed. This is not waterproof or sweatproof, but is a great option to throw in your bag for touch-ups!

pro-tip Carrot seed carrier oil is NOT carrot seed essential oil. The SPF factor is stripped during the distillation process.Â

LAVADERM AFTER SUN SPRAY Forget to apply (or reapply) that sunscreen? This is for you! + Temporarily relieves the pain & itching associated with minor burns, sunburn, minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites & other minor skin irritations. + Dermatologist tested & hypoallergenic + Provides immediate relief + Moisturizes to prevent peeling Store in the fridge & spray on troubled skin as needed!


after sun salve

6 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoon coconut oil 2 teaspoon cocoa butter + shea butter 2 tablespoons of melted beeswax 10 drops Lavender 3 tablespoons aloe vera gel Combine the carrier oils in a small bowl & mix well. Stir in lavender and aloe vera. Place in jar and store in a cool place. Apply as needed to restore sun kissed skin.

LAVADERM COOLING SPRAY This is a wonderful cooling spray made with lavender and aloe vera. Lavender is known for having amazing skin regeneration properties & has been used for moisturizing & healing sun exposed, chapped skin for thousands of years. The purified aloe vera has been studied and used extensively in soothing irritated skin and more. I mist this stuff on everyone like it is my job when it is painfully hot outside, or inside your body (for all of my mature ladies out there!) Wholesale :: $14 | Retail :: $18.42

1 ounce pure aloe vera gel 1 ounce witch hazel 6 drops each of lavender & peppermint essential oil 2 ounce spray bottle Combine all ingredients in your bottle. Shake well before use and store in refrigerator for an extra cooling effect!


cooling spray

SUMMERY SPRITZERS ningxia cocktail


1oz Ningxia Red 1oz Vodka 2 drops Lime Vitality Ice Sparkling Water

1 bottle dry rose wine 1 tbsp sugar ¼ cup Spanish Brandy ¼ cup orange liqueur ¼ cup pomegranate juice 1 cup assorted fruits 1 cup sparkling water 2 drops orange or lemon

lavender lemonade 7 lemons, peeled & juiced 2 limes, peeled & juiced 1-2 drops of lavender oil 14 cups of water 1 ½ cups of Blue Agave

pro tip Ningxia is also amazing as a frozen treat! Just pop it in a popsicle tray, place in the freezer and viola!!!

fresh berry limeade 1 lemon juiced 4 drops lemon vitality 5 drops citrus fresh vitality 2 cups strawberries 2 cups blueberries 3-4 cups ice water Agave (optional) to taste

:: ADD VODKA :: to turn up the heat a notch

COOKING WITH OILS Essential oils can make any dish super flavorful, but the summertime dishes are some of my favorites! Pop a drop of lime in guacamole, margaritas, or salsa Pop a drop of spearmint in your mojito Pop a drop of basil on your caprese Pop a drop of lemon or Citrus Fresh in your water Oils are also wonderful in marinades & salad dressings

speaking of... What are you washing those fruits & veggies in?


Silly as it sounds, I can actually taste the freshness. I love to soak a big batch of produce with the soak & throw the spray in my bag for those fruits on the go! SPRAYÂ | WHOLESALE :: $8.50 | RETAIL :: $11.18 SOAK | WHOLESALE :: $19.75 | RETAIL :: $25.99

GET YOUR OILS ON! These are a handful of my summertime favorites, that I simply cannot survive without!

citronella A drop a day keeps the bugs away! + Pop 10 drops in a 2 ounce spray bottle, along with a pinch of salt & fill ‘er up with water. Shake gently & mist over skin. + Spending some time outdoors? Pop your diffuser right next to your lounge chair. + Add 30 drops to 1 cup of coconut oil, whip together & store in a small mason jar. Apply before going outside.


Summer smells not your favorite? + Add 1 drop each to your stinky shoes or laundry bin. + Try a dab in your pits for some odor protection. + Add 3 drops to your wash to help those really stubborn smells. + Rub 1-2 drops on the bottom of your feet to keep the bugs at bay.

any citrus oil

These taste great in beverages & keep the mood light! + Pop a drop in your water or favorite beverage + Put 4-6 drops in your diffuser for summertime vibes + Great for cleaning & freshening the air.

SUMMER SKIN Get show worthy skin with these two skin saving potions!

celite magic massage oil This magic potion totally smooths the appearance of your legs though detoxification and promotion of lymphatic drainage. Side bonus? It smells energizing and happy. My emotions love this stuff. WHOLESALE :: $32.75 | RETAIL :: $43.09

mirah shave oil This serum is the bomb. No more worrying about that bikini line job or snake skin legs after a shave. It also works wonders as a hair smoother, because we all know that hair loves humidity, right? WHOLESALE :: $23.25 | RETAIL :: $30.59



3 drops peppermint 5 drops grapefruit

1 drop basil 2 drops joy 3 drops lemongrass

pina colada

marco island

5 drops lemon 3 drops stress away 2 drops copaiba

5 drops grapefruit 3 drops lime 2 drops rosemary

cape cod

mosquito island

2 drops joy 3 drops lime 2 drops bergamot 3 drops grapefruit

long island

2 drops clary sage 3 drops lavender 3 drops stress away

4 drops lemongrass 4 drops citronella 2 drops citrus fresh

just beachy 2 drops spearmint 2 drops tangerine 2 drops bergamot

MORE FUN RECIPES insectoilcide

1 ½ tbsp.. biodegradable dish soap 4 drops each of spearmint, lavender, citronella + cedarwood 8 ounce spray bottle Combine the above ingredients in your spray bottle and fill the remainder with water. Shake gently & spray mixture on plants and flowers as needed.

did you know? :: Spearmint :: deters ants & aphids :: Citronella :: deters gnats & mosquitos :: Lavender :: deters fleas, moths & flies :: Cedarwood :: deters snails & slugs

outdoor spray

10 drops each of thieves, lavender and purification 5 drops of citronella 3 tbsp witch hazel 4 ounce spray bottle Combine in your spray bottle & fill the remainder with distilled water. Shake gently before using & mist on skin to repel critters, bugs and mosquitos.

fruit bath Pop a couple of drops of lemon in a tub of water and throw your produce in for a 3-5 minute soak. Rinse & devour.

essential rewards

BUNDLE + SAVE the great outdoors Mineral Sunscreen + Insect Repellent = $65.50

long tan legs CeLite Magic Massage Oil + Mirah Shave Oil = $56

save that skin Lavaderm After Sun Spray + Lavaderm Cooling Mist + Rose Ointment = $63.25

bugs be gone Insect Repellent + Purification + Citronella = $74.50

grab your sunnies Mineral Sunscreen + Lavaderm After Sun Spray = $51.50

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Slip Into Summer with Young Living + Western Oils  

All the things you need to know to make sure your summer goes off without a hitch!

Slip Into Summer with Young Living + Western Oils  

All the things you need to know to make sure your summer goes off without a hitch!

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