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March 2010

Welcome to the second newsletter for Zumba® with Tara! We now have been Zumbaring away for a whole month and I have most definitely noticed the hips are moving more and the salsa steps are getting easier! The most important thing I want to NEWSLETTER talk about is the Zumba® with Tara FLASHBACK PARTY. It’s on Wednesday 6.30pm to 8.30pm at the Swan Italian Club. It will be two hours of Zumba® to your favourite old school tunes as well as Latin beats! It will be split up with Latin dancers and entertainment – so you won’t be Zumbaring non-stop. Basically the party is there to burn calories, have lots of fun and raise money for AELC. The Australian Experiential Learning Centre is situated in Midland and it supports young people, local business and Entrepreneurs. AELC provides internships as well as free office space and support for people who want to start or grow their own business. Visit for more info! Please wear sneakers, but it’s up to you how dressed up you get. An iPod is up for grabs for best dressed and most outrageous dancing, as well as Zumba® apparel and a free 10 pass! Think ABBA, Grease, ACDC, 60s Swingers, 80s Lycra and Disco fever. This is a great chance to invite friends, family, boyfriends, dads, brother, fathers, and sisters so they can see what Zumba® is all about! Please register online at

Clean up yourdiet! A lot of people have told me how Zumba® is their way to burn fat and get fit again! Everyone has one reason or another. They just had a baby, they hate the gym, have no time to exercise between work and family, the weight from Christmas 1998 still hasn’t come off or they simply are serial snackers! There are millions of diets out there and ways to lose weight, plus everyone is very different. But one thing which I think is universal and will help you lose weight while doing Zumba® is CLEANING OUT YOUR FRIDGE AND PANTRY. If the snacks, the chocolate and the biscuits aren’t physically in your home, you cannot eat them. Some of you will think, but my husband and kids need it! I encourage you to just slowly stop buying any of these snacks and see how much they really notice. Also, buy little packaged snacks, so the quantity is controlled and sometimes you mentally feel worse opening a packet, rather than just sticking your hand into a jar. Eg, lollies in little packets by Natural Confectionary, are better than a jar of lollies or chocolate you can constantly pick at! Just remember, if it isn’t in the pantry, or in the fridge, or in your lunch box, then you cannot eat it! Enjoy your meals but “cut the crap” in between by making it unattainable!

Classes Monday 7.30pm Morley Tuesday 7.30pm Bellevue Thursday 9.30am Midland Thursday 6.30pm Midland

Inspiration Meet Tracey Hodgkins, former Telstra Business Woman of the Year, Entrepreneurial Entrepreneur Educator of the Year and Zumba® with Tara fanatic. Tracey has been coming to classes twice a week with her daughter! She has made it a Mother Daughter challenge to lose a total of 30 kilos. In 4 weeks Tracey has lost 7 kilos. She has fixed up her diet and her fitness has been Zumba® with Tara. That is inspiration and I am sure she will reach her goal!

Stretch Stretch Stretch I can can’t stress enough how important stretching is for you! It can reduce muscle tension and pain, increase your flexibility, give you a better range of motion, greater circulation, increased coordination and improved posture posture. Take the time to do a good stretch and you will notice a difference! I look forward to seeing you in class and please feel free to come and talk to me before or after class about any issues, injuries or specific goals you have! I am here to help you!


Zumba with Tara March Newsletter  

Zumba with Tara March Newsletter

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