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Event - bureau of the company «Volga-Tour»

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Carrying out of dealers’ and scientific conferences, seminars, presentations, exhibitions, reception of delegations

Booking hotels in the Yaroslavl region and round the Golden ring Selection, rent and a hardware of conference and showrooms The organization of coffee-breaks, business-lunches, gala-suppers, buffet tables, banquets Registration of delegates The organization of portfolios’ manufacturing of participants, polygraphic production (a seal of theses, programs, invitations), bages, banners, etc. • Souvenir production with customer’s symbolics

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Carrying out of corporate actions and holidays

Working out of actions’ scripts Selection and order of restaurants, banquet halls and other platforms, Registration of platforms (flower compositions, spheres, chocolate fountains, inflatable designs, etc.) Catering — exit service out of doors and in any housing The technical equipment-sound, light, awning designs Granting leaders, actors, animators, DJ Entertaining shows-programs Picnics, buffet tables out of doors Trainings and team building Sports actions Corporate rest: beginning with a country boarding house in the Yaroslavl region ending by a corporate holiday and vacation abroad Extreme-projects («Day in army», «Day time patrol») A safari by snowmobiles, skiing and skating The organization of stars’ concerts for corporate holidays Photo and video shooting of actions Rent of yachts and steam-ships, helicopters and planes Rent of tents and marquees

Opening ceremonies of new objects

• Working out the concept of a ceremony, the script of the action • Working out the circuit, sketches of a platform (for ceremony in fresh air, for example, opening of building sites, so-called ceremonies of “the first stone” laying) • A memorable sign, column and other symbolical objects for ceremony of “the first stone” laying • Preparation of a platform (landscape works, carpet covering, flooring, wooden scaffolds, stage) • Warding of a platform and action

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Excursion service under author’s programs Group and individual tours Exclusive and VIP — programs Incentive-tours and interactive programs Services of guides-interpreters Groups’ support Transport logistic



• «Barge haulers on the Volga» — team building in which the participants pull on the river Volga the true barge. • «Day time patrol» — the reality-project in which the participants solve riddles and are started up in adventures in the streets of ancient cities of the Golden ring, while getting acquainted with ancient legends, passing masters-classes of crafts and receiving prizes • «One day in the army» — the extreme — project outdoor • «It is a campaign» — various routes and kinds of campaigns, residing in tents, canoes, bicycles, songs at a fire • «The Secular reception» — solemn reception in a governor’s house-museum with a buffet table and alive music • «Manory reception» — tea drinking in ancient Russian manor with Russian games and entertainments • «Masters’ city» — the game in the streets of cities during which participants are immersed in a history due to masters-lessons of Russian crafts: how to blind a pot, how to paint with a tile, how to make a felting toy, how to salt cucumbers or to cook cherry jam, etc. 24-a, Trefoleva str., Yaroslavl Russia, 150000 p.o. 122, 150014, Yaroslavl Tel./fax: +7 (4852) 58-87-13/14/15/16 e-mail:

Odense Gospel Festival 2008  
Odense Gospel Festival 2008  

Følelser to lejlighe kvalitetskontrol dsvis affronting bekymrer sig om, og en kontrast. Fortune dag ud gifte partnere. Lykk opmåling e hvile...