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Hollywood Film Case Study 1


2 Film Industry Exam

SPICE GURLZ - MUSIC VIDEO Music videos were primarily for promotional purposes to be aired on shows like MTV and Top of the Pops when artists were not able to perform. However, in the contemporary music industry a music video is used for artistic purposes and as an artist they can encode a message and/or explore the songs true or hidden meaning. The key concepts and conventions of music videos differ from every music genre, because there are many styles that want to be portrayed differently. For example, rap or RnB music videos will consist highly of cars, money and girls as a way of showing off their wealth and higher status with their friends. In contrast, the pop genre features the artist singing directly to the camera and sometimes with a narrative representing the lyrics and dance routines. I chose to continue with the conventions of the pop

genre by choreographing a dance routine into my music video, to emphasise the fun and enjoyment from the song and music video. I did this so hopefully younger audiences would want to learn the dance and join in or just enjoy the energy oozing out of the music video. I decided to incorporate these conventions because artists like TLC, Destiny’s Child, Bananarama and All Saints were big girl bands before the Spice Girls and therefore audiences will recognise the shots from their music videos and the nature of their performances that were very memorable. An example of this is the beginning of the music video where there is general chatting and shouting, which illustarates to the audience that the girls are lively and great people because they seem down to Earth. This start will energise the audience and make them feel ready to party and have fun, which

is in complete contrast to heavy metal music because it aims to make the listener destructive and aggressive with it harsh lyrics containing many expletives.

Hollywood Film Case Study 3

My music video was linear and a journey of the girls travelling around London and it was heavily performance based. I did not dwell on the lyrics per se, because the lyrics do not make much sense, however the way I interpreted it was expressed by how the girls acted and sang them; which was with lots of enthusiasm and a jokey manner. The song captures the importance of friendship, love and fun, as all the girls sing about how they will choice their friends over a love interest, an example fo this is: “if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.” All my footage was shot in location at Piccadily Circus and an arcade called ‘Trocadero’. My audience are going to recognise the London location and so would feel personal identification with the spice gurlz because they are engaged with the surroundings and narrative;

this also links with Bulmer and Katz’ Uses and Gratification theory. My performers always directly acknowledged and sang to the camera while maintaining eye contact and breaking the fourth wall, which made the audience feel like they were being addressed and fully involved in the music video. My music video also conforms to some ideas theorist Andrew Goodwin’s ideas on music videos. In my music video there is dancing and lots of enjoyment, this will target audience to want to watch it again and again, because the music video itself was designed to be entertaining and performance dominated. So linking with Goodwin’s theory of narrative and performance, where he believed a successful music video had to have repeatability, and the audience can watch it lots of times and not lose interest in it. The lip synching was important for the performance to look real because the audience needs to believe it is real in order make the music video seem authentic.

Goodwin also stated that the link between the visuals and the lyrics is very important. This is relevant in my work as I worked hard in picking certain lines to be illustrated on screen. For example, a medium shot of posh spice pointing directly at the camera which links with her singing the lyrics: “I’ll give you a try”, which makes the audience feel involved in the music video. The tempo of my music video varies from fast and slow, because the chorus is very fast paced, so many of my shots are fast and cut so they are in time with the music, however when the song is slower and repeats lines I used a fade because I thought it fitted better with the tempo and flow.

4 Film Industry Exam

MUSIC VIDEO Goodwin championed star image and representation as an importance for music videos to be successful and I feel I achieved this because the Spice Girls are so iconic that anyone, including my target audience, can easily identify the personas of the spice girls. This would include: ginger, posh, baby, scary and sporty. So I maximised this star image but replicating their image, through track suits, big fur coats, bunches and pink clothing and patriotic colours. happy positive emotions. I feel this gets the audience’s In addition, Goodwin attention because it can be stated that music videos funny at times and keep had to express emotions them wanting to know and moods, without ful- what will happen next. ly illustrating the song. In conditions of this, my music video conforms to a certain degree because it has a mood of playfulness, nostalgia and fun. This is because I was aiming to make a postmodern music video because I like the theory and want to explore the parody genre and

Hollywood Film Case Study 5

MAGAZINE ADVERT Likewise to my music video, my magazine advert and billboard design conforms to the conventions of real-media products in relation to the Pop genre. The Spice Gurlz name is centred with a big bold font, which was also similar to my digipak – this created a common theme and House Style with my band. The band members are inside the letters in the titles which shows my developed Photoshop skills and makes the reader recognise that all the stars are from this band. To emphasise how good the band is to the readers, I showcased five-star ratings from prestigious publications like NME and The Guardian, quoting them as “unleashed and unstoppable” and maximising the feel of success for the album. I used faded images of the band in the background in different hues of colours because the bright colours make the pop genre

fun, loud and playful, so the representation and look was important to show this. My target audience would appreciate this layout and design, because they can look at it with their friends and choose which their ‘favourite’ is.

6 Film Industry Exam

DIGIPAK My digipak showcases a pop art style because I wanted to emphasise that the spice gurlz are from a pop genre and to highlight their music is fun and eye-catching like the design. Using a pattern tool I was able to make the polka dot effect and using a drop down shadow effect, made the frames look 3D and vivid. I also wanted the images of the girls to be coming out of the frame because it looks like they cannot be tamed and that means their music is wild as well, while also showing their massive personalities in the selected poses, which conforms to the concept of identity which is shown through their different personas.

Hollywood Film Case Study 7

The CD holder continues the polka dot theme and the inside pages show consistency of the pop art design. I had inspiration from comics and the Batman television show, with the “zap”, “ka-pow” and “wham” but instead I put inspirational lyrics (eg “set your spirit free”) because I believe the Spice Gurlz are positive role models for their younger fans and audiences. So because of this I felt obliged to give the fans a personal message from the Spice Gurlz , which creates a personal relationship with their fans (Uses and Gratifications’ theory). I also included institutional information on the back of my digipak so it looks professional and authentic, with the typical barcode and track list that make my product look like real-life media texts.

Evaluation One  

How my product challenges on forms to the conventions of a real media product

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