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September 2012

Bali Marine Research Center, Indonesia Team Leader: Adham Selim Sherif ElTarabishy Egyptian Single March 1990

48 Mohamed kamel Hussien, el nozha el gedida, Cairo, Egypt









Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport

Architectural and environmental design (RIBA 2)



Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport

Architectural and environmental design (RIBA 1)

3.0 – V.Good

Project Description/Location



Secondary 2006 Egyptian Language Bali Marine ResearchSchool Center, Indonesia Degree





Team Leader: Adham Selim

Architects For Health Awards Workshops

March Park 2012 South, AA London Solar ItalyVisiting School, Connected Tower at Istanbul Technical University, 2010IstanbulCompetition/Classified 18/201 April 2012 LondonSelim Visiting School, Cipher City at NTUA School of Architecture, Athens Team Leader:AAAdham

Urban Design and Harmony and Historic Conservation of Opera and PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Ataba Squares, Cairo, Egypt Multidisciplinary team Year

Project Description/Location

Spiretec, India Internship Summer 2009 Urban redevelopment of Doha’s port/Qatar Part-time Teacher Assistant Team Leader: Adham Selim October 2011 -

2010 Firm




Mimar Egypt

Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport

Architectural and present Environmental Design Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction Department


Partner: Karim Anwar

Junior Architect


October 2011 Various Campus 2015: Architecturalpresent Design Competition

Mimar Egypt 2012 Competition

Instructor Team Leader: Adham Selim February 2012 – present


for Otaniemi Central Campus of Aalto University, Finland

Rhino and Grasshopper Courses

TEDxCairo 2012Assistant Collisions,September Stage Design Part-time Teacher 2012 Department of Construction Partners: Osama Abo El Ezz,- present Yassin El Hamaky and Architectural Engineering

2012 The American University In Cairo


Dar Al-Handasah - Cairo

September 2012


English Spoken Fluently, Read/Written with high proficiency Year Project Description/Location


Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities, Research and data gathering phase, Team Leader: Adham Selim


Hong Kong Boundary Crossing Facilities, Research and data gathering phase, Team Adham Selim ProjectLeader: Description/Location Team Leader: Adham Selim







Urban Design and Harmony Historic Conservation of Opera and Bali Marine Research Center,and Indonesia Ataba Squares, Cairo,Selim Egypt Team Leader: Adham Multidisciplinary team Architects For Health Awards Spiretec, India Solar Park South, Italy Team Leader: Adham Selim Team Leader: Adham Selim



2010 2011

Competition Competition



Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction Urban Design and Harmony and Historic Conservation of Opera and Partner: Karim Anwar Ataba Squares, Cairo, Egypt Multidisciplinary team Campus 2015: Architectural Design Competition for Otaniemi Central Campus of Aalto University, Finland Spiretec, India Team Leader: Adham Selim TEDxCairo 2012 Collisions, Team Leader: Adham Selim Stage Design Partners: Osama Abo El Ezz, Yassin El Hamaky Holcim Awards for Sustainable Construction Partner: Karim Anwar

2011 2010

Competition Competition

2012 2011

Competition Competition



Campus 2015: Architectural Design Competition LANGUAGES for Otaniemi Central Campus of Aalto University, Finland Team Leader: Adham Selim Arabic Native Language TEDxCairo 2012 Collisions, Stage Design English Spoken Fluently, Read/Written with high proficiency Partners: Osama Abo El Ezz, Yassin El Hamaky



Competition/Honorary 18/201 Mention



SKILLS LANGUAGES Computer Skills Arabic English

Computer Skills Translation Other Skills

Description Competition/Honorary Mention



Other Interests



Project Description/Location


Rhino and Grasshopper Course

Dar Al-Handasah - Cairo 2010 Competition


Solar Park South, Italy



Rhino and Grasshopper Course


Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Lightroom Native Language AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Revit Architecture, Ecotect Spoken Fluently, Read/Written with high proficiency ArchiCAD, Artlantis Studio Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Python Google Sketchup Processing Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, English-Arabic, Arabic-English Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Lightroom Fast learner, efficiency oriented AutoCAD, 3dswell-spoken, Max, Revit Architecture, Ecotect ArchiCAD, Artlantis Studio Photography, Graphic Design, Marketing and Advertising, Digital Fabrication, Scripting, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Python Digital and Algorithmic Design, 3d-modeling and visualization Google Sketchup Processing English-Arabic, Arabic-English

Professional Projects

Spiretec 2011 Competition, India Team Members: 7 Adham Selim, Karim Salama, Sundus Sherif, A. Othman, Mo’taz Bella Samir, Amro Thabit Personal Scope: Design Development and Facade design.

Spiretec is a 62,750 square meter mixed use area that is part of an IT office complex, spread across approx 85,000 square meters of land; with a built potential of approx 1,75,000 square meters. The project is in Greater Noida in Delhi, India.


The approach taken was one of “grafting” the mixed use complex within the already built environment and utilizing the already existing program of the architecture. The issues of identity and context were tackled in terms of the specificity to the environmental analysis of the project using climatological data that included solutions for privacy, protection from heat gain, preventing glaring sun exposure, and landscape river views for all the units. The notion of “enclosed public space” was heavily adapted in the project.




AA Visiting School, Cipher City, Athens - 2012 Team Members: 3 Karim Anwar, Omar Etman ανεμόμετρο - ALIENz

“ In its urban context, Athens presents a challenging mixture of historical diversity and current developing territories in the outskirts of the city. The act of reaching from one place to another in a continuous and fluid way therefore becomes the starting point in developing working kinetic prototypes energized by motion on horizontal planes. The workshop aims to bring out the dynamic qualities of the seemingly inanimate urban surroundings, such as urban paths, sense of orientation, topography, and bridge these with the animate qualities of the human body.” Studying the site location, we thought of creating a wall that would help in activating the relatively quiet street of “Apostolou Pavlou”. The street although sits right under the acropolis but is often viewed as secluded and desolated. The wall would be an abstract presentation of “WIND”. Wind always have been an important element in the Greek mythology. The wall would showcase wind in different phases, affecting, guiding, controling, protecting and dispersing pedestrians walking up and down the street. The wall detects the current air speeds and creates accordingly safe gathering nodes and event spaces and also detects if their is a congestion of people gathering and disperses them if the flow is increasing on the site.




AA Visiting School, Connected Tower, Istanbul - 2012 Team Members: 3 Karim Anwar, Omar Etman The Thing - ALIENz “Connected Tower” tackles the challenge of radically decomposing the tower in order to liberate it from its current fixed typology dominated by the Modernist paradigm. The aim is to set the tower free from the existing binary axioms it is submerged in, which are epitomized as building and city, circulation and habitation, structure and skin. “Connected Tower” redefines verticality as differentiated dynamic systems through computational processes.




New College of Engineering, Qatar University 2012 - present

Firm: Mimar Egypt Team members: 8 Ahmed Fawzy, Mohamed Ezzat, Karim Emam, Sara Morsi, Heba El Harass, Amir Sayed, Shadi Sayed Personal Scope: Design and development of a dividing screen, limiting accesebility between men and women educational zones. Material Studies, preparing fabrication data for tender documents and coordination with other consultants.





TEDxCairo 2012 Collisions, Stage Design Team Members: 3 Osama Abo El Ezz, Yassin El Hamaky



Revolution Center: A Community’s Thermometer Holcim Awards 2010/11 - Student Team Members: 2 Karim Anwar Different building types in architecture occurred in response for the various need of the people. One of those needs that travel nowadays between countries is the people need to revolt, not just against a ruling party but against everything that is not right in their own lives. How can architecture introduce a new building type in response to this need; just like hospitals were created for those seeking remedy, what will its use be, who will build it, who will have access to it, what can it offer to enhance or regulate this need. All these questions lead to this project; the revolution center. The center existence will be like a grid covering the whole country, the size differ according to the wellbeing of the surrounding context in education and income level, where both are high; the centers there will be the main ones that funnel volunteers and funds to the rest of the centers. As a trust bond between the government and the people, governments only issue the lands for the centers and offer a startup fund, and then they have no control over the center, other necessary funds shall come from other entities. The centers shall be operated completely by the people. Through light sources between the skin and others between the cubes, emphasis on the center is created by the light change red or green not the architectural form because that is what really represents the voice of the people and that is what will be understood by every single person no matter their background or culture. The main use for the center is to help anyone with a problem, people go with their problems to the center or can access the center website from their home, volunteers categorize the problems in the centers common database, and they deliver them to the appropriate authorities and then tag the problem with a countdown, with the piling of problems that ended their countdown and no received answer from the authorities; this automatically controls the grading of the center light from


green to red, announcing a near protest, the size of the protests depends on how many centers still have unanswered problems. Other functions include Illiteracy eradication classes, political awareness classes, technical workshops, computer classes, exhibitions and art galleries, seminars; the centers can also be used during elections as poll centers, etc.


Academic Projects

Design 7 Project, Masters Team Members: 3 Aziz Mitry, Karim Anwar

This design course focused mainly on the process of design not necessarily the end product. The brief presented the topic of street vending in Egypt and allowed us to tackle it however we wanted. Through a rational iterating process of problem solving these alternatives were presented.







The Citadel Technical School Graduation Project - 2011

The school is a technical school for reviving traditional hand crafts located in the cultural area of Fatimid Cairo, yet it is a contemporary take on technical schools offering a flexible vessel that doesn’t mimic surrounding architecture but creates modern neutral ground that adapts to the changing needs of its users.



The workshops are oriented towards the north, allowing it to be well lit at all times and be flexible enough for the different crafts taught at the school. The workshop height is extended allowing the chance for vertical expansion within the main skin according to each department needs. Surrounded by glass from all sides, it allows visual connection between the students and the public either from inside the school or from the outside while still maintaining the privacy needed for educational purposes.



The masses that contain the lounges and separate the workshops creates a recess in the whole building mass allowing infiltration of pedestrians into the project allowing them visual access to the workshops and providing a seating area and also a space for street events during the whole day, the roof gardens help insulate the building from solar heat gain keeping energy consumption low and compensating the building footprint. It also provides a natural ambiance to the inner spaces.


Architectural School

Design 6 Project - 2011

The main guiding idea for this project was from the idea of bigness, and how a state came into being and screwed its surrounding context, the project explored the inverse, if the context is already screwed how would it affect the building before it come into being.






Design 5 Project - 2010 This project is about creating an unconventional point in an extreme environment that would connect the people all around the world to this environment, provide researchers with a close place where they can live and study this environment, and also offer a unique experience for visitors wanting to visit and know more about this place. This extreme environment dictated the awareness of some points, the main were how this project was to be constructed, operated without infrastructure, kind of spaces that can be created, how will it fit in this environment and what should it reflect from its surroundings to the visitors of this place?

Feasibility, Flexibility and Efficiency Build ability was an important issue, cost efficiency; using modular units for the required spaces achieved that. Ease of transporting prefab elements up there, inherent flexibility whenever expansion is required and the modular spaces results in a delicate functional spaces. Contrast and Complexity What to be reflected to the visitors from the surrounding environment, the extreme contrast seen when ascending the mountain between visuals at its bottom and the scenery at its summit. Complexity was reflected in the “fractals� the minute element that in a tangling way reiterate to form the surface structure of the mountain and even the structure of the snow around. This can be seen reflected in the intricate convoluted form of the expo.



Mechanical Field Devised specifically for this project, from the same units, thus it too is flexible and adaptable to expansion at anytime. Wind: units contain double layered sides that expand automatically to next unit; blocking the passage of wind , controlling its movement and speed into inner turbines in inner units, keeping them safe and intact, using traditional wind generation methods here meant fatal loss of equipment due to the strong fast wind. Light energy: units are coated with thin film PhotoVoltaic Cells, in case of no wind the top side of unit can be tilted and retracted as needed according to the light source so it concentrated it on the PVC cells found on the unit beside it - big surface acting as the reflector, small carrying the PVC. Water source: platform on which these units mounted contains a snow melting, collecting and filtration equipment to prevent the snow from blocking the passage of the movable sides of the units and provides a clean sustainable water source for the facility.


Rehabilitation Center For Autistic Children Design 4 Project - 2010 Architects For Health Awards - 2010

The brief calls for the creation of an Autistic Rehabilitation Center for Children, in a country where the number of autistic children keeps increasing and with very low number of descent care centers available with very high prices, while those provided by the government are low in price but with very low quality. The project is considered as rehabilitation for autistic children and educational center for their parents, where parents can live with their child there as inpatients and after they finish certain course of treatment and the parents are fully aware how to deal with him, they can continue as outpatients.




El Tahrir Cultural Park Landscape Project - 2010

In any public space there are always active and inactive people, the project deals with both, creating accommodation spaces that would suit each of those types. This differentiation in spaces was also reflected from the current social state or maybe the normal cycle of life, where the old is always mesmerized by the tide of the new heading its way.


Interior Design Project - 2009


My Architectural Portfolio 2010 - 2012  

Some of my work personal and collaborative through out the past three years