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Cake decorating is a hobby and a delight for all seasons. It is a fun and rewarding art to bake cakes yourself and decorate them for your family, it can also save you money. It is an artistic skill that anyone can master with a little expert guidance intermingled with a some good cake decorating tips and ideas. It is an art form that will keep exercising your imagination, continue building your skills, and will always make others happy. Decorating cakes is very self nurturing, since you will feel good when you give your cake to another or share it with them. I read this analogy the other day and I will quote it here with only one minor change to avoid any sexist accusations: "Cake decorating is what happens when a woman (or man) redefines the kitchen as an artist's studio." Decorating a cake in artistic ways is both rewarding for the decorating artist and the recipient of the cake. Creating your next cake does not have to be a stressful experience, just get really creative and do not be frightened to try something new. Some simple cake decorating tips are sometimes best to get you started, decorate cup cakes and cookies with some edible photos or art, using other sorts of images is now easy and cost effective with Kopykake's edible photo cake products. Special marker kits are also now available for children to participate and help decorate. Your decorating can be as simple as applying a butter cream coating or using a stencil and dusting with some confectioner's sugar or cocoa powder. Your cakes can be iced with butter cream, royal fondant, or cooked icing and can be topped with features such as icing flowers, spun sugar, sprinkles or candy. You can create your cakes to look like a hot dog, drinks or even a pizza. If fact whatever your imagination can cook up. The perfect cake for you to demonstrate your artistic flair is firm, moist and not crumbly. The real secret to producing really professionally iced cakes is two fold. 1. Eliminating crumbs. 2. Creating a very smooth and even finish. Icing your cake to a ultra smooth finish is one of the most crucial parts of cake decorating. The secrets that the experts use is to create a "Crumb Coat," I have explained this system in more detail on my Cake Decorating Tips Blog. Using fondant will add a nice little zest to your cakes, it can be rolled out and then draped carefully over a cake, it can be poured on for a glaze, or crafted into shapes. It is available in two kinds, white, and of course Chocolate. Utilizing special fondant produces a seamless covering for your cake. The pure white fondant that is used for wedding cakes will give that look as though it has been sculpted from one single piece. Fondant is by far the most versatile type of cake icing, it does cost a little bit more than the other alternatives, but the creative design possibilities that it opens up for your cake decorating far out weigh the extra cost. So learn the basics and pick up as many cake decorating tips as you can. There are plenty of

ideas and tips widely available on the internet. You never know, you made decide to keep your cake decorating as an enjoyable pastime or develop it into a profitable business.

Berlinda Barrymore makes cake decorating easy to understand and can help you create beautiful cake decorations, quickly and easily. Learn the basics and then graduate to expert by reading and following her Cake Decorating Tips Blog.

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==== ==== Cake decorating. Check this. ==== ====

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