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Issue 66 / Spring 2017 PRINT POST NUMBER 100019688 CRICOS 02320A

From the Principal There has been a great deal to celebrate this year, Tara celebrating 120 years. In this issue of the Tara Circle, we have highlighted a few of the major events in words and photos. It has been so much fun to meet many people in the extended Tara community this year. Some people have visited the school for the first time in many years and hearing your stories and the recollection of memories and people you have known has been very special for us. The Gala Birthday Celebration was a fantastic event and I thank the P & F committee and Mrs Wendy McDermott for their vision and effort in making it so. We are also grateful to the individuals and businesses who sponsored the night and provided auction items. The birthday assembly for the students, became more of a festival as it turned into a school picnic with games as well. It was an afternoon of true celebration. This birthday year has allowed us to focus and celebrate on who we are as a school today, and also reflect on the story of our school and the people who have contributed to the Tara story over so many years. We are immensely proud of the fact that we are a school that was founded in Parramatta and even though Tara had several “homes� over the years, we continue to be a Parramatta school. We know we are blessed to have everything we have. Our grounds are extensive and amazing. Our facilities and resources are fabulous and cater for a wide variety of interests and passions of Tara girls. Our focus on learning and providing the very best education for each Tara girl in a Christian environment has always been at the core of our school. We continue to be grateful to God for our school, for every Tara girl and for the community that makes this school so special. Mrs Susan Middlebrook


120 Years Birthday Celebrations

Tara - Mount Arcadia (former Smith Family Convalescent Hospital for Children), Masons Drive, North Parramatta (1958 - Present)

Tara Celebrates a Great Milestone: Celebrating 120 Years

Tara’s birthday celebrations have hit a real high note this year with the school hosting several events to mark the occasion. The Tara Birthday Assembly was a great festival of Tara. Year 5 students presented a wonderful and very clever tour through the history of the school, which included costumes and artefacts. The Tara Junior School performed a musical item which demonstrated their talents in a most accomplished manner. The Boarders provided a parade of uniform items from the School’s past which received a great response. A large cake was cut to the sounds of the

school singing Happy Birthday. A picnic with cupcakes followed with Irish Dancing for the whole school on the oval, finished off our special and joyous day.

I have a very clear recollection of all students having to curtesy or bow at the end of the school day as they passed the Headmistress as they left for home with hat and gloves. Having mid-afternoon naps on roll-up straw mats, sometimes interspersed with surreptitious Cuisenaire counting rod battles when the teachers were not too watchful. Also having to be early for the milk line otherwise you got the mini milk bottle the crow had pierced the foil top from. Not because of the crow getting first dibs at the milk but because the cap then made a poor flying saucer when flicked from your fingers. Such was life being a boy at Tara from Kindy to 3rd grade at Ellangowan Tara.

This year Tara Anglican School for Girls is celebrating 120 years in the life of the school. This is no small feat! What a magnificent thing she has become. She began very small as we all do and due to the love and care for her by generations of women and men, she has grown into the great school that she is today, one of Sydney’s finest Schools. We are a school with a rich tapestry – many people have contributed to her history. Many schools have come and gone in this time, but Tara has not only survived, but thrived.

Tim Waugh, Old Boy and descendent of Miss Joan and Miss Cassie Waugh, founders of Tara


120 Years Birthday Celebrations

on the night. They also bid for a wide range of holiday escapes and exciting local activities donated by local businesses, including a giraffe feeding experience, a Bali villa package, lazy afternoons cruising the local waterways, pamper packages as well as musical concerts and private chefs dinners. There were also a range of items available to win as part of the raffle. Nights like this don’t just happen and we would like to thank the parents who have worked together in partnership with the staff and sponsors ensuring we all have such a wonderful evening.

s Ellangowan, 153 George Street, Parramatta (1951 - 1958)

The School Community then welcomed almost 500 community members to celebrate at the Gala Birthday Celebration Dinner at Waterview in Bicentennial Park. We were very honoured to have so many Old Girls, past and current parents, past and current staff as well as guests attend this significant event to celebrate 120 years in the life of our school. We welcomed local politicians, Geoff Lee and Felicity Wilson (Tara Old Girl), as well as Dr Ruth Shatford and Mrs Carol Bowern, our past Principals, to the event. Both women have provided a considerable legacy to this school and have remained great friends to us. Guests enjoyed canapés, a wonderful three course dinner, an excellent band and other entertainment

A School with 120 years of history is quite significant for Sydney. Today, Tara is an Anglican day and boarding school for girls from Early Learning to Year 12. It is a simple statement but it gives no clue to the marvelous story that has led to us being the School we are today. Tara first opened its doors in 1897, when Miss Mary Elizabeth (Joan) Waugh was operating ‘morning classes’ in Parramatta. Since this time the school has changed from its humble beginnings as a small, ladies’ college, which also educated boys for many years, into a dynamic and vibrant, leading independent school where girls are empowered to achieve and serve in a dynamic world. Throughout its history, Tara has been governed by a succession of School Councils and Principals who have led with dedication and purpose. There are many people who have contributed to the Tara story and for this we are truly grateful. Today, Tara is an Anglican school and Christianity is foundational to us and influences

Who could forget the croquet lawn at the front of Ellangowan? Only the seniors were allowed to play. I used to watch from that beautifully columned verandah and wonder what were the rules of the game – it seemed so ladylike and grown up. Ice cream days were Wednesdays. You could have a white brick or a Neapolitan brick in a square cone for five cents. You had to line up at the tuckshop, a square shed about two metres by three metres and you had to say please and thank you or you weren’t served!

Ruth Crossman (nee Kirkness), Tara’s Deputy Head Girl in 1978 s Northwood, 12 Hassall Street, Parramatta (1926 - 1946)


s Tara - Waugh family home, 79 George Street & Barrack Lane, Parramatta (1912 - 1926)

I was loving being part of a new school, involved, as we all were, beyond our normal teaching duties to keep things going with very little money. I remember dashing out in free periods to make biscuits and puddings for the boarders during the week when there was no cook and I expect other teachers did likewise, of spending Saturdays in the Boarding House to make curtains and slipcovers to brighten up the Boarders’ common room. Mrs Peggy Hull, Mathematics Teacher and Librarian 1959-1975

everything we do, how we work and our approach to the care and learning for the girls and staff. We have so many things to be thankful for – the students who have paved the way, the staff that care for the girls and the community that enriches all our lives. We have the great blessing of magnificent grounds, not many schools have what we have. Tara is a school, grounded in the values of affirmation, service to others, opportunity and integrity. Tara is a school that has a mission as a Christian school to empower young women to grow and thrive so that they may serve our local, national and global communities. And so many have gone on to do just that! This special milestone is a reason to celebrate and reflect on many years of unforgettable moments.

In addition to the strong academic focus, we have a comprehensive student wellbeing program and a host of wonderful opportunities for the girls in the co-curricular programs: performing arts, sport, debating and public speaking, general interest groups, a telescope program, clubs and extra subjects.

I have many fond memories of the playground at Tara Junior School. We would sit under the huge Jacaranda trees dressing up our fingertips with flowers and likening them to witches hats. We played fun games of croquet on the front lawn and who could forget those compulsory half pints of milk we were made to drink each day. Squeezing vegemite butter worms through the holes in the vita weets and eating meat pies bought from the tuckshop are other prevalent memories. We loaded our hoola hoops onto the bus so that we might play with them at lunch time. We carried our shoe boxes filled with mulberry leaves and silkworms and some clever schoolgirls were able to make their silkworms exude coloured silks by adding colourful options to the worm’s diets! Kerry Hynes, 1972 leaver

There is such a bright future ahead as we turn our attention to the future. Tara is now preparing the next generation of girls who will reap the benefits of an education at this fine school. As a school, we are committed to offering girls an outstanding education, based on best practice and designed to enable students to achieve academic performance which ranks at the highest levels for junior and senior schools. We are committed to an expectation that each girl will thrive and strive within a supportive learning culture.


120 Years Around Tara Birthday Celebrations


St Ronan’s School, 138 George Street, Parramatta (June 1897 - October 1897)

There is always a great deal to do and there should be. It is interesting to speculate on what the next 120 years will bring, how our world will change and what that means for the education of Tara young women. Our core purpose will remain: to be a Christian learning community, characterised by excellence, which encourages and empowers girls to achieve and serve in a dynamic world. Tara is a strong community and together we make Tara. It is our students, teachers, staff, Old Girls, past and present parents, Council, and partnerships that give this School its life, its purpose and its joy.

s St John’s Parish Hall, 195 Church Street, Parramatta ( July 1902 - 1911)

We treasure our heritage and look forward to the next 120 years with confidence. This year is no exception in Tara’s journey with many birthday celebrations and events ensuring Tara really is a place of great happiness and fabulous learning. Happy Birthday Tara!

Miss Helen Claridge, Headmistress 1959 – 1971


In January 1959 Mrs Hake drove Miss Hawks and me from her home at the King’s School in Parramatta, up the narrow, relatively peaceful Pennant Hills Road, with its wide earth shoulders, turning between one of the houses of the Burnside Homes and the quite substantial Burnside Primary School onto a rough unmade road – Mason’s Drive…at the rise of this road we passed between the gateposts which had old iron gates onto a gravelled drive…..we could see the long building set on its hill-top – the new Tara. The hill top site had many advantages. It was open and fresh and the views extensive – away to Lucas Heights in the east and to the west to the outline of the Blue Mountains.

Around Tara

s s The Cedars, Western Road, Parramatta (October 1897 - July 1902)

I can remember the School in Parramatta possessed a Maypole, we practiced for ages to be able to dance around it without tangling ribbons from the top. Also Pet and Doll shows were held. My darling father was the ring master, and everyone received a prize!

All Saints’ Church Hall, Victoria Road & Elizabeth Street, Parramatta ( July 1946 - December 1951)

White elephant stalls, cakes and jams, all set up on the front lawns. I can remember clearly sitting in front seat of our car with Peter, a gorgeous pet rooster, perched on my lap...driving to school on the big day! One final memory is falling off the stage during the Christmas pageant, it was when the new hall was built behind the school! Elizabeth Drury, 1964 leaver

Head Girl - Keira Dixon “It has been a truly rewarding experience to be Head Girl during such a special year in Tara’s history” “I look forward to seeing what great things the students and staff of this wonderful community achieve in the future. Happy Birthday Tara.”

Elizabeth Medalist - Victoria Cornwall “Tara Anglican School for Girls offers amazing opportunities fo us girls and is a lovely community to be in. I am honoured and extremely proud to be Elizabeth Medalist for 2017.” “Tara Junior School has been such an amazing privilege and I hope Tara keeps on growing. I hope all of the Tara girls get to have an amazing experience that they deserve (because I know I have).”


120 Years Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Assembly ELC - Year 12


Tara Gala Birthday Celebration


Around Tara House Eggleton

Boarder News During Terms 2 and 3 the girls have been able to participate in an array of activities. During the colder months, we held the annual My Kitchen Rules competition. The winning group this year was Year 12 with their homestyle cooked dinner. Other activities have included, ice skating, movies, Parramatta rugby league game and bushwalks. National Boarding Week was held from 14-20 May. To mark the occasion we had a ‘Why I love Boarding’ competition and the winning entry was from Tanya Huynh in Year 10; “Smiles and laughter everywhere you go, it is a big sleepover every night and I am proud to call every girl, my sister, my family”. Tara staff were invited to tour the Boarding House, the Head Girl had a sleepover and we walked 1km at lunch with the entire Senior School; raising money through a coin trail for the bushfire-affected areas around Coolah and Dunedoo. Term 3 was just as busy. It started with our ‘In Weekend’ where the girls decorated cupcakes and made handmade cards. The following day they went to see the musical ‘Kinky Boots’. Thank you to Year 11 for all their ideas and planning. As a new initiative we hosted two exchange students; Shelly and Stephanie from China for four weeks. Both enjoyed their stay, participated in numerous activities and improved their English considerably. The Boarders also featured at Tara’s 120th Gala Dinner, displaying uniforms from past generations. The Katoomba trip was also a highlight of the term. The girls loved seeing the Three Sisters and strolling through the boutique shops. At the end of Term 3 we said goodbye to our fabulous Year 12 Boarders. This year we had fourteen, the largest for many years. Lizzy, Natasha, Isabel, Jennifer, Isabelle, Rachel, Kaitlin, Jenny, Jane, Yadanar, Renee, Bonnie, Maggie and Wendy, I wish you all the very best for your future endeavours. Each one of you


is truly special and has brought much happiness to the house. Many of these girls have lived at Eggleton House for many years, the longest being Lizzy Georgopoulos who came to Tara in Year 5. Our Boarder’s Farewell dinner was heart-warming, with over a hundred guests in attendance; we marked the end of the boarding experience and the beginning of their next journey. ‘Just follow your dreams and you will soar’. I would also personally like to thank the 2016-2017 Head Boarder, Kaitlin Staniforth, who has been a wonderful role model to all the girls in the house, whether it was on the sporting field, during school time or just having fun in the house. We formally introduce our new Head Boarder for 2017-2018, Zoe Cross, who will come into this position with a fresh vision and exciting new ideas. We congratulate Zoe and wish her all the best for the coming year. The Boarders’ raise money each year for the Vanessa Grant Girls Boarding School in East Kenya and this year we would love your assistance. We are selling Christmas Grass Hair kits for $5.00 and Handmade Soap from Washpool Soaperie ranging from $7.00-$8.50. If you need some unique Christmas presents or stocking fillers, which support a very good cause, please contact the Boarding House for details on 8838 2629. Mrs Samantha Cocks Director of Boarding

Congratulations to all the students, staff and parents involved in the Junior School’s production of Mulan – what a triumph! Disney’s Mulan was held in June at the Tara Theatre and was a spectacular production from Years 3 to 6.


Around Tara

Year 10 1950s Day On 18 May Year 10 participated in ‘1950’s Day’, a cultural immersion day supporting their studies of ‘The Globalising World - Popular Culture’. The girls dressed up in 1950’s fashion, learnt rock and roll dancing, went bowling and watched the film Grease!

Arts Alive at Tara 2017 The artworks of our talented artists were on display during the annual Arts Alive at Tara from 29 August to 1 September. The exhibition included the Junior School Art Walk with great activities for all, Junior and Senior Award Presentations and the Senior School Visual Arts Exhibition that featured Year 12 Visual Arts Bodies of Work.

Book Week 21-25 August 2017 This year Book Week had the theme of ‘Escape to Everywhere’. After a week of special story time sessions and activities, our Junior School girls came to school as Book Fairies and donated an amazing 300 books that will be used for Christmas presents or literacy programs for disadvantaged Australian children. da Vinci Decathlon Well done to our teams across Years 9, 10 and 11 that contested the da Vinci Decathlon at Knox Grammar School. This academic competition is designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of school students as they compete in teams across 10 disciplines.

Junior School Performer of the Year On Thursday 14 September, 14 girls performed as finalists in the 2017 Junior School Performer of the Year. The winner for 2017 was Connie Liu from 3 Mary who performed Tarantella by Albert Pieczonka on piano. It was a fabulous night of musical entertainment with instrumental and vocal pieces that showcased the talents of the girls. 12

Duke of Edinburgh Students have been working hard on their Duke of Edinburgh International Award throughout the year. The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Hike took place in the Royal National Park and another group canoed at Wisemans Ferry on 26 June. Groups have also had a hike journey at Cockatoo Island as well as a practice canoe journey at Berowra Waters.

Father’s Day Breakfast We celebrated the men in our girls’ lives at the end of August with a BBQ breakfast and lots of games and activities in Junior School. So much fun and laughter was had and it was a great opportunity for all catch up with each other.

Fun in Senior School Day We were so pleased to welcome our new Year 7, 2018 students to Fun in Senior School (FISS) day on the 21 September 2017. We understand that beginning secondary school can be an exciting time for young girls and their families. Our aim for the orientation program is to ensure that all students feel as comfortable as possible, as quickly as possible, so that they can continue to enjoy their learning and achieve well in their studies as well as make lots of new friends at Tara.

Junior School Gold Awards Congratulations to our Junior School Gold Award recipients Olivia Dohnt, Suhanya Jayasuriya, Kaitlyn Grasso and Imogen Barber. To receive such an award is a testament to their dedication and hard work throughout their Junior School learning. History Debating Year 10 students participated in the History Debating Competition on 15 June at the Good Samaritan Catholic College at Hinchinbrook. This competition is run for students who would like to engage and extend themselves in their studies of History.

Bond University National Mooting Competition On Thursday 11 May, the Tara mooting team of Grace Wong, Prashana Coomarasamy and Isabel Song travelled to the Gold Coast to compete in the Bond University National Mooting Competition where they were the respondents in a High Court appeal. 13

Around Tara

Hake Service Learning Day In May the Junior School Hake House team held a pyjama day to raise awareness of the homeless. Girls brought in donations of towels, blankets, sleeping bags and gold coins to go to Clothes Line, a Sydney based organisation who distribute directly to needy people. During House Jam the girls participated in some games and discussed the issue of homelessness.

Crusaders Camp 2017 Over the June long weekend, sixty Tara girls and Kings boys headed to Camp Toukley for the annual King’s and Tara Camp, KTC. The weekend was a time of fun, of being encouraged and challenged by God’s word, and of growth in the students’ friendships with each other. What a joy it was to see the girls grow in their love for Jesus and for each other. Bring on KTC 2018!

High Tea at Government House The Tara Senior String Quartet were invited to play for His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley, Governor of New South Wales, at an Afternoon Tea today at Government House Sydney. The event was in honour of the Woman’s Poetry and Arts Festival. Pierre de Coubertin Award Congratulations to Elizabeth Georgopoulos (Year 12) on receiving a 2017 Pierre de Coubertin Award on 16 June. The Pierre de Coubertin Award recognises secondary school students who are active participants in sport and display the Olympic ideals of fair play and sportsmanship.

Mother’s Day Classic On Sunday 14 May, 48 Tara community members participated in the Mother’s Day Classic at Parramatta Park. They either completed the 4km or 8km walk or run. The Tara Tigers team competed in the school division and won the largest school team once again.

Junior School Mother’s Day Celebration On 15 May the Junior School celebrated the women of our community with a special Mother’s Day breakfast and Chapel service.


Market Day - Year 9 Commerce On 31 May Year 9 Commerce held their Market Day with stalls ranging from hot dishes to milkshakes, lollies, and even a raw cookie dough. The crowds were fantastic with sales to staff and students alike! Students also had the opportunity to listen and talk with Sally Illingworth who has owned her own business since the age of 18. She shared her personal journey into business and the franchise world of Crust Pizza where she owns a store in Darwin and also works for Crust Head Office.

Medieval Day Year 8 On 5 May 2017, Year 8 came dressed in historical costumes for Medieval Day. There were Medieval monarchs, knights, peasants, nobles, nuns, monks, blacksmiths and executioners. The girls listened to performers discuss Medieval armour and fighting techniques and they prepared a fantastic feast including Medieval foods and treats for lunch.

Sheen Family Prize Performer of the Year - Senior School The 18th Sheen Family Prize Annual Performer of the Year competition was held on 26 May. It was a wonderful evening of quality entertainment. Our thanks go to Dr Adrian and Mrs Suzy Sheen, for their ongoing patronage of this event and support of Music at Tara. Since its inception in 2000, the Sheen Family Prize has celebrated the musical talent of Tara students and continues to raise the standard and profile of music in our School. Congratulations to all performers - Keira Dixon (Year 12), Stephanie Peacock (Year 11), Ling Peng (Year 10), Michelle Li (Year 12), Minerva Khodabande (Year 11), Nicola Karsten (Year 10), Keira Hempel (Year 12), Annie Lu (Year 10), Maddison Stubbs (Year 12), Stephanie Pathinather (Year 12), Vanessa Chamoun (Year 12), Petrina Lam (Year 11) and Natasha Gesto (Year 12). We were delighted to have Mr John Ockwell, Director of Orchestra and Strings at Fort Street High School in Sydney, as our adjudicator on the evening. This year it was an extremely close result and we congratulate the following girls: 1st place – Petrina Lam • 2nd place – Natasha Gesto • 3rd place – Minerva Khodabande • Highly Commended – Keira Dixon and Annie Lu Social Justice Day Social Justice Day was held 14 June as a new initiative to spread awareness about the social injustice of the world today. Funds were raised via a BBQ, sweets stall, and a ‘Sponge a Teacher’. Students could send messages to orphans in Thailand by writing a short, simple message on fabric hearts. All hearts were collected and presented on a large canvas as a gift to the orphanage. 15

Around Tara

South Africa Exchange Ashley Bamford and Isabella Grigson (Year 9) had the opportunity to go on exchange in July this year to South Africa. It was an amazing experience for them both to live with their exchange families.

Tara Success at Sydney Eisteddfod 2017 Phoebe Mulia (Year 7) achieved wonderful success in each piano event that she entered, placing 1st - 19th Century Piano (12 years), 1st - 18th Century Piano (12 and under), 1st - Australian Piano (12 and under), 2nd - Piano Polyphony (12 and under) and 2nd - Recital Award section (12 years). Isabella Galvez (Year 9) placed 2nd in the Vocal Performance (15 years). Amanda Tao (Year 8) placed 2nd - Australian Piano (15 and under) and Recital Award (13 and 14 years) - Highly Commended. These are major achievements for Phoebe, Isabella and Amanda as all of their hard work has continued to pay off. Congratulations to all of our students who competed in the Eisteddfod.

Reverse Garbage Year 1 After returning from their excursion to Reverse Garbage, Year 1 have been reflecting on how they can design and make their own products in more sustainable ways.

WriteOn 2017 From the thousands of entries across NSW, 6 were chosen from each Stage to receive a Gold Award. Following hot on the heels of her sister Grace in 2016, Daria Mihaljevic (Year 4) won Gold in the Stage 2 category, and Abigail Arrage (Year 6) won Silver in the Stage 3 category. It was a real pleasure to accompany Daria and her parents to the special ceremony at the State Library in September and see her accept her award. 16

Year 5 and 6 Canberra Excursion Students from Year 5 and 6 took an educational tour of the national capital in June. Students were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational programs with a focus on Australia’s history, culture, heritage and democracy.

Year 2 Museum of Contemporary Art On Wednesday 24 May, Year 2 went on an excursion to the Museum of Contemporary Art to help them explore their key concepts of Connection, Perspective and Form.

Year 2 Excursion to Vaucluse House On Wednesday 26 April, Year 2 traveled to Vaucluse House to enrich their learning about forces and innovations of the past.

Year 7 History Excursion At the Nicholson Museum in July, students engaged in a ‘hands on’ study of ancient artefacts, guided by museum curators. Year 6 Excursion to Sydney Observatory On 4 May, Year 6 went to the Sydney Observatory in Millers Point to support their inquiry into scientific discoveries and the universe as part of their Unit Of Inquiry – ‘How the World Works’.

Year 11 Visual Design Fashion Design As part of the fashion design unit, an excursion was organised for Year 11 Visual Design students to see several exhibitions and participate in a lace making workshop at the Powerhouse Museum in Term 2.

Year 11 Excursion to Jewish Museum On August 9, Year 11 Modern History visited the Sydney Jewish Museum. After attending a lecture, they explored the museum and met with 92-year-old Holocaust survivor, Eddie.

Thank you to all who attended the Valedictory Assembly on Wednesday 20 September 2017 as we celebrated and acknowledged the graduating class of 2017. 17

K-12 Dinner

K-12 Dinner


The K-12 Dinner was “Safari� themed this year. The Year 12 Leadership Team transformed the Tara Gymnasium into an amazing wildlife scene fit for a menagerie of animals!

Around Tara - Sport


Artistic Gymnastics Congratulations to Madeline Arrage (Year 4) and Angela Vu (Year 7) who competed in the Metropolitan West Regional Gymnastics Championships in Level 5 held at Tara on Sunday 13 August. The Tara Gymnastics Level 5 Team. The girls achieved fantastic individual results and the team was awarded 1st Overall at this event.

CIS Cricket On 16 August, Arnvi Maharaj, Nikita Grover (6 Matilda), Olivia Dohnt and Sanjula Seelan (6 Leslie) attended the CIS Cricket trials at Eastern Creek. Congratulations to Arnvi Maharaj who was selected in the CIS team to play at NSWPSSA Cricket Carnival in Maitland.

Extreme Dance Competition Congratulations to the dance troupe after their first competition of the year on 3 June at Shore School in North Sydney!

Hockey Congratulations to the Junior Firsts Hockey team this season in reaching the Grand Final. Although they were Runners Up the team worked together cohesively in both attack and defense. IGSSA Diving Competition Congratulations to all competitors at the IGSSA diving competition in Term 2 this year with many girls also competing in the CIS Trials.

CIS Golf and NSW All Schools Golf Congratulations to June Song (Year 9) who competed in the CIS Golf and NSW All Schools Golf Tournaments in Term 2. June has achieved exceptional results being named CIS Golf Champion and also winner of the NSW All Schools Golf Tournament.

Ice Dancing Congratulations to Joanne Cho (Year 10) who qualified to compete in the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating (International Competition) in Brisbane in August.

IPSHA Athletics On 29 August 25 girls in Years 2 - 6 competed at the IPSHA Athletics Carnival at Homebush. It was a great day full of encouragement, commitment and achievement. Six girls went on to compete at the CIS Athletics Carnival. 19

Around Tara - Sport

Junior School Gymnastics Carnival On 1 September, all girls in ELC – Year 6 competed at the Junior School Gymnastics Carnival – our last carnival for 2017! All girls demonstrated commitment and enthusiasm in learning their routines, practicing and refining them. JB Sharp Winter Regatta Series 2017 Rowers involved in the winter programme over Terms 2 and 3 had the opportunity to race in the JB Sharp Regatta Series. Notable results include winning the Women’s Open Eight twice, Emma Malka (Year 7) winning the Novice single scull, Lily Gavan (Year 8) and Sarah Fahd (Year 8) winning the Under 16 single scull and Maddie Calcott (Year 8), Ericka Coughlan (Year 7), Jess David (Year 7) and Deveka Lingham (Year 8) winning the Novice quad scull.

Senior School Athletics Carnival On 24 May the Senior School athletics carnival was held at Sydney Olympic Park. Congratulations to the following girls: Overall Junior Runner-up - Sophie Boland (Year 8) Junior Champion - Zara-Claire Azzi (Year 9) Intermediate Runner-up - Saskia Moon (Year 11) Intermediate Champion, Alex Bowen (Year 11) Senior Runner-up - Kaitlin Staniforth (Year 12) Senior Champion - Annabelle Denton (Year 11) Congratulations to the Day Girls in the Boarders vs Day Girls relay event. The winning house for 2017 was Crawford. Two new records were set at this year’s carnival; Zara-Claire Azzi in the 14yrs 90m hurdles, and Jacqueline Burnand (Year 11) in the senior 800m. 20

Rhythmic Gymnastics Congratulations to Stephanie Peacock (Year 11) and Sophie Palmer (Year 11) who competed at the Rhythmic Gymnastics Levels 5-8 & Multiples Winter State Championships in August. Stephanie (Level 7 Senior) placed 16th in Hoop, 16th in Ball, 14th in Clubs and 15th in Ribbon with an overall result of 16th in NSW. Sophie had a great result with 2nd in Category 4 Hoop Trio. Congratulations to Raelene Wang (Year 3) and Janice Ye (Year 5) who competed at the Rhythmic Gymnastics Levels 3-4 Junior State Championships in October. Raelene (Level 3 Sub Junior) received a Silver overall placing for her freehand, hoop and ball routines. Janice (Level 4 Sub Junior) was crowned 4th overall in NSW and also received a Gold placing for her freehand, rope and hoop routines. Interschools Equestrian Holly Stott (Year 7) competed in Showjumping at the Interschools Equestrian on 16 June. Competing on a different horse, the pair proved they were serious contenders. Holly finished 15th from over 67 participants.

Tildesley Tennis Congratulations to the Tildesley Tennis Team who competed on 22 and 23 March with several players getting through to the second round. It was great to see such fabulous results and sportsmanship from all the girls!


Snowsports Team Congratulations to the Snowsports Team for the incredible results at the National Interschools Championships. In the Cross Country event, the relay team of Saskia Moon (Year 11), Isabella Moon (Year 8) and Annabelle Denton (Year 11), placed 1st. In the Division 3 Cross Country Classic, Isabella Moon placed 3rd individually and Saskia Moon, placed 6th individually in the Division 1 race. In downhill Skiing races, all the girls who competed did an amazing job, especially, Adele Selig (Year 10) who placed 1st individually in the Alpine race and 5th in the Skier X race. In Division 6, Georgia Yuen (Year 2) placed 2nd individually in the Alpine race. All the girls who competed during the Snowsports season did an amazing job and we are all extremely proud of their efforts.

Senior School Cross Country The 2017 Tara Cross Country and Senior School Interhouse Sports Afternoon was a very fun and enjoyable day. The day showed that we have several talented runners and many girls happy to participate in the Cross Country race. Great house spirit was displayed on the day. Congratulations to our Cross Country winners for 2017 - Sophie Boland (Year 8), Ruby Napper (Year 9) and Jacqueline Burnand (Year 11).

Senior School Interhouse Gymnastics Carnival A great day of gymnastics competition was had on 21 September with some outstanding routines in rhythmic, artistic and sports aerobics. Congratulations to the overall winning house for 2017 – Waugh! National Triathlon During the Easter school holidays, Lily Gavan, Macayla Hole, Sophie Boland (Year 8) and Jacqueline Burnand (Year 11) represented Tara in triathlon events. Lily, Macayla and Sophie competed in the Australian Schools Festival in Penrith as a relay team and finished in 4th place. Jacki was selected to represent NSW at the School Sport Australia Championships also held in Penrith. In the individual event Jacki placed 11th. She was also selected for the NSW Senior Mixed Relay Team placing 3rd in Australia. 21

Staff News


New Babies Welcome to New Staff Nadia Micallef Visual Art Assistant

Nadia has a degree in Fine Arts and a degree in Teaching (Secondary) from UWS. Nadia enjoys all things arty, consider herself a bit a foodie but mostly just loves spending quality time her family and close friends. She hopes to be a solid support for the Visual Arts department here at Tara. The staff and students here that she has met so far have been extremely warm and welcoming.


Welcome to the family of Mrs Sasha Kamanga – Jemima

Rachel Hammond Enrolments & Scholarships Officer

Rachel is very excited to be welcoming families to our beautiful School. She comes from a background of Law and Psychology and has two daughters and a son. In her spare time she loves to read and spend time with her family.

Welcome to the family of Mr Ben Gilbert – Joni Lu

Congratulations to… Adele Hyland Congratulations to past Tara teacher Mrs Adele Hyland (2000-2008) who was awarded a Member (AM) of the Order of Australia in the 2017 Queen’s Birthday honour list for significant service to the Performing Arts.


Joyce Maxwell Alexander A loved teacher at Tara from 1976 to 1993, Joyce recently passed away at her home in Blayney, NSW aged 83 years. Mrs Alexander arrived at Tara in Term Two, 1976 and was an English Teacher, History Teacher and Assistant Coordinator of the English Department. She is remembered fondly by many Tara staff and students from this time for her Scottish wit, intelligence and senses of poesy! Her Funeral Service was held at The Penhall Memorial Chapel, in Orange on Tuesday 19 September 2017.

Long Service - Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award On 3 May 2017, 26 Award Leaders were recognised for their Long Service to the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award at a ceremony in Parliament House hosted by the Hon. Stuart Ayers, MP in his capacity as Minister for Sport. The Minister presented the recipients with their (10, 20 and 30 year) medals and Peter Kaye AM (CEO – National Award Authority) presented their certificates. Included in that recognition was Tara’s Award Leader – Karina Richter for 13 years service. Congratulations to Karina on her outstanding service!


Congratulations to our Youth Worker, Ellen McDonald, on her marriage to James Algeo. The couple wed on 22 April 2017.


Congratulations to Languages Teacher Hannah Carmichael, who married Dave Tu Hoa on 1 April 2017 at St Philips Anglican Church in Sydney.

Stephanie White (Science Teacher) married Ivan Sinclair at Guthrie Castle in Scotland on Saturday 24 June 2017. People attended from Australia, Singapore, the US and of course Scotland. They honeymooned afterwards in Iceland, Norway and Greece.

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Chapel Wedding Last month Tara had our first ever wedding in the Chapel. The couple were Brendan Keen and Rebekah Peterson. Rebekah is the daughter of Meredith, who many of you will know as the face of Student Reception at Tara. The wedding celebrated the love of this love couple for each other, was an occasion for serious, lifelong promises, and was also a service of worship to the God who had made them, brought them together and instituted marriage. The Tara Chapel was a beautiful venue for the wedding and we pray for this building to host many more in the years to come.

Annual Women’s Breakfast The Years 8 and 9 Annual Women’s Breakfast was held on Friday 5 May. Mothers, aunts, grandmothers, guests and students gathered for a delicious breakfast with the purpose of the event to celebrate achievements, gain inspiration and look forward to the future opportunities at Tara. The Year 11 Peer Support leaders hosted the event and gave the mothers and the girls an insight into the coming years of school and social life. Past students Ashleigh O’Keeffe, Maegan Pathinather and Joanne Lim returned to impart their memories of life as a student at Tara. With fun group activities and catching up, everyone had an enjoyable morning.

Raising Strong Women Into the Magical Night Over 260 dads and daughters gathered for the second year of TARA DADS CLUB (TDC). It was a terrific night for the dads to relax and spend some time with their daughter or daughters. Dinner and drinks were served and fantastic entertainers performed and shared their skills of magic, juggling, balloon twister. The finale was a sensational fire show! Thank you to the TDC for creating this social event, particularly to Scott Mannix, Graeme Bellach and John Capolupo.

The termly ‘Raising Strong Women’ Program for the parents of Tara has been held again in 2017 as part of the Senior School student engagement program. The transition from childhood to adolescence can be challenging and exciting for both girls and their parents. With this in mind a series of workshops for Tara parents has been scheduled to assist families as they make their way through the Tara journey. 23


Expos & Regional Community Dinner In May 2017 Tara’s Principal, Susan Middlebrook, hosted theRegional Community Dinner in Dubbo with 25 guests, including Old Girls, Past Parents as well as current boarding families. Mrs Claire Redfearn, past Director of Boarding also attended to reminisce with everyone. We enjoyed listening to all the boarder stories and hearing how much boarding at Tara has changed over the years. We plan to make our regional community events an annual affair to visit with our community. Tara staff welcomed many inquiring families at several expos this year. We visited Dubbo for the Boarding Schools’ Expo as well as the Hill’s Schools’ Expo in Castle Hill.

Junior School Family Picnic The Junior School Family Picnic was a fabulous afternoon of friends, conversation and fun held on the 29 April 2017. The weather was beautiful and added to the atmosphere for all our Tara families. Thank you to the Junior School families who attended. You make our community what it is and the day would not be possible without your participation. Thank you to Jen Van Cleef and Tanya Zlatanovic for their coordination of the Year 4 parent volunteers and all the activities.

Mother Daughter High Tea 200 guests enjoyed a wonderful afternoon on Saturday 9 September for the Mother and Daughter High Tea in the Senior School Hall. The hall was transformed with a beautiful setting of silver service with lovely crockery and delicious high tea delights on stands. There was lots of chatter and friendships being forged. The mothers and daughters sipped on many cups of tea and enjoyed participating in the excitement of the raffle draws. 24

Tara Alumni

Old Girls’ Association Presidents Message As Honorary President of the Tara Old Girls’ Association I would like to present a brief review of the year 2016/2017. My first duty was a very pleasing one where I welcomed the 2016 Year 12 leavers to the Association, firstly at a breakfast and again at the K-12 Assembly. At the school Celebration Day in December 2016, I had the pleasure of awarding the Joan Waugh Scholarship to Rachel Roberts who left Tara in 2006. Rachel is working on a unique theatre project entitled “Everything You Ever Wanted”. This is an exploration of the complicated relationship many people, particularly adolescents, have with food and body image. Rachel believes she can use theatre to create an educational tool to communicate a message and empower all who see it. Rachel updated the progress of her project at our Committee meeting in October this year. Each year a judging panel interview Joan Waugh Scholarship applicants. Pam Wilson, an ex Tara staff member, has been on this panel for a number of years and 2016 was her last year. I would like to thank Pam for her valuable assistance – it is often difficult for the panel to decide on the successful recipient as there are many outstanding candidates applying each year. This year the Association gifted $500 towards the fees of all daughters of Old Girls when they start at the school no matter what the year and continue to offer a Year 11 bursary to a day girl who is the daughter of an Old Girl. Our most exciting gift, which missed out in being included in the financial year reported by Kathryn, was our donation of $50,000 to the Tara Chapel in early July. A School Chapel has been on the Old Girls agenda for many decades and we are very excited to see this beautiful building finally arrive. After the AGM we gathered in the Tara Chapel, followed by High Tea where we had around 70 guests including a group of girls celebrating their 50 year reunion. The Association is very aware of the need to raise further funds to continue to offer Scholarships and Bursaries to current and past students of Tara. We appreciate the donations made with the booking of functions. During the High Tea we held a silent auction, a few craft stalls

and a raffle. Your continued support at events such as these is greatly appreciated. 2017 is the 120th birthday of Tara School and it has been full of activities and functions, including the annual cutting of the birthday cake at a full School assembly. All have been well attended by Old Girls and members of the current Tara community and past Tara families. The Tara Old Girls’ Association is celebrating 60 years this year and over this time we have increased our membership to almost 4000. Communication with members is an ongoing challenge as many members change their surnames, email addresses and home addresses. To try and overcome this communication gap we are now using our Facebook page and encourage all Old Girls to join this group. On this page we can post functions, news of Old Girls, reunions and school functions. A ‘Hello Old Girl’ email is sent monthly to keep us in touch and up to date with current activities and functions. I would like to acknowledge and thank Mrs Susan Middlebrook and her staff for their continued assistance and support they have given me, and the Association, over the past year. A special thank you goes to Wendy Caygill. This year Wendy has worked tirelessly on improving the database, which is no easy task, as well as assisting with organising the reunions, activities and functions of the Association. Finally I would like to thank the Committee for their support and enthusiasm throughout the year. I would especially like to acknowledge the dedicated members of the Executive Team, Secretary, Elizabeth Hinchon, Treasurer, Kathryn Dickinson and Vice President, Chloe Tobin. I would also like to thank Alison Lillyman for all the hours she has put in updating our Constitution – a mammoth job and Sabina Dias for her hard work in organising our Facebook page with lots of posts. The accomplishments of the Old Girls’ Association are not achieved by one, but by many. I am looking forward an exciting and prosperous year for 2017/2018. Barbara (Lee) Edge Hon. President Tara Old Girls’ Association

Committee Meetings 2018 Wednesday 21 February Wednesday 11 April Wednesday 13 June Wednesday 19 September Wednesday 17 October

The most exciting gift from The Tara Old Girls’ Association in 2017 was the presentation of a cheque for $50,000 to Mrs Susan Middlebrook for the Tara Chapel. A School Chapel has been on the Old Girls’ agenda for many decades and we are very excited to see this beautiful building finally arrive. 25

Tara Alumni


Graduating Class of 2017 On Monday 18 September, the Tara Old Girls’ Association, invited the 2017 Year 12 students to breakfast in the Bowern Room. Mrs Middlebrook, Mrs Hammond, Mrs Hanaee and a number of teachers who had mentored the girls enjoyed the delicious breakfast.

Gold Duke of Edinburgh Ceremony Congratulations to Alicia McKenzie; Caitlin Lee; Rachel Perceval, Sarah Braga, Samantha Pinto, Holly Reuben and Lauren Baikie (Class of 2016) pictured here with Mrs Karina Richter and his Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (retired) during the Gold Duke of Edinburgh ceremony at St Stephen’s Uniting Church Sydney.

Clara Elizabeth Rose Hull was born to David and Emma Hull (2000) on 31 August 2017 weighing 2,850 grams and 49 cm long. We feel so blessed to have Clara, who we absolutely love & adore!


Jane Dahlstrom (1978) Congratulations to Tara Old Girl, Jane Dahlstrom (1978), on her new role as Interim Dean of the new ANU College of Health and Medicine for 12 months. We wish her well in this new position.

Nathalie (nee Edge Alumni 2002) and Tom Taylor excitedly greeted their beautiful son, Henry Rex Ian on 31 May 2017

Lauren Willars (nee Hawke) Graduated from Tara in 2010 Married Ben Willars on 21 January 2017 at All Saints Anglican North Parramatta Pictured with fellow Tara Old Girls: Calina Betlazar, Leah Andrews, Praveena Coomarasamy, Brittany D’Chong, Steph Jones, Freya Saich, Sophie Deck, Jess Anderson, Kawisha Arander.

1967 Reunion Although small, Old Girls at the 1967 reunion had a lot of catching up to do, as many had not seen each other for over 20 years. Photos and stories were shared along with much laughter. A number of the year sent their apologies and they hope to organise another get-together during the early part of 2018.


1969 Reunion The ladies from 1969 just celebrated their 48 year School reunion.On that recent August evening, there was nonstop talking and laughter - five hours was just not enough time! Having the reunion at the school helped them reconnect in so many ways. They just didn’t want the evening to come to an end.

1977 Reunion Sue Ellen Batger, Lyn Bunce, Penny Burns, Alison Cartmill Handmer, Nicola Coleman, Gai Cottee, Tracy Dixon, Judith Fiander, Pauline Fillery, Dominque Fischer, Catriona Henderson, Sara Hunter, Sandy Blunt (Jedlin), Elwyn Pointer, Kate Schwager, Cathy Crofts, Robyn Scrivener, Fiona Smith, Sarah Stitt, Jane Uebergang, Julia Wade, Jennifer Wilson, Fiona Smith, Lynne Bradshaw, Louise Rushworth Crisp, Louise Gunton, Marguerite Rona, Sally Preston (pictured). The 40 year reunion had a fabulous night, 26 girls attended at Dominique’s house and they did not stop talking from 5pm till 1am. It was delightful. People came from all over Australia and New Zealand to be at the 40th reunion. Jenny Wilson from Darwin, Tracy Dixon from New Zealand and lots from the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. All over Sydney and rural NSW, Bathurst, Blue Mountains and Wee Waa. The noise was at a very high level with everyone managing to get around and talk to everyone. They are already looking forward to the next one. They had a 5-minute talk from Vanessa Grant’s (nee Kingsford) younger sister who very kindly came down from the mountains. The year group has been contributing for some time to the Vanessa Grant Trust and Fiona Smith spent 6 weeks volunteering with her son. They were encouraged to go and help this wonderful Trust that has been set up in Vanessa’s name that has helped so many children in Kenya. 2007 Reunion The class of 2007 celebrated their 10 year reunion on 9 September at The Greens. Attendee Brigitte Davies said, “It was a wonderful evening discovering how far everyone had come. It was like stepping into a time warp and it almost felt like no time had passed at all. The careers are blossoming and the families are commencing. Not bad for a bunch of girls erring on the side of 30! Can’t wait for the next reunion!”

1972 Reunion The 45-year reunion was held at Susan Morrison’s lovely home in Fairlight, with some girls coming from West Australia, Victoria and Queensland. Left to right around the table are: Lesley Woodford-Carr, Lindsay Davis, Helen Roberts (Selfe-Maguire), Belinda Pegg (Saxon), Jenny Frischman (Smith), Meryn Lee, Susie Burges (Clarke), Jan Deane (Cropley), Judy White (Adcock), Judy Bennett (Mortlock), Sue Morrison (Britten) and Jennifer Pooley (Gill). As this was a 45th Reunion, many of the girls could not join them unfortunately. Many of the them either live, overseas or interstate, although a few of them did make the effort to come. The afternoon, was full of friendships being renewed with love, laughter and many stories. Since the 45th Reunion many have said, they are all looking forward to celebrating the 50th. On a sad note, earlier this year, Anne Gridland passed away - she is surely missed.

1987 Reunion The Class of 1987’s 30 Year Reunion was a blast. Held at The Greens, North Sydney, it was attended by nearly 40 guests. Louise flew in from Paris, some arrived from interstate, others from along the coast and a few just a stones throw away. The spirit in which everyone gathered to say hi to old friends, reacquaint with many lost ones was truly a delight. If you haven’t already, join the group on Facebook Tara Year 12 1987, 30 Years 2017 and stay in touch. 2012 Reunion The graduating class of 2012 reunited at The Greens in North Sydney on September 2 for an evening of bowls, banter and merriment. It was fantastic to be in each other’s company again and know that the time already passed since graduating from Tara hasn’t taken away from the sense of unity the year group share. The highlight of the evening was the dynamic duo, Mr Hinton & Mr Bonson who decided to grace the group with their presence. Talk of the next reunion has already begun and whether it is 5 years or 10... this amazing group of girls forged friendships in school that will undoubtedly stand the test of time. 27

SATURDAY 10 MARCH 2018 12noon-3pm Visit our website to register your interest /visit-our-school

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