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Contents An Insight into the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan


The Tara Experience


Christian Identity


Leaders of Learning


Tara as the School of Choice


Resourcing our Future


OLIVER! Musical Gallery


Japan Study Tour 2018


Astronomy & STEM at Tara 16 K-12 Dinner Gallery


Drought Relief


Junior School News in Brief


Senior School News in Brief


Sports News in Brief


Boarding News in Brief


Staff News in Brief


Tribute to Bishop Donald William Bradley Robinson AO


Connected Community


Tara Alumnae


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From The Principal We welcome you to this latest edition of the Tara Circle. So much happens each day at Tara, I realise we are only providing you with some snapshots of events in this format but it does provide us with the opportunity to share some of the life of the School with you. The Year 7-10 students at Tara, together with students from The King’s School worked together for several months, under the direction of Ms Belinda Wright and presented Oliver! for our School Musical. It was a splendid production and each performance was well received by the audiences. For me, the highlight was the grand sense of achievement on the smiling faces of girls and boys. They clearly enjoyed themselves immensely and I remain grateful to the drama and music staff, musicians, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff and Year 11 and 12 students who provided the support in a myriad of ways that led to this wonderful outcome for the

performers and student musicians. I do hope you are able to gain a glimpse of the joy experienced, in the photos. In the break between Terms 1 and 2, 44 students and parents led by Ms Adams, Ms Hayward and Sarah Burrough went on the great adventure of a STEM Tour to the USA and attended the NASA Space Camp. As you will see from the story, it was a fantastic experience for the students and they have returned with great stories of their time away and of the learning that took place. In this issue we also share with you two other important events in the school. The K-12 dinner has become a signature Tara event, organised by Year 12 students for all their peers each year. Not many young people of this age could put on a themed dinner, music and entertainment for 550 people. It is such a fun night and a great celebration of being a young woman. The cultural and language tour to Japan which took place at the

end of Term 3, was another great experience for Tara girls. The students were able to experience life as a student in a Japanese school with our “sister school”, Tosajuku High School and involve themselves in the cultural highlights of this great country. A focus for the School community in recent months has been to support drought relief for rural families in NSW. The initiative was led by students and well supported by staff in its organisation. The Tara parent community also swung in behind the girls and have been fantastic in their support, providing financial support for the initiative. The students, staff and parents have provided stationery supplies for all the students in the schools connected to our rural boarders and we hope this ensures some small support for them for the new year. We are also pleased to join with the Country Women’s Association in our Women Helping Women campaign to provide a cash donation which will be presented to the Vice President of the CWA NSW at the School’s Celebration Day in December. Thank you for your continued interest in this great School as we celebrate 121 Years. Mrs Susan Middlebrook

An Insight into the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan The Tara Strategic Plan gives us guidance in developing the priorities we feel are important to support the learning of girls and help us fulfil our purpose to be a Christian learning community characterised by excellence, which encourages and empowers girls to achieve and serve in a dynamic world. As we are well into achieving the goals within the current plan, we thought it timely to share with you the progress made to date. There are five aspects to the plan: The Tara Experience, Christian Identity, Leaders of Learning, Tara as the School of Choice and Resourcing our Future. Each aspect has goals identified that we aim to achieve and each goal has action plans developed that we identify to help us achieve the goals. A presentation of our progress, midway through our current Strategic Plan is provided for you on the following pages. It certainly has been a busy and exciting time for us and we look forward to achieving each of the goals in the plan over the next two years. 3

An Insight into… SENIOR SCHOOL


The Wellbeing Program concentrates on strengthening physical and mental health, as well as the development of skills used to promote lifelong personal growth. The outworking of this is:

Lunchtime activities in both Junior and Senior Schools have encouraged greater interaction between students to help build relationships and friendships.

Years 7-8 Introduction of The Resilience Doughnut program with the Resilience Centre at Epping

Student Wellbeing

Years 9-10 Introduction of Smiling Minds Program to develop strategies to manage emotions Years 11-12 Provision of study skills programs and strengthening of the Mentor Meeting program Review of the Camp Program in Senior School has resulted in new experiences, including components of the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Scheme as well as the movement of camps to Week 5 of Term 1 in 2018, allowing students to settle into the academic year well.

“I feel my girls get a huge amount of support with their learning and I receive a lot of feedback and information regularly about how they are going and how they are being supported…which is great.” Parent 2018


JUNIOR SCHOOL Development of the wellbeing approach for the students of Tara Junior School based on positive psychology and restorative practices to develop empathy and care, and foster belonging and positive relationships.

Boarding Life Prep and Activity Programs

The boarding experience was enhanced with the addition of the Lifeprep Program in 2017. Boarding teaches you many skills that you would not necessarily get otherwise. Some of these life skills, like changing a tyre on a car, how to build your résumé or setting the dining room table, are taught through the LifePrep course each week. A new Activities Coordinator has the focus of strengthening the after school workshops and weekend activity programs. These are available for boarders to experience Sydney and have regular activities for fun and personal growth. Assistance for boarders with their academic learning is a high priority at Eggleton House. A newly appointed Prep Coordinator is responsible for the systematic tracking and monitoring of the academic progress of all boarders.

The Tara Experience Tara as an IB World School – ELC to Year 10

PYP Tara is an International Baccalaureate World School – Primary Years Programme (PYP) Tara strives to continually improve the quality of the PYP implementation through an ongoing commitment to meet all the standards, practices and programme-specific requirements. Our aim is to deliver an inquiry process that is authentic, active with strong student engagement.

MYP Tara has achieved successful authorisation as an International Baccalaureate World School delivering the Middle Years Programme (IB MYP). The IB MYP Teaching and Learning Framework is currently being implemented and embedded in Years 7-10 (to be completed by 2019), facilitating best practice teaching and authentically consistent twenty-first century learning experiences for Tara students. The culmination of the IB MYP, the Personal Project, is under way, involving all Senior School teachers.

“I was immediately impressed with her skills of observation …Thank you for the tremendous effort and insight that you put into making her lessons engaging and interesting. She is constantly sharing with us her day’s work. She is growing into a very curious and most observant scholar. We genuinely appreciate your mentorship of our daughter.” Parent, Year 2

Investigation of Years 11-12

The Dean of Learning Years 1112 has carried out a thorough investigation of innovative schools from around the world looking at a range of successful secondary experiences to identify and evaluate a unique and progressive experience to the most senior years of our students’ education. The proposal is to be presented early 2019. The strength of the Year 12 cohort was demonstrated with the inaugural HSC Showcase evening in 2018 that celebrated the achievements of our Year 12 students in Drama, Design and Technology, History Extension, IT Multimedia, Music, Software Design and Development and Visual Arts. The evening was not only a showcase of our students’ talents, but it was also a way for parents and students in Years 7-11 to be inspired by their more senior colleagues.


An Insight into… Tara Chapel Construction and Opening

The construction of the Tara Chapel was completed in 2016 and officially opened in 2017. In February, Tara celebrated the opening, representing what is likely the first new chapel built by an Anglican school within the last 40 years. To celebrate the Chapel’s opening, several special celebration events were held. In attendance were students and their families, Tara aumni, and past and present staff. The Archbishop of Sydney and President of the Tara School Council the Most Rev Dr Glenn Davies, along with the Bishop of Western Sydney the Rt Rev Ivan Lee, were special guests at the event. Tara also has a beautiful new hymn to mark the occasion, developed by staff member, Mrs Susan Lack. This is now sung to mark our key events and assemblies.

Student Life @Tara

Crew ‘Cru’ became ‘Crew’ this year - a deliberate name change by the youth workers, to encourage a community of belonging. ‘Crew’ has had a stable growth, with highlights being ‘all in Crew’ days, with 90 girls attending. Camp The annual ‘Crew’ camp with King’s was organised in 2017 and 2018 by Tara. Both years were a great success. 80 students attended in 2018 with a wonderful sense of community and cohesion. Prayer Week ‘Prayer Week’ was established in 2017 and repeated in 2018. During this week, the Chapel was open all day, every day. 2017 saw some classes book in to the Chapel, and engage in various ‘prayer stations’. In 2018 the Chapel classes from Years 1- 12 came and participated in a variety of prayer activities.


Christian Identity Service Learning Programs from ELC – Year 12 and Boarding theland.com.au


Tara students help drought hit families

gus Menzies and Frank attending a Young Round

a global tudents Canada (seniors). Round Square was founded on the educational principles of German-born educator, Kurt Hahn. TAS headmaster, Murray Guest, said member schools shared a belief in experiential education that helped prepare young people for life by exposing them to experiences that shaped character, developed resilience and helped them to find their place in the world. “While not all will travel the globe during their time at TAS, all our students have access to the Round Square community whether through direct exchange, representation at conferences, class activities or service projects.”

TARA Anglican School for Girls students, staff and parents are leading a series of initiatives over a number of weeks to support country communities to make a difference. Tara staff and students started an initiative to gift stationery packs to children ahead of Christmas so this year they may find something special under the Christmas tree from their family. About $20 per box provided the required items for the 2019 school year for each student. Tara has achieved its goal of raising thousands of dollars and packing over 500 stationery boxes. This met the school’s pledge to provide every student a stationery box from the Central/Distant Education Schools chosen that have a direct link to our current Tara boarders including Dunedoo, Gunning, Braidwood, Greenethorpe, Marra Creek and Bourke-Walgett School of Distance Education. Tara wanted its girls to be equipped with relevant knowledge about the issue (head) so they can take reasonable, age-appropriate ac-

Students and staff at Tara Anglican School for Girls, Parramatta, have begun a number of initiatives to help drought-hit farming families while also getting involved in programs to thank farmers for the job they are doing.

tion in response to the issue (heart). Therefore, an important component of Tara’s Drought Appeal is the student education campaign. It is not designed to raise funds but to encourage insight into the broader issues relating to the drought and appreciation of the struggles our rural community is experiencing. The NSW Country Women’s Association is a volunteer organisation with 100 per cent of money raised directed to basic of family needs. All the money raised by Tara will go to support wom-

Teaching the skills of service through school activities and partnerships. Tara is preparing girls to take their own action in their school life and beyond. Serving others through: • Actions • Giving • Creating • Growing awareness • Caring • Walking in another’s footsteps

House of Welcome – Knitting squares for blankets

World Vision – the consolidation of this relationship will result in a Cambodia Mission Trip in December 2018.

TEAR & Tathra – supporting families who went through the fires and international initiatives

In 2018 the whole School was involved in fundraising for drought hit families. Tara students, staff and parents led a series of initiatives over a number of weeks to support country communities. 500 stationery packs were made for rural students and cash raised for distribution through CWA NSW.

Dignity – participated in a variety of activities including cooking meals Compassion – running a sponsor child program Bear Cottage – Tara Junior School joined in the Cottage’s ‘Superhero’ campaign to perform Random Acts of Kindness and fundraise

Boarders – • Affiliation with the Vanessa Grant Girls Boarding School in East Kenya • Peer tutoring at Ronald McDonald House, Westmead Lutanda - Year 7 helping people through ministry

en helping women, which is such an important message for Tara girls. The CWA supports women at a community level with finance for medical expenses, household and electricity bills, fuel and mortgages to avoid foreclosure for families. Tara is helping drought-hit farmers through Rural Aid’s appeal. Donations are directed to buy a bale of hay, food hampers for farmers through their local supermarkets, purchasing fuel and water. ■ For more information please ring (02) 9630 6655 or email publications@ tara.nsw.edu.au

Ascham School

2018 saw a ‘Staff Life Group’ commenced as a new addition to the Staff welcomed Chapel has program. Staff life group meets fortnightly, to encourage each other country in life and faith. Theboarders group has developed strong friendships, with the sense since 1887. strong. of care and community The ‘Staff Chapel band’ has grown in number. We now have 12 members of Ascham Boarding Scholarships staff, from both Juniorareand Senior School, making up the Staff Chapel band. Ascham Scholarships means-tested and we encourage country families, who It is a highlight Staff Chapel, and an encouragement in our may re�uirefor somemany, �nancial of assistance, to apply now for 2020. expression of worship and faith.


Staff Life @Tara

Ascham School


An Insight into… Junior School Instructional Coaching

Putting teachers in the driver’s seat of planning, monitoring and accounting for their growth, based on a real need they have been helped to identify. A collaborative project within the Junior School Leadership Team and other schools has been to develop a ‘playbook’ of pedagogical practices to ensure excellence.

Literacy and Mathematics Projects in Junior School

Engaged in mathematics professional development 2017-2018 Started to use the PYP planning process for authentically combining concepts in mathematics within an inquiry, conceptual framework to ensure we are designing mathematics tasks that are rich and real while teaching key skills for Junior School students.


Literacy Project in conjunction with the AIS Staff Professional Learning focus in 2016 for Tara Junior School was a Literacy Project in conjunction with the AIS. This has had a positive impact for students in reading and spelling.

Leaders of Learning Leadership Team Appraisal

Staff Leadership (Heads of Departments and Team Leaders) appraisal process has been reviewed, redesigned and implemented. In Senior School the Pivot Teacher Effectiveness Survey provides student feedback for teachers and allows them to reflect and adjust pedagogical practice. Teacher appraisal processes are currently being reviewed and redesigned, ready for implementation in 2019.

Tara teachers are actively engaged in International Baccalaureate professional development programs within the NSW/ACT IB PYP and MYP networks. This is delivered through in-house training (led by Tara staff), NSW network attendance, IB Workshops interstate, and internationally through attendance at Asia-Pacific IB Conferences. IB MYP authorisation process confirmed the readiness of Tara staff to deliver the program through satisfactory completion of professional development requirements and program development. Resource and knowledge is shared by teachers via our online learning platform, Canvas, in Senior School.

Educating Staff for the International Baccalaureate 9

An Insight into… Strengthen Links with Alumnae

For more than 121 years Tara has been educating and shaping girls to become women with strength of character and ingenuity, who are now increasing the visibility of women’s leadership across an array of fields. We believe that every woman is a woman of influence. Someone who is an authentic leader, an inspiring role model, an extraordinary achiever, a catalyst for change, and engaged in life. The Tara Women of Influence group has been established with the aim of re-connecting cross-generational alumnae and forming a powerful conglomerate of women to actively impact the ever-growing Tara community. Women of Influence aims to connect with Tara’s graduates, celebrate their successes and strengthen the connection between entrepreneurial alumnae and current students. Tara has embarked on a mentorship program as mentoring young women has proven to positively impact business success for both parties. Thus, we have a prime opportunity to reconnect our community and facilitate events both here and abroad. In 2017 there was an inaugural dinner and in 2018 Tara hosted the Beyond the Gates – Work, Skills & The Power of Networking Forum. We also want to uncover and promote Tara women by telling their stories with a gallery of profiles called Stories of the Crest. 10

• From 2016 to 2018 Junior School enrolments on commencement increased by 15% and are now over 300 students from ELC to Year 6 • 2016 to 2018 Senior School enrolments on commencement increased by 5%

Enrolments at Tara Increasing

• In 2018 the Boarding House was fully subscribed with 60 boarders

Tara occupies a unique space for schools as a quality mid-size independent school for girls servicing western Sydney. We focus on all round education with academic excellence at the core. Tara has a Christian focus in all that we do. Each girl is known well at Tara. We provide excellence in girls’ education.

Tara as the School of Choice 120th Birthday Celebrations in 2017

Tara celebrated 120 years in 2017 and there were several celebrations and opportunities for our community to gather as well as specifically designed publications and videos for the birthday celebrations. A wonderful event program for the year encompassed our whole community, including: • Tara Open Day • Chapel Opening • Dubbo Community Dinner • Birthday Assembly and Picnic for the Whole School • The Community Gala Dinner • The Women of Influence Dinner

Refresh Marketing and Publications

We have embarked on a redesign of Tara publications, both online and print. We want to continue to build on the Tara publications, website and online presence for Tara through video, newsletter and online portals to ensure the School’s online presence is a strong advertisement for the School and is a key information hub for current and future families. In 2018 our Be Inspired, Be Challenged, Be Excellent, BE YOU campaign was launched for Tara with an overwhelming response.


An Insight into‌ Eggleton House at Tara has undergone extensive upgrades in both 2017 and 2018, including bathrooms, bedrooms, dining room as well as furniture and painting. The Uniform Shop was relocated to the Chapel under-croft in 2018 giving this space back to boarders.

Boarding House Upgrade

Tara’s outdoor tennis and netball courts re-surfaced, painted and new fittings installed in 2017. We are grateful for the generous donation received from the Tara Parents and Friends Association in order to assist in making this happen. Tara girls are now enjoying these upgraded facilities all year round for sport! The Aquatic Centre investigations are also well underway.

Tennis/Netball Courts Upgrade 2017


Resourcing our Future Learning Spaces Fit for Purpose

Continued development of flexible state-of-the-art learning, play and co-curricular facilities to provide a modern environment for our girls and reflect our vision for Tara. Senior School classrooms continue to be upgraded – carpet, walls, doors, furniture, electrical and technology. Remaining rooms in this building to be upgraded in 2019 and 2020.

Our aim is to keep abreast of technological innovation in learning, community coordination, communications and infrastructure. Additional laptops and iPads have been made available in Junior School as we work towards one machine for every student. EduTouch screens were brought in to replace SmartBoards in Junior School classrooms in 2016.

Best Practice Technology

Appropriateness of Senior School student devices are reviewed every year, with a move to Microsoft Surface Pros starting in 2015 and Microsoft Surface Books starting in 2019. Reduction in student mobile phone use in 2018, to increase student interactions. Continued roll out of platforms including Canvas Learning Management System and EdSmart to streamline parent permission notes has been a priority. Additional fibre link between Tara Chapel and Junior School installed in 2018 to improve our IT security. 13

Congratulations to the cast and crew of the Years 7-10 Tara Anglican School for Girls and The King’s School musical production of Oliver! The great twist for this Tara production was Oliver was played by a girl! Held in June in the Tara Theatre it received rave reviews!


Japan Study Tour 2018


Our Japanese language students and teachers left Australia in September 2018 on the Japan Study Tour for language and cultural immersion. They spent time improving their language skills, while absorbing this ancient culture and learning their traditions. They enjoyed visiting our Japanese Sister School - Tosajuku High School in Kochi!


International STEM Tour for Years 5-6

Astronomy & STEM at Tara

Science learning in the Junior School acknowledges our understanding of science is constantly changing and evolving. An integral aspect of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) from the International Baccalaureate (IB) is inquiry-based and conceptually driven teaching and learning. Scientific inquiry is intimately connected to curiosity and ingenuity, and the girls in the Junior School are encouraged to understand the excitement and importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in their lives, and the potential benefits science and innovation can bring to us all. There are many reasons why STEM education at Tara is important, but two are foremost: firstly, to prepare our girls to be equipped for a changing and uncertain future where STEM skills will be increasingly valued; and secondly, to assist in understanding how science and technology are applied and work in real life settings. This year 22 students in Years 5 and 6, their parents and three staff travelled to the USA to participate in a variety of immersive experiences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The first experience for the girls was attending Space Camp at the US Space & Rocket Centre Huntsville Alabama (Official Visitor Center for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center). This was a unique and enriching opportunity where the girls spent the week living the life of an astronaut, experiencing reallife astronaut training. Through the program, the girls were encouraged to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines through exciting, hands-on educational activities. The girls experienced hands-on astronaut training through the use of simulators: G force, Space Shot, 1/6th Gravity Chair, Five Degrees of Separation, the experience the weightlessness of gravity through water challenges - providing first-hand experience of the mental, emotional and physical demands astronauts, engineers and technologists face. Hands-on workshops in robotics and rocket labs, field studies in conservation and food production,


and thought-provoking workshops on the science of the Space Program provided many meaningful opportunities for learning. By participating in a variety of astronaut training exercises, engineering challenges and team building activities the girls were equipped to undertake their own simulated space mission. After Space Camp, the students and staff met parents in Orlando Florida. A highlight was the opportunity for students and parents to experience together Kennedy Space Centre. Its inspiring exhibits and hands-on activities brought the girls Space Camp experiences into the real world. Kennedy Space Centre is the only place on Earth where you can tour launch areas. The Astronaut Hall of Fame and the Rocket Park brought the Space Program to life. The day began with our own personal briefing on what it means to be an astronaut by veteran NASA astronaut Donald A Thomas. He inspired us all with his story of persistence and dedication. He spoke of what it meant to him to orbit the Earth and his appreciation of the 400 000 people who had made his missions possible. In the evening, the group witnessed the triumphs and accomplishments of the Space Shuttle Program as they were privileged to experience the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit, with guides, after Kennedy Space Centre had closed for the day. This provided some extended opportunities to walk around and under the historic Space Shuttle Atlantis, experience interactive displays and exhibits and understand the people who flew and worked on the Space Shuttle Program. Following on from Kennedy Space Centre, the Disney YES Programs were an opportunity for the girls to see the real world applications of STEM principles. Future

World, the big idea land within Epcot® offered an opportunity to explore the influences that impact the developmental progress of technology. It provided the classroom for learning experience allowing for an examination of the evolutionary nature of technology, its drivers and how it is used in their lives. Through mathematical activities and Epcot® attractions, the girls examined how the level of available technology influences technological change. The experiences allowed them to deduce that the tools and technology available to a society affect the discoveries, inventions, and exploration that can be accomplished. A highlight was the Space Shuttle Simulator. The girls had a taste of what our Veteran Astronaut at NASA experienced as he orbited the Earth. At Magic Kingdom® the girls experienced first-hand scientific principles at work at park attractions. The girls undertook experiments, drawing on their creative problem-solving skills (scientific method), as they investigated Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion. Through hands-on activities, the girls investigated inertia, gravity, and centripetal force. The park was the ideal classroom for the exploration of potential and kinetic energy as after the learning challenges, the girls experienced how these concepts and the laws of physics contribute to the thrill behind Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain. The International STEM Tour provides an opportunity for students and parents to get up close with the subjects learnt in School, bringing them to life in a way that is not always possible in the classroom. Mrs Denise Hayward Deputy Head of Junior School


Close Encounters with Astronomy On Friday 17August the Space Odyssey Team (SPOT) organised Close Encounters with Astronomy, our biggest event of the year! We had a stellar turnout with over 240 people attending. They had the opportunity to participate in a range of astronomical craft activities, including making telescopes, universes in a jar, expanding universes and much more. Many people also booked a planetarium experience, attended tours of our Oxford Telescope dome, and used Dobsonian telescopes set up by the Astronomical Society of NSW. Those attending could grab a SPOT red light or glow stick to navigate the night as well. There were inspiring talks given by guest speakers about various interesting astronomy topics in the Science Lecture Theatre. Elise Morley & Annika Sanker, CEO, Tara Space Odyssey Team (SPOT)

SPOT - Guinness World Record Breakers On Wednesday 23 May we had an intergalactic night not to be forgotten! Tara participated in the Guinness World Record Stargazing attempt. This event was organised by the ABC and The Australian National University (ANU). They called on people across multiple Australian sites to simultaneously observe an object in the night sky through individual telescopes for the same 10-minute period. We are excited to announce that the ABC has confirmed more than 40,000 people simultaneously observed the moon through telescopes for 10 minutes on Wednesday night, eclipsing the previous Guinness World Records title, set by ANU in 2015 of 7,960 people across 37 locations. Elise Morley, CEO, Tara Space Odyssey Team (SPOT)


K-12 DINNER The Tara K-12 Dinner was held on the 1 June 2018 in the Tara Gymnasium. The theme was Out of This World! The event is organised and run by the Year 12 student leaders.


Tara Anglican School for Girls is mindful of the current need of country communities. As so many families are struggling and times are tough we want to lend a helping hand in the name of Drought Relief. Tara students, staff and parents have led a series of initiatives over a number of weeks to support country communities to make a difference.

“This means that every student in our central schools has their stationery items covered for the 2019 school year and their parents can now buy them a Christmas present that they would really love rather than items for school,” said Philippa Bucknell (Year 10 boarding student from Lerida).

Students helping Students

Tara Chapel Education Campaign

Stationery Boxes for Central and Distance Education Schools We know that country families value education. We have learned that due to the drought, many families need to give their children stationery items as their Christmas gift. Our staff and students started an initiative to gift stationery packs to children in rural communities ahead of Christmas this year so they may find something special under the Christmas tree from their family instead of stationery. Due to the generosity of the Tara community and sponsors we have been able to provide $15,000 worth of stationery, achieving our goal of packing over 500 stationery boxes. We are grateful to Staedtler, Faber-Castell and Five Senses Education for their significant assistance in the provision of these school supplies. We hope these packs provide some small support to families for the new year. This meets our pledge to provide every student a stationery box from the Central/Distant Education Schools that have a direct link to our current Tara boarders, including Dunedoo Central School, Gunning Public School, Braidwood Central School, Greenethorpe Public School, Marra Creek Public School and BourkeWalgett School of Distance Education. 20

Heads and Hearts

Service requires a ‘heads and heart’ approach. We wanted the girls to be equipped with relevant knowledge about the issue (head) so they can take reasonable, age-appropriate action in response to the issue (heart). Therefore, an important component of Tara’s Drought Appeal is the student education campaign. It is not designed to raise funds, but to encourage insight into the broader issues relating to the drought and appreciation of the struggles our rural community is experiencing. This kind of self-initiated action enables every girl to experience the value of collaboration, effective leadership, and the satisfaction and impact of serving others. Head and Heart service: knowing what needs to happen and having the passion to see it through. Women helping Women

Country Women’s Association NSW Country Women’s Association NSW is a completely volunteer organisation with 100% of money raised directed to the most basic of family needs. All the money raised by Tara will go to support women helping women, which is such an important message for Tara girls. The CWA supports women at a community

New Direction for School Leadership Structure

level with finance for medical expenses, household and electricity bills, fuel and mortgages to avoid foreclosure for families. Money raised throughout the year will be presented to the Vice President of the CWA NSW at the School’s Celebration Day on 5 December 2018. Community helping Farmers Rural Aid Australia

Tara is helping drought-stricken farmers through Rural Aid’s appeal making a difference to Australian farming families. Donations are directed to buying a bale of hay, food hampers for farmers through their local supermarkets, or purchasing fuel and water. Community helping Communities Suppers in Spring

We are fortunate to have food on our tables due to the combined efforts of our farmers and graziers. Each person’s response and positive influence will make a difference – in thought and in deed. Suppers in Spring enables our current parents, staff, alumnae, past staff and parents to gather their family, friends and friends of friends to host a meal. Guests then contribute an amount to the host for that meal. The suppers generate friendship, conversation and reflection on rural community. Each supper will be a “thank you” to our farmers and we hope to generate many dinners! Tara’s efforts are ongoing into 2019. If you would like to support this worthy cause donations can be made through the Tara website. Thank you for your support! Nikki Williams Director of Advancement 21


ART WALK AND JUNIOR SCHOOL ART EXHIBITION The Junior School celebrated the ELC-Year 12 Art Exhibition opening on Tuesday 28 August. The afternoon began with families joining their Tara girls in becoming artists for the afternoon. Art installations grew as carefully crafted works were added, including shadow puppets; sculptures; finger knitting; mixed media stitching and yarn wrapping; cardboard flowers; and stop motion animation. The afternoon ended with an acknowledgement ceremony and art viewing in the Senior School Visual Arts Centre. Ms Jessica Rainy Junior School Visual Arts Teacher


BOOK WEEK Book Week at Tara was a lovely celebration of the Children’s Book Council of Australia 2018 theme ‘Find Your Treasure’. We had visits from highly acclaimed illustrators, authors, enjoyed lunchtime performances, and appreciated an afternoon Reading Festival of CBCA Shortlisted books. At the Book Week assembly, prizes were awarded for the ‘Find Your Treasure’ Bookmark Competition and for the Principal’s Reading Challenge.

PERFORMER OF THE YEAR 2018 Performer of the Year showcased captivating performances from 13 talented girls from Years 3-6. The girls performed on a variety of instruments, playing music ranging from contemporary pieces to work by music masters. Congratulations to all the girls for their dedication to their music and the many hours of practice. Congratulations to Jalina Xie and Jemima Braford who were awarded a highly commended for their performances. To Annabelle Doubleday, who was awarded third place, and Katherine Pan for second place. Our Performers of the Year, for 2018, were Connie Liu and Victoria Kavanagh.




Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 throughout Term 3 have been working hard in class to prepare speeches for the Talkfest Festival in Tara Junior School. Talkfest provides a wonderful opportunity to develop skills and confidence in public speaking. It takes great courage to speak in public and the girls should take pride in their achievements. The 2018 Talkfest Finals were held on the 25 September and included musical performances on the day. Congratulations to all the winners!

Leadership Day was a great experience for us. We learned how to cooperate with each other and how to be a great leader. We had a fun time playing games like Dare Devil, Freedom and Tall Tower. Some Cadets visited us and taught us how to be a great team member. We also made a short video about friendship scenarios. On that day we learnt about “Un-badged leadership”. This means that it doesn’t matter if you have a badge or not (a main leadership position), you can still be a leader by taking opportunities to show leadership qualities to your peers.

On 6-8 June, Year 6 went on a three-day excursion to Canberra for their unit of inquiry, How We Organise Ourselves. It included visits to both Old and New Parliament House, the Museum of Australian Democracy, the Australian War Memorial and a much-loved experience for all students was Questacon. They also enjoyed indoor rock climbing and the final stop was the Electoral Education Centre. The camp was a great experience that was loved by all.

Holly Boardman Talkfest Coordinator

By Selina Shi and Jalina Xie Year 5 Students

Jemma Simpson, Pearl Patel and Vanessa Doumit Year 6 Students



GOLD DUKE OF EDINBURGH AWARD Congratulations to Mercedes Crouch (Year 12) on achieving her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. This award represents many hours of dedication from Year 9 to Year 12. The Award is a youth development program, empowering all young Australians to explore their full potential. To earn an Award, each young person must learn a skill, improve their physical wellbeing, volunteer in their community and experience a team adventure in a new environment.



On 24 August Tara hosted our inaugural HSC Showcase in Senior School to highlight Design and Technology, Software Design and Development, Multimedia, Visual Arts, Drama, Music, and History Extension students and their major works.

Congratulations to all Year 12, 2018-2019 students as we celebrate their year of leadership at Tara. A special commissioning service was held at Tara in Term 3 with families and members of the School community in attendance.

The following HSC students are congratulated on gaining strong individual results: • Congratulations to Carissa Percival on her Design & Technology nomination for Shape 2018! • Congratulations to Arah Ko, her HSC Visual Arts Body of Work has been preselected for inclusion in ARTEXPRESS 2018! • Congratulations to Minerva Khodabande on her Music performance nomination for ENCORE 2018!


COMMERCE MARKET DAY AWARDS 2018 During Term 2 our Commerce students in Years 9 and 10 participated in the Commerce Market Day. The day was a terrific success and the students were able to put into practice a range of skills. Our winning teams were: • Best New Product – Acai Yourself • Best Quality Product – Sip n Sliders

SHEEN FAMILY PRIZE - PERFORMER OF THE YEAR 2018 The 19th Sheen Family Prize Annual Performer of the Year competition included an exceptional selection of musicians from Years 10, 11 and 12. Our thanks go to Dr Adrian and Mrs Suzy Sheen, for their ongoing patronage of this event and support of Music at Tara.

• Best Promotion and Selling – The Nachos Bar

I would like to congratulate each of these girls on their contribution to the evening. We congratulate the following girls:

• Best Product Differentiation – Chix on Stix

• First – Minerva Khodabande • Second – Annie Lu

• Secret Judges Special Award – The Dough Café

• Third – Prisca Lam

• Overall Winner without Sponsorship – Fudgalicious • Overall Winner with Sponsorship – Pasta La Vista

CLASS OF 2018 VALEDICTORY Thank you to all who attended the Valedictory Assembly and Dinner on Wednesday 26 September 2018 as we celebrated and acknowledged the graduating Class of 2018.

• Highly Commended – Stephanie Peacock, Kate Chidiac, Catherine Chen and Paige Yan Iain Hoy Head of Performing Arts





Zoé Guestre (Year 8 Crawford) recently went to the mountainous region of Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan playing tennis for the Australian Junior Tennis Tour team at the Senko Cup. This was the inaugural event for this competition and each player won their right to be on the team through a variety of round robin tournaments during the year and a finals play off in July.


Congratulations to Jacquelyn Lu (Year 5) and Janice Ye (Year 6) who competed at the Rhythmic Gymnastics Levels 5-8 Winter State Championships held on 25-26 August at Sydney Gymnastics and Aquatic Centre, Rooty Hill.

Zoé wore her Tara baseball cap with pride every day and fought hard and tough for every point. The standard of tennis was high and at times very challenging but Zoé did not waiver and put on a brave face amid gruelling conditions. Zoé won some sets, lost some matches, fist pumped her way through some strategic play and throughout met her compatriots with fairness and equality.

Teams from both the Junior and Senior School were successful in reaching the National titles at Mt Buller. Tara sent a team of just 6 girls to the Nationals, 5 of those girls came home with medals, including 3 individual medals.


Playing tennis with Mount Fuji as your backdrop was just the icing on the cake!


2017 saw one of the most exciting and successful years for the School, which saw the launch of the Tara Development Squad (turning beginner skiers into 2018 racers) with start up participation numbers of 20 girls, along with great performances at the Interschools Championships.

A fantastic achievement for our School! Congratulations to all Snowsports team members and their families, Tara staff and coaches for their support, hard work and commitment to the sport.

Jacquelyn Lu (Level 5 Junior): Placed 11th in Rope, 9th in Hoop, 9th in Clubs and 9th overall in NSW (out of 24 gymnasts!) Janice Ye (Level 6 Junior): Placed 10th in Ball, 11th in Clubs, 11th in Ribbon and 11th overall in NSW

NORTH WEST EQUESTRIAN EXPO Congratulations to Jet Hall (Year 7) on winning the title of 13 years Sporting Champion at the North West Equestrian Expo in Coonabarabran. The North West Equestrian Expo is in its 26th year and is well supported by high schools all over the state with 375 competitors for 2018. Jet had a very successful five days of riding with the following results: 2nd in Combined Training Encouragement 8th in Working Horse Challenge 5th in Warrumbungle’s Way 3rd in Horse ball 4th in 13 years Barrel 4th in 13 years’ time trial 1st in 13 years flag 13 years Sporting Champion

NATIONAL SNOWSPORTS The 2018 National Interschool’s Snowsports Championships held at Perisher was very successful. In the Cross Country Relay the division 1 team placed second. This team consisted of Saskia Moon, Annabelle Denton and Isabelle Moon. In the Skier X event the division 1 team placed first, consisting of Adele Selig, Annabelle Denton and Carla-Ann Capolupo. Adele placed second individually. In the Alpine event the division 1 team placed second, consisting of Adele Selig, Annabelle Denton, Carla-Ann Capolupo and Sofia Lancaster. Adele also placed second individually in this event.

REPRESENTATIVE ATHLETICS The Tara Athletics Team competed at the IPSHA Athletics Carnival at Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre. This team performed really well on the day with some girls placing in heats and others achieving PB’S. Jessica Coppolelli (Year 6) placed first in the 12 years discus and shot put. Jess threw a whopping 34.71 metres in discus and almost 10 metres further than second place! Jessica Coppolelli recently competed at NSWPSSA Athletics Championships in both shot put and discus. Jessica performed amazingly with fifth in shot put and second in discus and is now preparing for Nationals in Melbourne in late November.

In the Multi Class events Saskia Moon placed first for both Snowboard and Alpine. Georgia Yuen from Junior School placed an outstanding 6th in skier cross and 24th in alpine.



My name is Ashleigh and I am currently in Year 10. At the start of this year I became a boarder. Previously, I attended Tara as a day girl since Kindergarten. Boarding for me has been a very exciting experience although challenging at times. In the beginning I struggled with the different routine, especially the set times for meals, prep, bedtime etc. However, the allocated times have assisted me as I have a structured routine which has helped me manage my time effectively allowing me to complete tasks, as well as get enough sleep. Prep this year has really helped me develop my study skills and hand in my tasks on time. Prep is basically just a set time allocated for homework where there are always tutors and staff to assist and help you when needed. What I love most about boarding is knowing that I have a lovely, close, tight group of girls who are always there to support me and who immediately welcomed me as soon as I started at Eggleton House. I now consider these girls my second family and couldn’t imagine life without them.


REFLECTIONS FROM A NEW TARA BOARDER Boarding has helped me grow as a person, making me more resilient and mature because when living with such a variety of people and cultures, we have to be understanding and respectful of others in order to live in harmony. I have found the diverse culture interesting as I have met a variety of girls from all different backgrounds ranging from Qatar, Russia and Hong Kong. This has allowed me to learn more about the world and be open minded. I have learnt valuable skills in living with people who may not always share the same opinions as me which will help me in all aspects of life. I believe it has made me more independent as I’m responsible for making my bed, self-discipline, washing and cleaning my room. Boarding has also given me the opportunity to participate in more aspects of the co-curricular activities that Tara has to offer including the musical, athletics, Saturday sport and choir which I am proud to be a part of this year. This has been really good for me because I love getting involved in everything and

boarding has allowed me to be able to do these activities because I lived too far away before. There are a wide range of activities offered on weekends throughout the school term which has allowed me to strengthen the bonds with my boarding family while experiencing new things. Some activities last term included the Mamma Mia musical at Capitol Theatre which I found really intriguing as it was a new experience for me. We also took a trip up to the Blue Mountains and walked around the little town of Leura; looking at boutiques and the markets. During the week with my spare time I like to get some the girls together to do some baking which we all seem to enjoy, especially the eating part! We also enjoy holding movie nights in the Common Room, making popcorn and eating our treats that we’ve made. I am really glad I have become a boarder at Tara and I am loving the experiences it allows me. Ashleigh Bamford (Year 10)



Sarah Burrough, Junior School Teacher, was delighted to announce the safe arrival of Harrison Oliver Daniel Burrough on 27 September 2018.

Aged 77 Years

It is with great joy and thankfulness to God that Mr Iain Hoy, Head of Performing Arts, welcomed Samuel James Hoy into the world on the 31 July 2018.

We were sad to hear the news that Rob Stitt passed away on the 10 August 2018. Rob worked at Tara for nearly nine years, between 2000 and 2008. He worked in Maintenance, Design & Technology and was the Tara Bus Driver for a lot of his time here. Rob’s wife, Sue, who passed away in 2016 worked in the Boarding House between 1991 and 2001.

Congratulations to Karina Richter, Senior School - PDHPE Teacher, for the recognition at a recent Duke of Edinburgh Long Service Ceremony for her years of dedication and commitment to this program. Her medal was presented by His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d), Governor of New South Wales.

Rob is survived by his children, Pen (Penelope, Tara Alumnae 1984), Jay (James), and Jo (Joanna, Tara Alumnae 1991). He was the much loved father-in-law of Charlie, Kez and Ange. Proud Grandbob of Courtney (Tara Alumnae 2007), Henry, Sam, Cody, Bridget, Belle, Makushla, Wil and Benny. Dear brother of John, David (dec), Helen and Angus. Rob’s funeral service was held on Monday 20 August 2018. By Mark Redford 29


Welcome New Staff Changes to the Tara Enrolments Team

JESSICA BROGAN Junior School Teacher



Jessica is excited to be working with Year 3 at Tara. She has a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) from Macquarie University. Jessica aims to provide a nurturing and encouraging environment, where girls are stimulated to strive for their very best. She enjoys travelling with her husband and spending time with friends and family.

Chris’ bright and cheerful outlook to life will be a welcome addition to Tara. Chris has been an Executive Assistant and Office Manager for over 20 years. Along with her husband Peter, Chris has 3 beautiful children (Mary, Rob and David). Her passion is cooking and travelling with her family. “Believe you can and you’re halfway there” Theodore Roosevelt.

Jane has extensive experience in education, business development, marketing, projects and event management. She has most recently been working on the Tara Alumnae project and is a past Tara parent. Jane is excited to take on the role of Registrar, welcoming new girls and their families to the Tara Community. She attends St Matthew’s Anglican Church at West Pennant Hills and enjoys spending time with her family at the beach.

As you may know we have been undergoing some change at Tara. The work of marketing, especially communications, has grown considerably in the last few years, not just at Tara but in the schools sector generally. We want to ensure we continue to meet the expectations of all our families - current, past and prospective - in the best way possible to ensure we continue to serve our School community well. At the same time, the work of enrolments has grown. We have enjoyed a growth in numbers at the school and at the same time, the compliance aspect of the enrolments process has grown considerably, as has our desire to serve this section of the community to the best of our ability. As a result we have reconsidered the structure of this part of the School and we are introducing the role of Registrar once again. This will allow me the time to come up from the day to day enrolments work and focus on strategic marketing and communications in the School. My new title will be Director of Advancement and I will enjoy serving my old School in this new way. The Principal has appointed as Registrar, Mrs Jane Mahler, who has qualifications in marketing and event management, has been a teacher and is a past parent of Tara. She has just commenced in this role and I am sure you will have the pleasure of meeting her soon. We also have a wonderful lady, Chris Konstantopoulos, also a past parent of Tara, who is supporting us with enrolments and administration. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the new Enrolments Team on 02 8838 2610. Nikki Williams Director of Advancement


Tribute to Bishop Donald William Bradley Robinson AO

(1922 – 2018)

Chairman of Tara Church of England Girls’ School Council (1973 – 1976) Chairman of The Council of Tara Anglican Girls’ School (1977 – 1982) President of The Council of Tara Anglican Girls’ School (1982 – 1992)

Bishop and former Archbishop of Sydney, Donald William Bradley Robinson sadly passed away on 7 September 2018 at the age of 95. The current Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies, describes the late Bishop Robinson as a “giant in the world of New Testament Scholarship” and a “scholar of great intellect” but also “a man of great humility and grace”. Tara pays tribute to this towering figure of 20th century Anglicanism and former Council Chair. Donald Robinson was born in Lithgow on 9 November 1922, the son of an archdeacon. He was educated at North Sydney Boys High School, Sydney Church of England Grammar School after which he pursued tertiary education at the University of Sydney and Queen’s College at Cambridge. On 12 November 1950, the late Bishop Robinson was ordained deacon and on 21 December 1951 he was ordained priest. He began his ministry at the parishes of St. Matthew’s, Manly and St. Philip’s Church, Sydney. In 1959, the late Bishop Robinson joined the Moore Theological College as Vice Principal serving in this post until 1973. He continued to lecture at the College beyond his tenure for more than thirty years. On 25 January 1973, the late Bishop Robinson became Bishop of Parramatta (1973 – 1982) and in July of the same year he began serving as Chair of Tara’s School Council until 1982. The late Bishop Robinson was elected as Archbishop of Sydney in 1982 and concurrently served as President of our Council until 1992.

Figure 1: 1981 - Confirmation Service. Bishop Robinson is seated third from the right, Rector Crawford sits to his left and Dr Ruth Shatford sits to his right.

Figure 2: Sunday 28th July 1974 - The Opening and Dedication of the new classroom block by the Hon. E. A. Willis (Minister for Education) and The Right Reverend Donald W.B. Robinson (Bishop of Parramatta and Chair of Tara School Council). Figure 3: A handwritten letter by the late Bishop Robinson to former Tara Principal Dr Ruth Shatford (spurred on by the announcement of his election as Archbishop of Sydney in 1982. The letter provides insight into the very special relationship he had with Tara. In it, the late Bishop Robinson writes that “Tara meant a great deal to me in the past 9 years” and “Tara has been quite special.” In recognition of his commitment to Tara, Dr Shatford notes in her report in the 1982 Tara Magazine that the late Bishop Robinson “did not just serve the School as a remote or formal Chairman” and that Tara “clearly held a strong place in his affections” (pg. 4). Dr Shatford accepts that “his visits to Tara will become less frequent”, however, emphasises his desire to “resist strongly the thought that his interest in Tara will lessen.” Donald W.B. Robinson had taken a “deep and lively interest in the development of Tara” and was always readily available to “discuss, visit, advise and support” (pg. 4). Tara meant a great deal to him during the nine years which he served as Council Chair and we are honoured that our School had a special place in his heart.

Zoe Hatzopoulos, School Archivist References: Anglican Church League (2018, September, 7). With much thanks for Bishop Donald Robinson. Retrieved from http://acl.asn.au/with-much-thanks-for-bishopdonald-robinson/ on 14 September, 2018. Letter by Donald Robinson (1982). Retrieved from Tara Archives [Box 178A, Tara Council Minutes and Papers 1976 - , 54/178, File Tara Council Papers Principal’s file 1976 – 1993]. Tara Magazine (1982). Retrieved from Tara Archives, Tara Anglican School for Girls’, North Parramatta, NSW. The Cable Clerical Index (2015, Jan 1). Project Canterbury. Retrieved from http://anglicanhistory.org/aus/cci/ on 26 May, 2017. 31 The Moore Theological College (2016). About the Donald Robinson Library. Retrieved from https://www.moore.edu.au/library/about/ on 14 September, 2018.

Mother and Daughter High Tea The Mother & Daughter High Tea on Saturday 19 May was a lovely event. Mums had the opportunity to catch up friends, and the girls enjoyed spending time with their mums and class mates. Thank you to Julie Cleary (Year 6) and Year 6 families for organising the event. Sarah Gillard wrapped all the donations from Year 6 parents beautifully. Jenny Van Cleef provided gorgeous roses.


Connected Community Tara Community Dinners The 2018 community event calendar kicked off with Junior School Parent and Staff dinner at Oliveto Ristorante at Rhodes with over 170 people attending. What a wonderful night! All years were well represented with Mrs Middlebrook, Ms Adams, Mrs Hayward and staff from Junior School joining the parents for a relaxed and very social evening. Thank you to all the organising parents and community sponsors for an incredible evening.

The Year 7 Parent and Staff dinner, with over 100 guests attending, was held in the Bowern Room on Friday 23 February. The 2018 Year Group Parent and Staff dinners are a chance to get to know other parents, teachers and mentors. Year 8 and Year 11 dinners were also held and enjoyed by many.

Events such as these allows us the opportunity to make new friends and catch up with old friends. It allows us to build friendships and a community that makes our journey with Tara a memorable one.

Connecting the Tara Community Tara Anglican School for Girls had a great presence at several enrolment and marketing expos this year, including the Dubbo Boarding Schools Expo in May, the Inner West Schools Expo in July and the Castle Hill Schools Expo in September. These events were a wonderful opportunity for staff as well as Tara student ambassadors to talk with future Tara families about what Tara can offer their daughters and invite them to visit our School. 33

Class of 1968 - 50 Year Reunion The 50-year reunion was held on Saturday 4 August in Woollahra and Sunday 5 August as a High Tea allowing everyone to tour Tara. “Our original 6th Class photo (1962) was mirrored on the day with the nine of us who were there then, several even from Kindergarten also. I think I was lucky to go through Tara from Kindergarten to Year 10 with such a great group of girls and many long lasting friendships were forged during those years.” Peggy Hayes (Ginns)

Class of 1988 – 30 Year Reunion Nearly 40 people met on Saturday 15 September at The Greens in North Sydney to celebrate the 30 year reunion - the Class of 1988. Tara Old Girls travelled from London, Victoria, ACT, Queensland as well as all over NSW to attend. Dr Ruth Shatford was a special guest and everyone was amazed how quickly 30 years had passed! Everyone had a lovely evening with lots of laughter, reminiscing and reconnecting. Anthea Azzi (Afaras)

Class of 1998 – 20 Year Reunion Over 30 Old Girls met at The Oaks at Neutral Bay on Saturday 22 September for the 20 year reunion of the Class of 1998. There was so much news to catch up on and judging by the fun and laughter, everyone enjoyed getting together. Louise Donaldson (Booth)

Start Networking Today! We have set up the new Tara Alumnae - Women of Influence LinkedIn Group. This will facilitate one of the many ways in which we will communicate now and into the future. Check it out & join here https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8637354 34

Stories from the Crest Tammy Dunne (nee: Henry) 1991 Leaver Creative Coordinator, Communications Department Africa Mercy in Douala, Cameroon, Mercy Ships I have great memories from my time at school. Indeed, the friendships I formed then have been invaluable to me as I have moved from place to place, first with the Australian Navy and then with Mercy Ships. For me, Tara in the late 80s and early 90s was a place of opportunity and I was keen to try everything. I was able to be part of a variety of sporting teams, debating and public speaking organisations as well as music groups. I appreciated the small class sizes and the individual attention I received academically. I graduated from Tara with a lot of confidence – a feeling that I could do anything that I wanted to if I worked hard enough. In addition, I received a lot of encouragement in faith at school through chapel services and Crusaders. But also, the school fostered a compassionate outlook. I still recall fundraising for the Solomon Islanders after a cyclone had devastated their homes and for Nungalingya College – a church training school, in Darwin. Years later when serving aboard HMAS ANZAC, we drove past the college and I immediately recalled that I had learned about it through Tara. It may seem fairly insignificant, but I think that realising the world is bigger than your suburb, your city and your country, made me want to travel to experience more of it. And through travel, I realised how blessed we are in Australia, which over time, led my husband and I to answer God’s call to serve with Mercy Ships. Initially, we planned to serve for 2 years; though we have now extended our commitment to finish when our eldest son graduates high school in Mid 2020 – a total of 7 years. We have been serving as volunteers with Mercy Ships, onboard the MV AFRICA MERCY, the world’s largest non-governmental hospital ship since July 2013. I work in the Communications / Marketing department as the Creative Coordinator. As non-medical people, Mick and I are thrilled to be part of this mission – it has been a life changing experience as we have befriended patients and locals alike as well as lived and worked with crew from over 40 nations in an essentially a large metal box! In our 5 years onboard, we have worked in the Republic of Congo, Madagascar, South Africa, Benin and Cameroon. My advice for current students is to consider taking a break at some point in your work or study to give something back – your money is great; your time is even better. You won’t regret it; it will change your life. It has certainly changed mine.

The Tara Alumnae 2018 Beyond the Gates Forum – Work Skills & the Power of Networking was held in October. We look forward to sharing photos from this event with you in our next Tara Circle. If you would like to submit your Stories from the Crest as an Old Girl, please get in touch with us at community@tara.nsw.edu.au 35

On 24 March 2018, authors Cassandra Golds (1980 Leaver) and Tony Thompson married at St James’ Church King Street, Sydney, at which Cassandra is a parishioner. They met at a Centre for Youth Literature event at the State Library of Victoria, at which they were both speakers. Six Tara Alumnae were among the wedding guests!

Tara Old Girls’ Association Diary Dates for 2019

The Old Girls’ Association Committee are elected in August each year at the Annual General Meeting which is held at Tara Anglican School for Girls. The new elected committee are:

Committee Meetings – to be held in Chapel Room – 7pm

2018-2019 Office Bearers President: Barbara Edge (Lee) Vice President: Lucinda Beck Secretary: Kathryn Crowhurst (Dickinson) Treasurer: Alison Lillyman (Spring)

• Wednesday 20 February • Wednesday 19 June • Wednesday 16 October Tara Alumna Emma Timmins (2007 Leaver) and partner, Kings old boy James Eason (1998) welcomed their baby boy, Cooper Harley Eason on Wednesday September 26, 2018. Born 3.73kg, 50cm long, Hornsby hospital at 2:53pm. This is the couple’s first child. 36

Congratulations to Selina Feizi Sobbi (2013 Leaver) on her recent wedding. She was attended by her sister, Daniella (2016 Leaver). The Feizi Sobbi family, through Wally and Nasrin, continue to be strong supporters of Tara through Alexander Jewellers & Watchmaker at North Rocks.

Functions 2019 4 August – Old Girls Celebration Day - AGM / Chapel Service / High Tea / 50 year reunion

Committee Members 2018-2019 Emma Hull Jacqueline Lillyman Ngaire Musto Amanda Jefferies Jill Sweatman Jennifer Hennessey Julie Hennessey

For the full President’s report from the Annual General Meeting 2018 visit the Tara website.




Profile for Tara Anglican School for Girls

Tara Circle Issue 68/Spring 2018  

Tara Circle Issue 68/Spring 2018

Tara Circle Issue 68/Spring 2018  

Tara Circle Issue 68/Spring 2018