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changing with Today Written by Christa Puccio • Photography by Deogracias Lerma

John Mocker moved into his gorgeous Union, Kentucky home in 1996. Since then, he has been a loyal client of Voltage, an interior design and home-furnishing showroom originally established in Hyde Park Square and currently located on Madison Road in Oakley. The first time Voltage designed John’s home, the colors used were vibrant and dominant, which John was extremely enthused with in the nineties. But as fashion evolves over time, so does interior design. John decided that it was time for a change. He looked to Jeff Hikel and Shannon Riley of Voltage for guidance. John was looking to update his home with the newest technology and trends of today by refining the palette of the walls and furniture for a more classic and timeless appeal. Voltage recovered the sofa in upholstery that went from blue to a sophisticated gray, giving the sofa a clean and updated look with exquisite texture. The walls were painted in a much deeper hue. All carpets and area rugs were rearranged, and new ones were added as well. John hosts many charity events in his home, including dinner, holiday, and wine-tasting parties, so it was very important to design the home so that he would be able to utilize the space to accommodate large groups of people. John has a very sophisticated and vast art collection; thus, Voltage needed to take into account that the design would not only need to incorporate his paintings and sculptures, but

also vividly accent and showcase them. Gallery lighting was used to bring about a dramatic emphasis on each piece of art throughout the home. The bedroom was a challenge of its own. Originally designed with a radiant turquoise paint, a ceiling fan, and carpeted floors,Voltage transformed the bedroom into a more organic yet sophisticated feel by using browns and natural tones. The carpet was removed to expose existing hardwood floors and to take advantage of new area rugs that would open up the space in the room. Voltage also proposed elegance by adding a suspended light fixture that is a play on a traditional chandelier. The fixture has a Mylar shade-reflecting interior, which gives a unique and interesting focal point to the room. Another area of the home that needed a transformation was the basement. The warm, taupe color palette was chosen for its peaceful quality and the same color was used for the trim to unify the space. The redesign transformed the basement into a calm area for relaxation. The sofa was replaced with a Belgian-inspired sectional for its large scale and comfort. Its white color was one of two objects in the room designed to pop. The other was the baby grand piano, which was accented by a Murano chandelier. Because of the recent transformation, John feels that his space is now a reflection of himself. Voltage’s ability not only to update the interior but also highlight and showcase his art has officially made his home complete. v

A MESSAGE FROM THE HOMEOWNER “Jeff introduced me to new lines and had an excellent proposal. He’s never shown me something that I don’t like. The beauty is that my home is classic in its design. It’s simple, straightforward, and timeless. Jeff put up my art himself, and it brought my personality into the space and design.”

MEET THE DECORATORS Jeff Hinkel , an architect by trade, opened Voltage in 1989 with his wife, Julie, in Hyde Park Square selling lighting and accessories. Five years later, Jeff and Julie added furniture and Voltage evolved into selling furniture and began to touch into interior design at their new location on Madison Road. The only retail store of its kind in the entire region, Voltage focuses on using only the most renowned, high-quality, contemporary designers of European furnishings. Jeff travels to Milan every year to bring back the latest products to educate and advise his clients during their decorating ventures. Voltage caters to residential and commercial clients.

If you are interested in decorating your home or would like more information on purchasing any of the items listed, Jeff Hinkel can be reached at (513) 871-5483. Voltage is located at 3209 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45209.


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