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By Kathleen Shannon. CINDERELLA

Once upon the time there lived a girl called Cinderella. She was very rich when she was 13. Then her father died in the war. But, her father married a beautiful woman. She was mean to Cinderella! When Cinderella told her father he did not believe her because her step mum was nice and acted innocent to her father when he was around. Cinderella grew up and became a servant to her stepmother. One day someone knocked on the door. “Hello! I am the Kings humble servant, He has invited you to the ball on Friday.” “Oh” replied Cinderella. “Here, he has invited you” he replied. “But, why me?” she questioned. “He has invited everyone in the town” he replied. “Oh, ok, bye!” Cinderella shut the door and opened the letter. The letter read:

You are invited to the prince’s ball on Friday. The princes would love your company.

By Kathleen Shannon. CINDERELLA

Signed, the King Van duke Cinderella ran up to her stepmother and she asked if she could go. Her stepmother snatched the letter out of her hand and shouted: “No you’re not going! You are going to clean the house till I see my own reflection. Now go clean the house! NOW GO!!!!!!!!” Cinderella cleaned and cleaned and when she finished she went to bed.

Cinderella woke up and did some cleaning and got ready for the ball. “Poof!” a beautiful dress appeared and she put it on and climbed out of the window and ran to the ball. Cinderella was standing alone when a man came out and asked for a dance. Cinderella said “Yes” And they danced away.

Cinderella came back home and her stepmother shouted at her and locked her in the dungeon and she could never come out. Then the doorbell rang, it was the prince and demanded to let Cinderella out.

By Kathleen Shannon. CINDERELLA

The prince unlocked Cinderella from the dungeon and they got married and they lived happily ever after.

Cinderalla by Kathleen Shannon