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CONSTRUCTING ENVIRONMENTS Week 9 Journal Tara Shokouhi 635693


Following the change of buildings, and a slight alteration of the people in our group, each of us were assigned a specific section of our new building - The Pavilion - to draw. We had to scale the 1:5 drawing to a 1:1. My section was a part of the top roof section above the Function room.

My section in relation to the building.



On all of the sections we were told to draw, there were labels and annotations of the types of parts and materials used in that section. In our groups, we worked out what each annotation meant and the list can be seen below:

To begin with, I would measure each section and size of the parts on the 1:5 drawing with a ruler then multiply it by 5 to obtain the size needed for the 1:1 scale. From there I would draw dots and quick lines then join the dots together. Due to the excessive amounts of measuring required, I did the entire drawing with a pencil before going back and using a fineliner.

RFS-01 = Metal deck roof (custom orb) AL-01 = Aluminium Fascia (look at bunnings) INS-01 = R2.5 Earthwall INS-02 = acoustic insulation ( gyprock EC08 3.5 insulation batts) BRK-01 = face brickwork INS-03 = kingspan (R 2.0 insulation board) INS-08 = Kingspan (R2.5 insulation board) RWS-01 = aluminium sheeting (bunnings) EL-01 = compressed fiber cement concrete 2XILO3 = 15mm fyrechk (double thickness) CLGO2 = suspended plasterboard ceiling WPSO3 = waterproof sheets AL-06 = aluminium flashing

Problem #1: The top right hand section of the roof in this drawing has a very slight and gradual slope that is not linear. this caused a lot of problems as it took me a while to work it out, due to the size of the 1:5 drawing I was given. Eventually when I finished, I realised that the top of this section did not look like the image, however, it was too late to go back and change it. Problem #2: The main focus for this activity was not to merely scale the entire drawing but to change certain parts of this. I was completely lost and confused as to what was required of us here, and eventually realised that I was wasting too much time trying to understand. So, I simply scaled it, unaware as to what was required.



After completing the A1 sized scaled drawing, we were told to complete the same section as an axonometric drawing. I drew the section at a scale of 1:5 (so the 1:1 of the A3 paper given to us in class) and began to draw lines from the corners at a 45 degree angle. I found this to be difficult in that I wasn’t completely sure as to what was required. Also, I had never before completed an axonometric drawing. My drawing is not 100% correct, despite my best efforts.

Week 9 journal