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Starry Night

FINISHING AND FRAMING When you’ve finished stitching, place your sampler rightside down on a clean terry towel and press with an iron. Cut a circle of felt the exact size of the larger hoop from one of your pairs of hoops. Center the stitch area, right side up, in the smaller hoop, place the larger hoop over it, stretch the fabric tight, and tighten the screw. Trim off the excess fabric from the back, leaving about ½" all around. Place the sampler face down and, using a warm iron, press the extra fabric down toward the inside of the hoop (this will make it easier to glue the felt to the back).

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Glue the circle of felt to back of the hoop, neatly enclosing the extra linen fabric behind the felt. For hanging the ornament, fold a piece of ribbon in half (black ribbon for Starry Night, red for Yew Wreath and Tea for Two). Feed the loop under the screw in the embroidery hoop, then pull the cut ends through the loop and tighten. Tie the ribbons ends in a knot and trim neatly. . . . Repeat these instructions to create the other two ornaments according to the charts provided.

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