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About Ta appMob We are a team t of colleg ge students building b apps that make co ollege life simpler. We believve that there’ss a better wayy of getting te extbooks. A w way that does not involve b being robbed by campus bookstores, orrdering bookss online from far away, and d digging thro ough scattere ed fliers on campus. It’s time to cu ut out the mid ddleman and save hundre ds on textboo oks every sem mester. ks is a social textbook app that utilizes the power of ccollege sociall networks and communitie es to TappBook save you money. m Sell books b to yourr friends. Lend last semestter’s books to o your teammates. Buy nexxt semester’s books from a graduating g senior. Tapp pBooks helps you buy and sell textbookks with studen nts on your camp pus. We started TappMob a year ago as college stude ents home forr the summerr in San Franciisco. We’ve launched our products at two nation nal VentureBe eat tech confeerences and w won the Peop ple’s Choice aw ward, received funding f from top investorss in Silicon Valley and New York, and beeen featured o on national ne ews outlets inccluding CBS News N and BussinessWeek. However, H ourr pride really sstems from th he product tha at we created an nd as studentts, truly believve in. Our beta testers t are ravving about Ta appBooks, and d we cannot w wait for colleg ge students a across the cou untry to be able e to get their hands on it to oo. TappBook ks truly is the easiest, fastest and most ccost- effective e way of buying textbooks. The Posittion We’re looking for creattive, entrepreneurial studen nts to lead ou ur launch at college campu uses across th he country. As A a Campus Founder, you u will work clo osely with ourr marketing teeam to plan a and execute marketing g efforts on yo our campus. The T more stud dents use thee app and posst books, the ssooner students all over the country c can sttart making and saving rea al money on t extbooks eveery semester, a e of a and the more bonus you u, as a founde er, will receive e. You will help personalizee the TappBoo oks message to your camp pus through exposure e in scchool newspapers, blogs, and a listservs. This is an unparalleled opportunity to t make some e money, gain n valuable maarketing experience, netwo ork arly ambitious-minded pee ers, and work with one of tthe country’s hottest and b biggest colleg ge run with simila startups. The position is only time-iintensive during the first feew weeks of eevery quarter or semester. If you are also exhauste ed by the con nstant flow of money going g towards thee bookstore e every semeste er, then get involved, spre ead the word and empower your peers tto buy from eeach other. It is most important for us thatt you believe in and are pa assionate about the solutio on. You are an n excellent co ommunicator. You’re acttive in campus life, and lovve to work auttonomously. Outstandiing campus fo ounders will be b offered perrmanent posi tions on our tteam. ut the opporttunity, conta act us at jobss@tappmob.ccom. If you’re excited abou

TappMob Campus Founder Job Description  
TappMob Campus Founder Job Description  

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