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What to plant in the fall?

The fall season is really the prime time to be planting in your yard.

As the evening temperatures are starting to cool down, many changes are taking place in your yard. Soil temperatures are dropping, leaves on the trees are slowly changing colors, dew is forming on the lawn, and the dynamics of your gardens are all starting to change. This time of year is ideal for both planning and planting. Anything that gets planted in the fall will establish a deeper route system and will experience minimal exterior growth. Natural dew forms on your yard from the warm days turning into cooler evening. Dew will produce on the grass, which promotes natural plant and tree growth, and will be especially beneficial to your lawn. This will allow specimens to flourish for the following season. This is the time of year to prepare your yard for it to be at its fullest potential. Some perennials that thrive in the fall:      

Lilies - They like to get their start in the fall. Cooler temperatures reduce the stress on these fragile flowers. Hostas - They enjoy the shade and cooler temperatures. When planted in the fall they will bloom in the springtime Peonies - They need less water and enjoy the rich soil Irises - With the help of fall and winter sunshine they are ready to emerge by springtime in full bloom Ferns - Do very well in the shade, and are much stronger than they appear Ornamental Grasses - this is the time of year for ornamental grasses. They are extremely low maintenance and thrive during this season.

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What to plant in the fall?  
What to plant in the fall?  

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