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Pool Landscape Design Tapestry Landscape Architecture has created some of the most spectacular residential properties and gardens throughout the north east U.S. We work closely with you through the design build process. We plan for everything in your outdoor environment. From patio and driveway layouts to pool landscape design and pergolas, we go far beyond just planting design. There are three ways to show residential designs   

Intimate Garden Design Grading & Drainage Outdoor Lighting Design

Intimate Garden Design Once we have looked at the big picture, we can focus on the details that make the difference! We are well trained and experienced in planting design including perennials and annuals that work best in your environment.

Grading & Drainage Every property has natural features and terrain that can add to the interest of your landscape. Being involved early in the layout of your home can allow us to work with these features and develop cost effective solutions to any grading or surface drainage needs.

Outdoor Lighting Design Landscape lighting is a finishing touch that will create drama and extend the use of your outdoor spaces.

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