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Taos Milagro Rotary Club News October 6, 2008 It’s been a while since our last newsletter, so we’ll go backwards in time from our recent, terrific Chile Challenge and Golf Tournament. Also, if anyone would like to help Linda and me with writing, editing and layout of our newsletter please let me know. ---Yale HIGHLIGHTS: Chile Challenge and golf tournament; Interact Club thriving; the Fafans visit from the Rotary Club of Cuzco, Peru; we have six new members; we volunteer for Habitat For Humanity; get to know Roy Armstrong; President Steve’s thoughts. Upcoming Meetings and Events: Go to for up to date listings. Chile Challenge and Golf Tournament: September 28th was a perfect day for our golf tournament and Chile Challenge at the Taos Country Club. Largely due to the leadership and efforts of Marci Beatty, the Chile Challenge and associated events were a great success. We had 72 competitors in the golf tournament that went off flawlessly thanks to Bill Thompson and Bob Shaw. Jillian Smothers was also instrumental in coordinating the event for us at the Taos Country Club. A good time was had by all. We join President Steve in giving special kudos to Marci, who led us in putting on this event. She worked tirelessly for almost a year organizing the event and inspiring everyone to participate. Thank you again, Marci!

Look for an article about it by one of our celebrity judges, Leslie Pedlar, in the Taos News Tempo section on October 9th. Final figures are not in. However, our Treasurer, Lisa O’Brien reported that our gross receipts, including contributions to our fund at the Taos Community Foundation, are between $15,000 and $20,000, a 50% increase over 2007. Wall Street would be envious, and many Taos County high school graduates will be well served!

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Our club is growing! On September 24th we inducted three new members. Joining us are Darryl Bouchard, Lucy Aragon, and Wolfgang Collins. Darryl joins with the classification of lawyer. He is the Managing Attorney for the New Mexico Public Defender Department. He was first invited by Bob Shaw. Lucy joins with the classification of Forest Conservation. She is the Resource Coordinator of Carson National Forest and is self-employed as a Nutritional Cleansing Coach. Lucy was invited by Keith King. Wolfgang Collins is a Business Owner, the owner/president of Wolfgang's Spa Works. He was invited by Dick Oliver. On August 27, 2008 we inducted new Rotarian, Leslie Martin, and Richard Gould and Bill Thompson, who are transferring from Clubs in Texas and Oklahoma respectively. Richard is a retired minister. Bill is a retired auto industry executive. Leslie has her own bookkeeping business here in Taos. We welcome our newest members and anticipate receiving more new members in October. At the present time we have 28 active members and 1 honorary member. We have added 6 new members during this new Rotary year. Interact Club: There are about 22 members of the Interact Club, of whom five are returning from last year. The are led by President Sonya Lopez, Vice President Jacqueline Cordova, Rachel Templeton, Nina Flores and Cody Oysler. We were pleased to host Enrique Farfan and his family from the Rotary Club of Cuzco, Peru. Their visit to Taos inspired the Interactors to continue their club’s work in the small village of Mares, near Cuzco. Guided by sponsors Lou Morgan, Kellie Evans and Erica Olson, they are now planning for the coming year. The Farfan Family Visit. We had the privilege and pleasure of hosting Enrique, Luz Marina, Pamela and Katia Farfan between September 9th and 20th. On September 10th Enrique addressed our club and described the work of our Interact Club in Peru, as well as what it took on his end to make the

projects happen. It was informative and inspiring to hear of the projects from his perspective, and to hear again how central to the success of the projects he and our own Chavi Petersen were. On Saturday, September 13th the entire Farfan family joined several Rotarians in the fundraising walk for the Dream Tree Project. Finally we celebrated their visit with a potluck on the evening of September 17th . We volunteered for Habitat For Humanity: On Saturday, July 19th a number of Rotarians were joined by friends Karen Kenward and Patrick O’Brien for our second work day with habitat for Humanity. Eight Rotarians and two friends of our club spent four hours working at a Habitat home just north of the Taos Youth and Family Center. It was a beautiful, mild morning, and we had a wonderful time doing productive work and enjoying lots of camaraderie. Patrick and Lisa O’Brien, Sharon Mitchell, Amanda Lora and Peter Schwartz prepared inside walls for finish coat plastering. Lou Morgan, Linda Valaika, Amanda Lora, Kellie Evans, Karen Kenward, Sharon Mitchell and Yale Jones prepared holes and mixed and poured concrete for pilings to support a carport.

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We had fun together and went home with the satisfaction that our anonymous help contributed to a comfortable home for a Taos family. Rotary shares! Letter from President Steve Fuhlendorf: Thanks to Chile Challengers! The Taos Milagro Rotary Club undertook a huge challenge…the Chile Challenge and made it into a huge success. When you look at what was accomplished, it is really pretty amazing. Just think, a golf tournament, chile cook-off, battle of the micro-breweries and silent auction, all in one day. Wow! That’s a big bite, but Marci Beatty lead the way to a successful outcome. Thanks Marci for all your hard work. Also, a big thank you to Bob Shaw who made the golf tournament a smooth operation. There were 72 golfers which was the maximum for a tournament. Of course, the bottom line is it also made a bunch of money for the Rotary scholarship fund. Although the exact amount has yet to be determined, it was certainly a financial success and exceeded last year’s totals. Now that the Chile Challenge is concluded we can move on to other projects. It is very gratifying to see Interact reestablishing itself under Kellie Evans and Lou Morgan. Our club is growing with recent addition of new members. The board will be looking at projects and programs that need our assistance. The fellowship within our club in fantastic and the events help us to grow closer as friends. I want to thank all those who have been involved in the mission of “Service Above Self.” Keep up the great work! (See next page for Five Questions for Roy Armstrong.)


1. Where did you spend your childhood and receive your education? I grew up in Duncanville, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. I attended the Duncanville public schools and was graduated from Duncanville High School in 1977. I attended the University of Texas School of Law in Austin and was graduated with honors in 1984. 2. Please briefly tell us about your family. I am married to Julia Lacy Armstrong. We have four dogs: Lena, a Rhodesian Ridgeback; Blossom, a Pyrenean Mastiff, Hugo, a Weimaraner: and Clancy, a Labradoodle. 3. When and why did you come to Taos? Julia and I vacationed in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado many times and fell in love with the beauty of the area and the climate. I had lived in Texas for over forty years, but by 2001, I couldn’t stand the hot

weather and Republicans any longer. We found a house in Taos Canyon that we both loved and decided to move. 4. What are the most satisfying or important aspects of your being a Rotarian? I like the people in the club and the connection to the community. The club provides a way to stay informed about what is going on in Taos and to enjoy the company of many interesting people. I regret that I have not had the time to participate more in the club’s community service activities, but I hope that will change soon. 5. What are your present goals? I want to get enough fire wood cut and split to make it through the coming winter. I want to see Hugo become a champion dog and retire from the dog show business. I would like to catch up on my reading.

October 2008 Newsletter  

October 2008 Newsletter for the Taos Milagro Rotary Club

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