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is the enemy of truth

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Fear is the enemy of truth

MEDITATION TIMES Published by Taoshobuddha Meditations Trinidad, West indies

EDITORIAL Fear is the enemy of truth. To uncover truth or to even begin the sojourn, one must be fearless. Man fears that which he does not know. And the quest in the unknown grips man with a paralysing fear. Man fears to sit in meditation and access the inner recess of his own mind. And yet that which is the cause of fear does not really exist – the ego. It is the ego that is the source of all man’s fears. And this ego is non-existential. Man fears love as well. In love ego tends to dissolve and so man shirks love. He cowers in the face of love. His immaculate and lofty portrayals of love are filed with the under pinning of fear. The quest into the unknown requires a fearless desire for truth. Hence I say fear is the enemy of truth. In the opening pauri of Nanak’s Japiji he says Omkar is nirbhay – without fear. Fear arises out of duality. When there is only One, there is no fear. Ego is an illusion of separation and hence fear is screen that inhibits the seeing of herenow. Fear creates longing for the past – because it is known. And fear wants to project the known into the future. With fear we remain stuck in the rut of samsara – the cycle to continuous births and death. To break this cycle the heart must be fearless. To exist in the present moment is to be fearless. It is a discontinuity with the past. When we are present in the present we are fearless. Mind is full of fear. Mind is fear. After his treatise on the eighteen types of Yoga and spiritual disciples, Krishna goads Arjuna to be fearless

in the battle. His last words were “ma sucha” – do not fear. To undertake the journey of spiritual life all fear has to be overcome. The encouragement of one who has crossed further shore is needed. Trust in the guidance of the Guru will dispel fear. The guru has seen the mystical realm. His hands outstretch to welcome you into the dimension of herenow. Guru removes fear and the truth is seen crystal clear. It is fear that is the screen. Tagore in his immortal Gitanjali says in one of his poems, “Where the mind is without fear...” This issue is a focus on overcoming fear. Once fear is removed, the path to truth becomes easy to traverse. It is no wonder that drunkards have no fear. And those who are drunk with the wine of the mystic very easily reach truth. In fact truth finds them a worthy receptacle and descends into their hearts. Mind is full of fear. Empty the mind of its fear and truth shall dawn like the rising sun.

“So whenever you feel fear, it is a tremendous opportunity to understand that life is momentary, it is ephemeral, it is made of the same stuff as dreams are made of...” OSHO

Naam Sankeertan and Inner Oneness Om is the only existential sound. It was in the beginning of the creation. It will be in the dissolution of creation. Also it is nowhere! You will feel it deep within as the noise of the mind dissolves! Then Om becomes the Naam the essence of Cosmos.


However in most of the cases we consider Naam as the end. And we go on using this device mechanically. The result is that one spends lifelong and yet still there is no trace of bliss or inner harmony.

I emphasize repeating a mantra as Naam will not help you at all. Simply be silent and try to listen to it. As your mind becomes calm and quiet, suddenly you will become aware. Like a whisper, the sound of OM is arising within your being. When it arises on its own, it has a totally different quality. It transforms you then.

One thing is clear Naam brings remembrance. Therefore Naam is the device and remembrance is the end. However this does not happen. We remember Naam and forget what the device should lead to. But the question remains what is the name that the aspirant is to use. Nanak has used the existential sound as the device for remembrance while others have used a mantra or any other device for the same purpose.

aam is the way to remember that which is. It is a device to attain to inner serenity. And when it is used as a technique it becomes the bridge between the cosmic and the individual consciousness. When this technique is used with awareness it brings the bliss of cosmic presence within. Naam therefore is the means not the end.

From the time man breathed first this interconnectivity between the inner and the outer has been emphasized in different forms. Be it Kabir or Nanak or Sufi masters each has used remembrance as the effective device. Remembrance connects you to the unknown and unknowable attribute less inner presence. Therefore if the device is correctly used with awareness it will bring bliss, harmony and inner oneness. Such is the understanding of those who gave this device. But there is wide gap between the understandings of the master and those who are using the device. Naam is the way to remember that which is. And when Naam is used as a technique it becomes the bridge between the cosmic and the individual consciousness. When this technique is used with awareness it brings the bliss of cosmic presence within. Naam therefore is the means not the end.

That which is cannot be given any name. All names are given by man. Om is the only name that is not given by any one. Ram, Krishna, Allah are all names given by men of different sects. The only name that is not created is OM. And why this name Om? Man is a constant chatterbox. Thought keep on floating on the inner sky. Constantly waves keep on appearing on the surface. When thoughts are no more! Waves have subsided and merged in the ocean, and you drown in your innerness, only then you can hear a mystical sound. This sound is uncreated. No one has created it. This is the sound of the existence. This is the echo of the existence. Om is the way of existence. This name is not assigned by anyone. Aum is not a word. This is the sound. Not only an ordinary sound, is it unique as well. Without any source, uncreated this remains hidden in the existence itself.

All sounds are created by friction. A musician vibrates the strings of the instrument and thus creates a sound. This sound is created because of the friction between the strings and the finger. The river flows. A sound arises through the flow. This is the sound created when water strikes the shore. You sit by the waterfall. There is a sound. Water falls on the rock a sound is created. This is the sound of the waterfall. Breeze blows and rustling it passes through the leaves. Rustling is the sound created between the breeze and the tree leaves. We speak singer sings all such sounds are created because of duality. When all duality vanishes a sound continues to echo. This is the sound of Aum. Remember Aum is not a word. Each language be it, Hindi, Sanskrit or Gurumukhi has a special letter to represent this sound. Science says electricity is at the root of the entire existence. Science revolves around the trinity of electron, proton, and neutron. Accordingly if you go on dividing the entire existence to reach the solitary unit then we obtain electricity or electric-energy. The ultimate search of science is electron. Science says entire existence is composed of electricity. For the scientist even the sound is composed of electricalenergy. And the root of everything is electricalenergy. This is objective. Science is outward journey. The search of the mystics is subjective. Mystics have reached the very core of the existence by uniting the discordant elements that constitute the creation. By uniting the entire sense organs mind attains to oneness. By uniting various individual minds one attains to cosmic mind. The difference is very insignificant and yet still it is not. To science existence is composed of electrical-energy. And for the mystic the entire existence is composed of sound-energy. Science reached to this conclusion through an objective analysis. And the mystics reached to this conclusion through a subjective analysis. To science sound is a form of electricity. And to the mystic electrical-energy is another form of sound energy. The difference is not so big. It is like two different persons with different levels of understanding, and frame of mind are looking at a glass half full. One sees it as HALF FULL and the other sees it as HALF EMPTY. The object is the same. One object! However people with different frames of understanding are looking at the situation. And the outcome is two different conclusions.

The search of science differs from that of the mystics. The way of science is that of dissection and that of the mystics is unification. Mystics or religion moved from many to one. And when all discordant elements are united oneness happens. In that oneness meditation attains fruition as Samadhi. And something echoes as the pulse of the cosmos. This echo is discovered both within and without. He finds this echo like the dissolving notes of an enchanting melody. Everything seems to be dissolving in that sound. Something like this has never happened before. Bemused, dazed, he finds no one creating this sound yet still it is there. He knows not the source. Suddenly something dawns. A realization happens. Awareness comes. He understands this sound is not created by any friction. Not a created sound, it is uncreated. This is ANHAD NAAD. This is OM! This is the only authentic name of that which is. This is NAAM. Again and again one who knows uses this word NAAM. Remember whenever Masters uses the word NAAM he refers to God or Creator or ‘rub’ as he calls. And says that alone is Truth! That alone is existential! He says one who drowns in this remembrance of the word will certainly attain. Try to understand this. When you chant Ram, Ram, Ram a stage comes in the process when the word disappears and only a sound remains. The sound of letter ‘M’ in Ram resonates with the ‘M’ sound in ‘Om.’ Thus chanting Ram the sound dissolves into the existential sound of ‘Om.’ As you attain to silence meditativeness happens Ram transforms into ‘Om.’ Such is the experience of all the mystics: one may begin with any name ultimately everything dissolves into ‘Om.’ As silence descends ‘Om’ is. ‘Om’ is always only you need to attain to silence. The word ‘Om’ has three sounds viz., or A, U, and M. The sound ‘A’ resembles the last syllable of Brahma. This sound-energy creates, and evolves. The second sound- energy ‘U’ resembles with the last syllable in the word Vishnu. This is the energy that preserves and sustains. And lastly the sound of the syllable ‘M’ resonates with the sound ‘M’ in Maheshwara. In this sound the other two sounds dissolves to attain Samadhi, or oneness. Even a lifelong is not enough to understand the essence of this existential sound. And even one moment is enough for this experience,

only the grace of the master is needed, says an ecstatic Nanak. I will take another sutra to explain further the sound Om. This is a Tibetan Sutra. The only country in the world which has devoted all its genius to the inner exploration is Tibet. Its findings are of tremendous value. ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ is one of the most beautiful expressions for the ultimate experience. Its meaning is ‘the sound of silence, the diamond in the lotus.’ Silence also has its sound, and music. The outer ears cannot hear it, so too the outer eyes cannot see it. We have six outer senses. In the past man knew only five outer senses. The sixth is a new discovery. It is inside your ears. As a result people failed to recognize it. It is the sense of balance. When you feel giddy or when you see a drunkard walking, it is the sense of balance that is affected. Just as these six senses are used to experience the outer, exactly the same six senses exist within to experience the inner to see it, to hear it, to feel its utter balance, its beauty. It is invisible to the outer eyes but not to the inner. You cannot touch it with your outer senses, but the inner senses are absolutely immersed in it. OM is the sound when everything else disappears from your being! No thoughts! No dreams! No projections! No expectations! Not even a single ripple! Your whole lake of consciousness is simply there! Silent too! It has become just a mirror. In those rare moments you hear the sound of silence. It is the most valuable experience because not only it shows a quality of the inner music instead it shows that the inner being is harmony, joy, and blissfulness. All this is implied in the silent music of OM Nanak says. You are not to say it. If you say it you will miss the real thing. You have to hear it! You have to be utterly calm and quiet! And then suddenly it is all around you like a very subtle dance. Or like a subtle melody. And the moment you are able to hear it, you have entered into the very secrets of existence. You have become so subtle that now you deserve all the mysteries to be revealed to you. Existence waits till you are ready. Matters not how low it has to wait! In the East all the religions without exception agree on this point, that the sound which is heard in the final. It is the highest peak of silence something similar to OM. Or what Nanak calls as ‘Omkār’.

The word OM is not written alphabetically in any language of the East because it is not part of language. It is written as a symbol. And the same symbol is used in Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit, Tibetan, Hindi, or Gurumukhi with slight variation in its writing style. All the mystics of all the ages have reached to the same experience, that it is not part of our mundane world. Hence it should not be written in letters. It should have its own symbol which is beyond language. It does not mean anything as far as mind is concerned, but it means tremendously much as far as your spiritual growth is concerned. It is not the part of your language, or grammar, or mind. It is concerned with your being, your inner sanctum, and your spirituality. All music, particularly the classical music, has been trying to catch the sound of silence so that even people who have not entered into their beings can experience something similar. But the similar can never be the same. It is a very faraway echo. Even the greatest musician has to use sounds. But howsoever beautifully he arranges them, he cannot be absolutely silent. He gives gaps of silence in between. The whole play of music is between sound and silence. Those who do not understand hear the sounds, and those who understand hear the silence, as the gaps between two sounds. The real music is in the gaps. This silence is not created by the musician. The musician is creating the sounds and leaving the gaps as a contrast, so that you can experience something of what happens to the mystic in his inner world. OM is one of the great achievements of the seekers of truth. There have been cases which are absolutely unbelievable. However these are historical. When Marpa, a Tibetan mystic, died, his closest disciples were sitting all around him because the death of a mystic is as tremendously valuable as is his life. And perhaps even more. If you can be close to the mystic when the consciousness is leaving the physical body, you can experience many things, because his whole consciousness is leaving the body. And if you are alert and conscious, you can feel a new fragrance. You can see a new light. You can hear a new music. However we do not understand the mysteries of dissolution of consciousness into existence. We call this as death. And lament when the consciousness is leaving the body.

When Marpa died he was living in a temple. And all his disciples became suddenly surprised. They looked all around to find from where is the sound of OM coming? Then finally they realized that it was not coming from anywhere. Instead it was coming from Marpa! They heard it by putting their ears to his feet, to his hands, and they could not believe it – inside his whole body there was a vibration creating the sound of OM. He had been hearing that sound for his whole life since he became enlightened. Because of his constant inner experience of the sound, the sound had entered even into his physical cells. Every fiber of his body had learned a certain synchronicity, the same wavelength. And the same is now being heard by all gathered around. I had the experience to witness such occasions several times when the masters were entering back into existence. It is indeed benediction. But it has been experienced with other mystics also. The inner starts radiating, particularly at the moment of death when everything comes to a crescendo. But man is so blind and so utterly unintelligent: knowing that the mystics experience the music of silence within them and they call it OM. However people start repeating OM as a mantra, thinking that by repeating it they will also be able to hear the pulse of the existence. By repeating it you will never be able to hear it. Your mind is functioning when you are repeating it. But perhaps I am probably one of the few to tell you this. And for centuries people have been teaching: ‘Repeat OM’ and the quagmire. This creates a false experience, and you can be lost in the false and you will never discover the real. I emphasize repeating will not help you at all. Simply be silent and try to listen to it. As your mind becomes calm and quiet, suddenly you will become aware. Like a whisper, the sound of OM is arising within your being. When it arises on its own, it has a totally different quality. It transforms you then. Even modern physics says that everything in the world is composed of electrical energy. According to modern physics even sound is nothing but electric waves. The physicists have been working from the outside. The mystics say just the opposite, but I see no contradiction. They say the whole existence is made up of the soundless sound OM. And even electricity or fire is nothing but a certain condensed form of the sound.

In the East it has been known for centuries. There have been musicians who could create by their music a flame on an unlit candle. As the music falls over the unlit candle suddenly the flame arises. It was a test in the ancient days that unless a musician could create light, fire, or flame, with his music he was still amateur. He cannot be recognized as a master as yet. The explanations of physics and the mystics look different, but perhaps there is some deeper source which can withdraw the contradiction and opposition. Perhaps it is only a different interpretation, because the mystic is coming from the inside and the physicist is looking at the outside. What the physicist feels as electricity, the mystic feels and knows as the pulse of the cosmos or music of the existence. They are both saying the same thing in different languages. And if there is a choice, I would choose the mystic, because he is experiencing it in his very center. His experience is not just an experiment on objects. His experience is an experiment on his own consciousness. And consciousness is the very essence of existence. This mantra has many secrets in it. The first wordless word is OM, and the last is HUM. OM is the flowering and the HUM is the seed. The Sufis do not use the whole name of Allah. They use Allah hoo, and slowly, slowly they change Allah hoo into simply hoo, hoo. They have found that the sound of hoo strikes exactly at the life source just below the navel. You were connected with your life, with your mother, from the navel. Just below the navel is the source of your own life. Just try: when you say hoo the hit is below the navel. ‘Hoo’ is a Sufi discovery. And ‘Hum’ is the Tibetan way. ‘Hoo’ seems to be a little harsh. ‘Hum’ on the other hand seems to be a little softer. But the softer will take a longer time to wake up your energies. It is possible that in the particular climate of Tibet, the softer maybe perfectly good. They did not need such a harsh sound in order to hit the life source. But in the harsh desert of Arabia Sufi mystics had to use ‘Hoo’. ‘Hoo’ is better than ‘Hum’. In the colder heights of Tibet ‘Hum’ is perfectly right for. Hum is the hit to create OM in you. If you hit the seed of your life it starts disappearing in the soil and green leaves, sprouts start growing. Between the two OM and Hum is ‘Mani Padme’ in the Tibetan Sutra. I do not think

anybody has been able to express the ultimate experience, the ultimate beatitude, better than ‘Mani Padme’. You have to visualize it. The lotus flower in the East is the most beautiful, the mystical flower. And if you put diamonds on the lotus flower in the early morning sun, you will have a tremendously beautiful experience... the lotus flower with diamonds. It is very difficult to say anything about the ultimate experience. However Tibetan mystics have tried the best. Many things have been said about it, but ‘Diamond in the Lotus’ seems to be the best expression. It is the most beautiful experience, and they have chosen two of the most beautiful things of the ordinary world, the lotus and the diamond. It is just a visual expression of the beauty that you come to see within yourself. This mantra ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ has a whole philosophy within its womb. Start with ‘Hum’, the last word, and the first will arise on its own accord. And when your inner being is filled with the sound of silence, you will also have the beautiful experience of seeing a ‘Lotus with a Diamond’ in the early morning sun. The diamond is radiating. The lotus is so soft, so feminine, and so delicate! It has no comparison in any other flower. It became so important to the mystics! You must have seen Gautama Buddha's statues sitting on a lotus. They are showing symbolically that he has reached the ultimate; his own inner lotus has flowered. And not only the lotus has flowered, the diamond hidden behind it, inside it... as it opens its petals, you find a Kohinoor - the most precious diamond. The diamond has a quality -- that's why it has been chosen. It is symbolic of eternity. The diamond is forever, it knows no death; it is immortal. The experience is beautiful and eternal. But unfortunately, Tibet has fallen into darkness. Its monasteries have been closed. Its seekers of truth have been forced to work in labor camps. The only country in the world which was working a onepointed genius, all its intelligence in the search for one’s own interiority and its treasures has been forced to stop by the communist invasion of Tibet. Nowhere has such concentrated effort been made to discover man’s being. Every family in Tibet used to

give their eldest son to some monastery where he was to meditate and grow closer to awakening. It was a joy to every family that at least one of them was wholeheartedly, twenty-four hours a day, working on the inner being. They were also working but they could not devote their entire time. They had to create food and clothes and shelter, and in Tibet it is a difficult matter. The climate is not very helpful. To live in Tibet is a tremendous struggle. But still every family used to give their first-born child to the monastery. There were hundreds of monasteries. None of these monasteries can be compared with any Catholic monasteries. These monasteries had no comparison in the whole world. These monasteries were concerned with only one thing: to make you aware of yourself. Thousands of devices have been created down the centuries so that your lotus can blossom and you can find your ultimate treasure, the diamond. These are just symbolic words. However the destruction of Tibet should be known in history, particularly when man becomes a little more aware and humanity a little more humane. Meditation gives them a feeling of immortality; hence their fear will disappear. Meditation not only gives them the experience of their own immortality instead it also gives them the experience that everybody is immortal. Death is a fiction. They will be living. And you cannot kill them. Not even your nuclear weapons are going to kill them. Krishna, in the Gita, has a beautiful statement:

nEn< iDNdiNt zSÇai[ nEn< dhit pavk> Nayanam chhindanti shastrani; nayanam dahati pavakah! ‘Nor can any weapon destroy me Nor can any fire burn me.’ Yes indeed the body will be burned. However I am not the body. Meditation gives you this feeling, for the first time. This is your authentic reality. This is existential. This is the pulse. This is being. This is OM. This is the EXISTENTIAL ONENESS that Nanak calls ‘Ek‐Omkār’ while Hindus have called as ‘Om’.

TAOSHOBUDDHA RESPONDS Question: Beloved one, When I read you, I feel my speaking Master. Tree with fruits loaded, always bowing. In the day to day life, I experience ‘ego’ everywhere. While talking with a stranger, while in company, while traveling in a bus and may be in this letter while mailing you....all the time ego is as if the part of life. TAOSHOBUDDHA: Ego remains the part of life until the journey of enlightenment begins. Thereafter it is sublimated. To live in the world ego is very essential. But then that which is essential in the outer life becomes a hindrance in the outer lifer. You will recall the name of king Janak the father of Sita. He was learned the worldly way. The knowledge has not yet become effectuated or become eternal in him. He had done a lot on his own. Yet still awakening did not come. He decided to take a master. Now the story: KNOWLEDGE COMES THROUGH THE DOOR OF THE MIND AND AWARENESS DESCENDS THROUGH THE DOOR OF THE HEART. HEART IS THE WAY TO THE INNER AND BLISS. KING JANAK HAS DECIDED TO TAKE A MASTER. HE WAS LEARNED. HE HAD GATHERED ALL THAT COULD BE KNOWN BUT NO AWARENESS. ANNOUNCEMENT WAS MADE THAT JANAK IS SEEKING





The process of inner development entails first inflation of balloon like ego and when the balloon is inflated then it is birst. The balloon of ego encompasses all accumulated actions, feelings , emotions etc. This is what Hindus call as sanchit karma, then there are nimitta and naimish

karma. Each moment when we interact in the outer world of duality many impressions are gathered (nearly 1 million each second) and these are conflicting. One moment man loves his wife and next moment he is ready to kill. The emotions are muddled. All these are accumulated in the layer called ego. You will recall the story of Putna who was sent by Kansa to kill Krishna. She comes with poison smeared on her breast. This is the outcome of the past. In the past life she was the daughter of Demon king Bali. During Vaman avatar when Vishnu came as a ten year old boy she wanted to breasts feed the child. And when finally Vishnu put his feet at the head of Bali Putna was filled with remorse and she wanted to kill Vishnu. Two set of emotions for the same person. This is why she comes with poison smeared on her breasts to kill Krishna. Such is our situation until you are aware. Krishna sees beyond time and space. Even as a baby he was aware of this and he through his awareness dissolved the two set of emotions hurled at him. All these come within ego. Life continues a saga of misery until you are totally aware then ego dissolves. This is the first step towards inward journey.

QUESTION: It was very very difficult in the beginning to recognize the ego in myself, then after continuously hearing to the Master, I realized, it is there in me. Then I tried to concentrate on it and it started to dissolve....then I used the formula of witnessing the ego or anger or greed, making me laugh that it is not in me. And perhaps the only easy formula where you realize these, are not the nature of you. TAOSHOBUDDHA: Ego is part of everyone. Everyone has to go through this process.

Fear the by-products of identification


uman mind is plagued with fear which becomes an obstruction in the process of inward journey. Fear comes for many reasons. But the most important reason is the absence of truth. We go on living in the negation of truth and its experience. In the absence we get identified with ignorance. Ignorance, ego and anger belong to the same domain and create cloud around the manifestation of truth. Fear is always because of the other. Anger arises because of the other. And you remain egoistic in relation to the other. How to overcome this situation is the concern of the aspirants. Therefore whenever a mood against someone or for someone arises, do not place it on the person in questions, but remain centered. If hate arises for someone or against someone, or love arises for someone, what do we do? We project it on the person. If you feel hate toward me, you forget yourself completely in your hate; only I become your object. If you feel love toward me, you forget yourself completely; only I become the object. You project your love or hate or whatsoever upon me. You forget completely the inner center of your being; the other becomes the center. This sutra says when hate arises or love arises, or any mood for or against anyone, do not project it on the person in question. Remember, you are the source of it.

I love you â&#x20AC;&#x201D; the ordinary feeling is that you are the source of my love. That is not really so. I am the source; you are just a screen on which I project my love. You are just a screen; I project my love on you and I say that you are the source of my love. This is not fact, this is fiction. I draw my love energy and project it onto you. In that love energy projected onto you, you become loveable. You may not be loveable to someone else; you may be absolutely repulsive to someone else. Why? If you are the source of love, then everyone will feel loving toward you, but this does not happen because you are not the source. I project love, then you become loveable; someone projects hate, then you become repulsive. And someone else doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t project anything, he is indifferent; he may not even have looked at you. What is happening? We are projecting our own moods upon others. That is why, if you are on your honeymoon, the moon looks beautiful, miraculous, wonderful. It seems that the whole world is different. And on the same night, just for your neighbor, this miraculous night may not be in existence at all. His child has died â&#x20AC;&#x201D; then the same moon is just sad, intolerable. But for you it is enchanting, and fascinating; it creates passion. Why? Is the moon the source or is the moon just a screen and you are projecting yourself?

This sutra says, when a mood against someone or for someone arises, do not place it on the person in question — or on the object in question. Remain centered. Remember that you are the source, so do not move to the other, move to the source. When you feel hate, do not go to the object. Go to the point from where the hate is coming. Go not to the person to whom it is going, but to the center from where it is coming. Move to the center, go within. Use your hate or love or anger or anything as a journey toward your inner center, to the source. Move to the source and remain centered there. Try it! This is a very, very scientific, psychological technique. Someone has insulted you — anger suddenly erupts, you are feverish. Anger is flowing toward the person who has insulted you. Now you will project this whole anger onto him. He has not done anything. If he has insulted you, what has he done? He has just pricked you, he has helped your anger to arise — but the anger is yours. If he goes to Buddha and insults him, he will not be able to create any anger in him. Or if he goes to Jesus, Jesus will give him the other cheek. Or if he goes to Bodhidharma, he will roar with laughter. So it all depends. The other is not the source; the source is always within you. The other is hitting the source, but if there is no anger within you it cannot come out. If you hit a Buddha, only compassion will come out because only compassion is there. Anger will not come out because anger is not there. If you throw a bucket into a dry well, nothing comes out. In a water-filled well, you throw a bucket and water comes out, but the water is from the well. The bucket only helps to bring it out. So one who is insulting you is just throwing

a bucket in you, and then the bucket will come out filled with the anger, hate, or fire that was within you. You are the source, remember. For this technique, remember that you are the source of everything that you go on projecting onto others. And whenever there is a mood against or for, immediately move within and go to the source from where this hate is coming. Remain centered there; do not move to the object. Someone has given you a chance to be aware of your own anger — thank him immediately and forget him. Close your eyes, move within, and now look at the source from where this love or anger is coming from? Go within, move within. You will find the source there because the anger is coming from your source. Hate or love or anything else too is coming from your source. And it is easy to go to the source at the moment you are angry or in love or in hate, because then you are hot. It is easy to move in then. The wire is hot and you can take it in, you can move inward with that hotness. And when you reach a cool point within, you will suddenly realize a different dimension, a different world opening before you. Use anger, use hate, use love to go within. We use it always to move to the other, and we feel very much frustrated if no one is there to project upon. Then we go on projecting even on inanimate objects. I have seen persons being angry at their shoes, throwing them in anger, slamming the door and many such things. What are they doing? I have seen angry persons pushing a door in anger, throwing their anger on the door, abusing the door, using dirty language against the door. What are they doing?

The Essence of Oral Traditions INTERVIEW WITH TAOSHOBUDDHA Dhyan Yatri This is the interview by Dhyan Yatri as part of his research project for his degree in English Literature at COSTAATT Trinidad and Tobago.


something happens. Master is the catalyst who does not do anything in a chemical reaction. However in the presence of the catalyst the chemical reaction takes place.

Master is the catalyst who does not do anything in a chemical reaction. However in the presence of the catalyst the chemical reaction takes place.

One morning Buddha came to the congregation with a flower in his hand. This was strange. Buddha never did anything like this before. With flower in his hand Buddha looked at every one and everyone said something. However Mahakashyap remained silent. And Buddha said: 'all that could be spoken I have spoken for forty years. But truth could not be spoken. This i have now transferred to mahakashyap. Thus came Zen Buddhism into existence. This is oral tradition.'

Oral tradition is the essence of mysticism and that of spirituality.

This is oral tradition. You cannot know this from outside. You have to be part of this.

Knowledge comes through the gate of the mind. Emotions and feelings come through the gate of heart. However none of these have anything to do with truth. Truth is awareness.

There is an incident in Buddha’s life.... A man came to meet him. He was a lone ascetic who came to see him, a wanderer. He came and said to Buddha: ‘I have no words capable of asking, I have no skill to bring what I want to ask into words. You know it already. Understand and say whatever is right for me.’ This is the inquiry of one who knows.

ne morning Buddha came to the congregation with a flower in his hand. This was strange. Buddha never did anything like this before. With flower in his hand Buddha looked at every one and everyone said something. However Mahakashyap remained silent. And Buddha said: 'all that could be spoken I have spoken for forty years. But truth could not be spoken. This I have now transferred to mahakashyap. Thus came Zen Buddhism into existence. This is oral tradition.'

Knowledge can be transmitted through the books. Truth is both knowledge plus feelings. For this the company of the master creates the environment for something to descend. In one of the Hindu scriptures six disciples approached a master. Each one of them had a question which they asked the master. The master told them to remain in the environment for one year and after that if he feels like answering the question he will otherwise not. In the environment of the master

Buddha was sitting silently. He didn’t say anything. After a short time it seemed as if something happened! The man had been looking at Buddha, and now his eyes started overflowing with tears. He bowed at Buddha’s feet and said,

‘Thank you! I am really for fortunate – you gave me what I came here for.’ He got up and left. His face was radiating an aura of unique splendor. He went dancing. This is oral transmission – a transmission without transmission. This is the way essence or truth is transferred on to a disciple. Question: What is the purpose of these talks? You asked “What is the purpose of these talks?” It is basically the same thing like saying: “What is the purpose of life?” The very purpose of life is to attain fruition. Like a seed life is here. What is the purpose of the seed? The seed has to grow into a flower to attain to its fruition. A child is born and the purpose of life is continuation and then the child blossoms into an adult. Blossoms: attains to its fruition. That is basically it. When we are talking about these talks, these are meant for bringing transformation. Transformation of what! As an individual we operate at a certain wavelength. We have a particular way of thinking. Sometimes this thinking - this understandingbrings pain, pleasure, happiness and sorrows. In most of the cases we remain within the dualities: pain and pleasure, sorrow and happiness, good and bad, light and darkness. Transformation means you are going beyond these dualities. If you look at the electric bulb that you know, it has two poles: the positive current and the negative current, the neutral or what we call the earth element. In the bulb - there is a filament that connects the two ends where energy is coming into. If this energy is not balanced or there is only one pole operating, there can be no transformation: the other filament is not in it. The moment the two poles…the energy which is coming from outside, the positive energy and the one that is available from the source the negative energy, neutralize one another the filament gets lit: transformation happens. The very purpose of the bulb is that it should be lit and it can only be lit when the two poles neutralize one another. So too, the movement from outside circumference

to the centre is the process of transformation. The movement from circumference to the centre takes place through this process where the two poles neutralize one another: the happiness and sorrow. You understand that happiness and sorrows are momentary. One moment there is happiness and the next moment there isn’t. One moment you are hungry, the next moment you are not hungry and when you are hungry you approach the food, you eat but the food that you eat has not fulfilled your appetite. It has only done this temporarily. If it was possible, permanently, then you would not be hungry any more. The purpose of transformation is moving from all that is ephemeral to that which is eternal. Instead of eating the food – whose effect is short-lived - you are striving for that which is eternal, which is never born and never dies, which was in the beginning which is now and which will be at end. This is the very purpose of all these talks. So that you are transformed, you move from the circumference to the centre. This is why most of the traditions say: “Go within”. If you have to experience something blissful then you have to go within. We can take a very simple example. A friend comes in to meet you. He knocks as he reaches at the circumference, but the circumference has heat, it may rain, and it may have other weather conditions that we are subject to. In order to enjoy the bliss of this company you have to go to the comfort of within. The comfort is not obtained on the circumference. You can get the comfort only at the centre, so you come inside to a suitable place where all the comforts have been arranged. We do not want to remain at the circumference, we want to come inside. Whenever we have to eat something we go in the kitchen. When we have to go to the bliss of the bedroom, we go to the bedroom. Here, in order to get the bliss we have to go within us. Within …it sounds very simple “Go Within” but what does within, or going within, means? ‘Within’ means all that is not available on the periphery, all that is not visible to the human eye. For

instance the thoughts that are going in your mind is not known to anyone, the emotions that are arising in you from time to time is not known to anyone this is the inside… the “within-ness“ of an individual. This is just the beginning of the process. As the process continues certainly you will reach to the no war zone or the realm of no mind. You would have heard of no war zone an area under the supervision of UN Peace Keeping Forces between two Enemies forces. The process of transformation requires that you are exploring that unexplored regions which is not known, which is hidden, and yet still, it is not hidden. This is why we have devised the word ‘Mysticism’. So, the very purpose is to go within to explore the uncharted regions to understand the very nature of our emotions. Where do emotions arise from? Where do thoughts arise from? Because if we have to change the pattern of our emotions, if we have to change the patterns of our life, if we have to change the pattern of our thinking, we have to understand what causes the emotions, and what causes the thoughts. It is the awareness which is at the back of everything. Then, through the process of the mind, awareness becomes understanding. Understanding brings thought patterns, emotions and actions. This is the very service; this is the very purpose of these talks. So, the oral tradition to which the talks belong could be referred to as Mysticism? Yes, the oral traditions: oral means …which is spoken, through the voice system - oracles and also it is known, as it cannot be put into the words. It is a tradition which is communion. This is why in almost all the traditions we use the word communion. There are certain things which can be communicated through words. For instance, if I use the word “chair” but unless and until you have the experience of this word “chair”, you will not be able to understand this, and in that case it becomes Mysticism. But because you understand the word “chair”, you understand the word “table”, so you can relate to the experience of the word that you have heard:

it is easily understandable. In case of the inner life, the experience, Master has, but the disciple does not. So the Master communicates that experience on to the disciple which cannot be put into the words. Yes, we have tried many times to explain that into the words. No matter how much we try to explain the substance water, we cannot explain without a prior experience. We have a game called Karaoke where we take the words, sometimes, and then we keep on giving the hints in order for the person to point out what is that word. If the hints are not correct then we will not be able to pin-point the word. So, this is the entire process of communicating that which cannot be communicated, that which cannot be explained and for which there is no experience known as the science, the very field of Mysticism. There are various traditions: Zen Path, the path of Buddha, the path of Tao, of Lao Tzu, the path of Hindus, the path of Christians, the path of Pythagoras, and the path of other Sufi Masters these are all oral traditions. They cannot be communicated; for instance to some extent, what we are learning in the class is in one way I can say that it is an oral tradition. The Master knows, he has mastered the art of the subject matter that he is going to teach you. You as a student have not known this. You are now entering into the classroom. You are not familiar with the terminology that the teacher uses. And if, for instance, you are a student of Literature and you happen to go to a class of Physics where the terminology is different than whatever the teacher is saying in the class of Physics, this will not be understandable to you. You have to experience something; you have to be familiar theoretically with the words. Here experience is more important. When you put these things together in order to bring the inner transformation, it becomes Mysticism: something which cannot be explained into words. Much is said, nothing is said/ done and yet still, much more is communicated. When you look at the drama, the words are meager, words are used but the communication happens tremendously. Your entire being

communicates. Your hand movement, your eyes, your gestures, your voice, everything put together; makes the communication very potent. And sometimes we can communicate even without the words through our expressions, through our movement of the eyes, through our face, and face expressions. Through our hand gestures we can communicate as well. This is part of Mysticism when it is related to the process of inner transformation for a specific purpose. Remember it is for no other purpose. It is not for entertainment. A stage performance is for entertainment. This is not for transformation. This is not for education either. Transformation means blossoming of your being, blossoming of the seed into the flower. The whole process - how seed becomes a flower- is the process of transformation, is the process of Mysticism. What therefore, should be the predisposition (if any) of the listener? If you are a true musician or a true orator, one who knows the art of oratory, you do not need any disposition as long as, words can go, and create a magnetic effect. In the beginning, when someone sees me standing on the podium dressed in a most unassuming manner, with a long beard, no ostentation, someone may jeer but when the words begin to flow, it will create its effect; a magnetic field is created because words have a sound wavelength. Wavelength is not the correct word, it should be sound frequency. The electrical current or the light have the wavelength, sound has vibrations. Certain vibrations are soothing. Firstly, the words that you are using according to your own experience, or understanding, or your own growth confirms this fact and gives the word tremendous force. That word creates the sound vibrations. Now, the Master knows where this vibration has to go. What effect do I have to create in order to bring the transformation in an individual? As an individual, when the process of transformation is to take place, I have to work at the level of emotions because every single individual that we come across is emotionally

imbalanced. In order for my vibrations, my energy, to reach your door, to bring about the transformation, it has to have a certain frequency and that frequency comes from my inner force. I know, then, what happens within. In order to bring the emotional transformation, whatever has to be communicated, it has to be communicated in an emotional overtone. The voice should have an emotional effect. For instance, a sentence that was used recently just happened. I opened one of my sites, the message came from a person who was subscribing to my channel, so while I was busy doing some work, the sentence came out spontaneously – this is how it began:” Inner beauty sometimes assumes the form of words.” There is something striking and touching in this sentence. This sentence “Inner beauty sometimes assumes the form of words” was not pre thought but is impregnate with something deep. Now, when word like this overflows, or another sentence: “Love is an unseen but realized truth”, it must reach to your heart centre. Or when, I say: ”On the dumb bosom of this oblivious world although as unknown beings we seem to meet, we are not aliens nor as strangers joined, we are bound to each other by a causeless force. There is a power within that knows the answering soul. Sometimes, traversing along life’s path you stumble upon someone wherein you find the familiar splendors in an unknown face”. These sentences - the voice modulation, the choice of the words - all it’s not that I am doing it. It is happening naturally and spontaneously and will certainly have effect. In the beginning, it is an effort. You have to make an effort. Many a times people use my sentences, messages for different purposes. You can inculcate this art, but eventually it becomes very natural and spontaneous. And this is why it happens. Your next question! Is there some difference between listening to these talks ‘live’ and listening to their recorded versions later?

Definitely when you are listening to the talks directly, you are listening to the talks at my will and pleasure. When I come on the channel, the talks begin. You are waiting for me, and to begin to listen to the talks. You are aware of my presence, right through, as I am speaking. This is a presence, and very important too. When you are listening to me, your total attention is on me then. Your eyes, from all around you have brought in, and your attention as well to one point. You begin to listen to every word and imbibe all that has not been communicated through the words, but through the eyes and gestures. However because of the limitations of the facilities and many other impediments, we have used a different device where none of the participants have to leave their homes and face the traffic. It is in the comfort of their own place, they can listen to these talks. But again, if I do not arrive at the scene, the talks will not take place. Also if the technology is not working then too these talks will not take place. On the contrary, if the talk is prerecorded, it is available to you. You are the Master of that talk. You can listen to it at your own will and pleasure. You can switch on and switch off. Even while you are listening to the talk, you can attend to the phone call, whereas when the talk is ‘live’, you switch off your phone. This is the difference between the two: the live talks, and also the recorded talks. But the recorded talks can also serve a great purpose, if you remember and are aware that the choice of the words and everything has created an effect when you heard first. If you play even a single talk, for instance: ‘The Light of the Being’ you can see the difference. Play this talk for five minutes or for the entire duration of thirty minutes, not even a single person in the audience can say he has not experienced something. During that period of thirty minutes, although it is a recorded talk, but you are listening to it with a discipline just as you would have listened to it when it was ‘live’, at least for certain minutes during the entire duration of the talk you will certainly disappear and you will not know where

you have been during those moments. That much, I can assure you, that even the people who are not familiar with this, they will experience this. It is in that milieu a communion happens between the Master and disciple. We can use the language as it has given a beautiful word - all that is foreplay. The foreplay is long but the precise moment that we call the orgasm is very precise. But it is for that moment we go through this long process. You are listening to this half an hour talk, at least for five, six minutes, maybe one minute you will disappear and you will not know what happened. You’ll want to know if you fell asleep. That’s the simplest word or expression that we can give to that situation. This is where you are connected to the Master. This is the point where the transformation begins; where something of the Master jumps over from the Master to the disciple. Take an example, there is a lit candle, and you want to light another candle. This candle is already lit. You want to light another candle. How can you light? You have to bring the unlit candle in close proximity to the lit one. A little close…nothing happens; a little closer and still nothing happens. Then you bring further close…nothing happens; then suddenly it attains a required closeness. It is self determined. There is no law of Physics, Chemistry or anything that can determine how close the unlit candle has to be. It will depend on many factors, the flame, the air, and the breeze environment. But you cannot overlap it. You have to bring as close as it is required, then all of a sudden - just “ploop!” And the unlit candle gets lit. Can you record that event, when the unlit candle gets lit? That moment is so infinitesimal. It cannot be recorded, but it does happen. You cannot deny its presence. Without that, the unlit candle would have not lit. This is what happens: the two ways. You can listen to these talks, as prerecorded one; that is the very purpose. The talks have been recorded, just as this particular interview. It is not ‘live’, but you can listen to it in the same way as you are listening to it ‘live’. And the moment you sit down in that discipline, as you would have

when you were listening to it ‘live’ you can generate the same effect. It will create the same effect as when it was being played for the first time. So, in the first place, in the first case: in case of ‘live’ it depends on the one who’s speaking. How he remains when he starts, and when he stops. Now, when it is prerecorded, it all depends on you. Whether you are listening to it for entertainment, or you are listening to it for meditation but you are listening to it at your own will and pleasure. You can attend to your phone calls. You can watch your T.V. show, and still listen to these talks. The most potent effect of these prerecorded talks becomes even more effective when these are listened to for the first time and you are listening to this through the headphone system. Through the headphones, the sound that is coming in, is creating vibrations within your eardrums and if you can have the headphone on and you keep your eyes closed you can see an altogether different effect of it. This is an experiment. I have experimented at different stages, so I can explain this to you. The best possible and the most effective way is to have your eyes slightly closed. And if the eyes are half closed and half open, then you are neither asleep nor awake and that is the state of meditation. When your eyes are closed you fall into the brainwave patterns called theta and may even fall into sleep. If the eyes are open, then you cannot fall into sleep. When eyes are half open-half closed, neither you are in sleep nor you are in waking in the normal way, but you are attaining the state of awakening. That is the state of meditation. So this is the difference between the ‘live’ talks and the recorded talks. You can make a recorded talk ‘live’, it all depends on you. I have created all the ‘live’ talks as recorded ones so that these can be reused as ‘live’ ones depending on the approach of the listener. This is why, when I am listening to any particular talk, I am listening as if I am listening to it ‘live’, for the first time. It creates a tremendous effect.

So, the difference between the ‘live’ and prerecorded talks is the predisposition of the listener? I would like to say in simplified terms, that the live talks depend on the speaker. The speaker can create the effect. The speaker can create the interest, but afterwards, when you are listening as prerecorded one, it depends on the listener. If a particular talk has created an interest in you, just as a particular movie, a show that you have watched on the television. It has interested you and you would like to acquire the video of it. And you play it over and over again whenever you want to watch it. So, in simplified words as you said, it depends upon the disposition of the listener. What of this oral tradition that has modified in the transposition from its traditional milieu, to the Creole culture of Trinidad? Number one, as you have mentioned, ‘creole’. This is a beautiful word but it has been hackneyed and given a colloquial meaning. It comes from two words: create and old. You are creating something which is old, and eternal. You are creating. Now each time, when I have to speak an audience, I have to know the level of understanding of the audience. This is why I operate at three different layers. First, is the plane where I would like to be the most? This is the plane of my inner silence. If I do not have to speak that is the best. Most of the time, when I used to spend times with my uncle the Sufi Master, he never communicated to me, as I am speaking to you. He is doing his work; office work or something else; maybe he is writing an article. Then as I see him engrossed in the work, I will go and sit down. He has not spoken to me, and I have not spoken to him still there has been a communion because each individual carries energy field which, according to Kirilian’s photography can be recorded. Now, the photography of Kirilian, a Russian, has been able to discover the energy patterns of an individual. This is called aura. Kirilian’s photography can easily get the photographs of the energy patterns

around. These energy patterns differ according to inner state of the person. So I prefer this type of communication. But most of us are at the level of the mind, or the level of intellect, because two things work together: mind and intellect. For the first one, you need to have a total trust in Master’s presence. After, maybe I sit down for half an hour and he knows that, enough energy has flown, and more than that I will not be able to absorb then he will say “Now go…..” So while sitting down I’ll, most of the time, remain quite observing the way he is handling the work by watching his gestures and expressions. If there is a celebration going on in your house and someone comes in, they also will be part of that celebration. The Master is a constant celebration, so when you come in such a presence, you become a part of that celebration. But how many people can imbibe the silence? Now, when the talks are taking place, all those people who are part of the talk remain unconcerned about what I am talking. What matters to them is that I am speaking? And that is what is relevant now, and sometimes these sessions are followed by questions and my responses. This is a different level. But otherwise, it does not matter to any one of these participants whatever I’m speaking. Whether I’m speaking on the Sufi Path, or that of Buddha or that of the Christians it really does not matter. We have people from the different religious faiths, but to none of them it matters. Most important thing is my voice, and my presence. So these people who are connected to my presence definitely feel the effect of the words that are creating a replica of that presence within and grooves in consciousness. Then there are many people around the world who are interested in my intellectual explanation, understandings and subject matter when I speak. These people will find that whatever I am speaking, it can become a good subject matter for their use. This is a second level of talks. A vast majority operates at this level.

The third is the level includes those who have nothing to do with either of the two. Can I neglect them? So, I have created another plane, whether you are interested in my silence or not, whether you are interested in my intellectual prowess or not, but definitely you will be interested in food that I cook. That is the grossest level. So now, when we are talking about the people, the people have to be classified into these three categories. Whether they come from the Indian environment or from the ‘creole’ environment or from any other environment, they can basically be classified into these three categories. Three categories: the first is silence. This kind of individual exists everywhere: in India, in Trinidad, in Florida, in any part of the world. Yes, then it comes to the language. Basically we speak English language. My accent may not be easily understandable to you. With certain words and their pronunciation understanding may be difficult. In the same way, your pronunciation may not be understandable by people. For instance, any time you are doing the work in Trinidad; I am speaking of a colloquial word which is multifarious and does many things. You are fixing the chairs and tables. You found you have not done it properly, someone says: “Thing it properly.” The word ‘thing’ and ‘thinging’ has become so hackneyed and colloquial that it can fit anywhere. Basically you have to remember, I am dealing with human beings and the nature of the human being remains the same wherever they are. They can be classified into three categories which I have explained earlier. So, that way, it does not make a difference. Now we use many, slangs which are the best way to explain the message. Everybody in Trinidad understands when I say “Me eh know” but “Me eh know” is not English language. So when I am speaking to the people in Trinidad, I may have to use those slangs at times in order to get familiar. This will create a closer relation with the person who may think that I am one like them as I speak like the rest. So in that way, this is the difference, otherwise there is no

difference. And the other difference, you can say, is because of the western culture. When a Master-disciple relationship comes in Indian sub-continent and that too, within the Hindu framework, the salutation is done differently. In Islamic world the way of salutation is different. When it comes to the western world, the salutation is altogether different. Now, according to the Hindu environment, if the Master is standing, the disciple will not sit down. Instead he will remain standing and sometimes these things appear to be out of place. When you see any movie on Satya Sai Baba, you will find whenever the Master is walking, people do not stand up and walk behind him, they just walk on their haunches. So this kind of effect you will see in Indian or more so within Hindu environment. When you see the Mystical environment, their salutation is different. So, these things are outward. When it comes to the inward, these are irrelevant. It does not matter to me whether a person greets me in the normal way or not. It is not important. What is important, whether he is ready or not and his inner preparation. The Master will not explain that as it is not relevant. He is only concerned with your inner readiness, so the cultural effects and those things are meaningless. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why I have never explained. Now when you are saying the prayer, you have to remain standing, and the Hindu prayer is very long while Christian prayer is even longer. So what happens then? The people who are participating in the prayers their body musculature, gestures all begin to feel uncomfortable. So when your body is uncomfortable, how can you be devoted in prayer? I have therefore made it a point, that

whatever you do, whatever posture you choose, you have to be comfortable, and make sure that body does create any inertia only then whatever you do will connect you to your inner space. The, prayer does not see your bodily gestures or anything else, it sees the inner readiness. Are you available to the moment when you are saying your prayers or not is all that matters? But if your body wants to be scratched, feels tired, or something else then you will not be able to focus your attention on the prayer or whatever you are doing. So this is why, these things, I have made mandatory. I have not given any importance on these outer dimensions, because ultimately we have to move within. So why not begin moving within this very moment. These are basically the questions. I hope that this particular talk is able to communicate what you want it to be communicated to these people, or introduce the subject of oral traditions, meditations and things like these in a very simple way, to a very common audience. The audience is not the one that is connected with me in this particular way, but definitely the talk will maintain a certain level of interest in you and your attention will be undiverted towards listening also, because you would not like to miss any word that is spoken. And this much for now! Thank you very much for listening to these talks, patiently. So only this much for now! Love Taoshobuddha

This boat too is empty Zen is the antidote to fear, anger, and any other emotion that impedes the way of meditation. I have heard about one of the Zen masters Lin Chi. He narrates an incident of his youth that has remained the beacon light amidst the deserts and the thoroughfares of life. One of the greatest of Zen masters, Lin Chi, used to say, “While I was young I was very fascinated by boating. I had one small boat, and I would go on the lake alone. For hours together I would remain there.” Once it happened that with closed eyes I was in my boat meditating on the beautiful night. One empty boat came floating downstream and struck my boat. My eyes were closed, so I thought, ‘Someone is here with his boat, and he has struck my boat.’ Anger arose. I opened my eyes and I was just going to say something to that man in anger, then I realized that the boat was empty. Then there was no way to move. To whom could I express the anger? The boat was empty. It was just floating downstream, and it had come and struck my boat. So there was nothing to do. There was no possibility to project the anger on an empty boat.” So Lin Chi said, “I closed my eyes. The anger was there, but finding no way out, I closed my eyes and just floated backward with the anger. And that empty boat became my realization. I came to a point within myself in that silent night. That empty boat was my master. And now if someone comes and insults me, I laugh and I say, ‘This boat is also empty.’ I close my eyes and I go within.” You can use this technique. It may work miracles for you. It has worked for Lin Chi. The choice is yours. I am simply sharing my insights.

Fear - Duality of Emotions


motions always exist in pairs of opposites. The real solution is going beyond these emotions. Love and hate; love and fear stay together. These are two sides of the same coin. You love a woman and with the love, in the same parcel comes fear. She may leave you â&#x20AC;&#x201D; she has already left somebody and come with you. There is a precedent; perhaps she will do the same to you. There is fear! You feel knots in the stomach. You are too much attached. You cannot get a simple fact: you have come alone in the world. You have been here yesterday also, without this woman, perfectly well, without any knots in the stomach. And tomorrow if this woman goes... What is the need of the knots? You know how to be without her, and you will be able to be without her once again. The fear arises because things may change tomorrow. Somebody may die, you may go bankrupt, and your job may be taken away. There are a thousand and one things which may change. You are burdened with more and more fears, and none of them are valid because yesterday also you were full of all these fears, unnecessarily. Things may have changed but you are still alive. And man has an immense capacity to adjust himself in any situation. It is said that only man and cockroaches have this immense capacity of adjustment. That is why wherever you find man you will certainly find cockroaches, and wherever you find cockroaches you will find man. They go together, they have a similarity. Even in faraway places like the North Pole or the South Pole you will find them. When man traveled to those places he suddenly found that he had brought cockroaches with him, and they were perfectly healthy and living and reproducing. If you just look around the earth you can see: man lives in thousands of different climates, geographical situations, political situations, sociological situations, religious situations, but he manages to live. And he has lived for centuries. Things go on changing, and yet still he goes on adjusting himself.

There is nothing to fear. Even if the world ends so what! There is nothing to worry? You will be ending with it. Do you think you will be standing on an island and the whole world will end, leaving you alone? Do not be worried. At least you will have a few cockroaches with you! What is the problem if the world ends? It has been asked to me many times. But what is the problem? If it ends, let it end. It does not create any problem because we will not be here. We will be ending with it too, and there will be no one to worry about. It will be really the greatest freedom from fear. The world ending means every problem ending, every disturbance ending, and every knot in your stomach ending too. I do not see any problem. But I know that everybody is full of fear. But the question is the same: the fear is part of the mind. The mind is a coward, and has to be a coward because it does not have any substance. It is empty and hollow, and it is afraid of everything. And basically it is afraid that one day you may become aware. That will be really the end of the world! Not the end of the world but your becoming aware. You are coming to a state of meditation where mind has to disappear. That is its basic fear. Because of that fear it keeps people away from meditation, makes them enemies of people like me who are trying to spread something of meditation, some way of awareness and witnessing. They become antagonistic to me. Not without any reason; their fear is well-founded. They may not be aware of it, but their mind is really afraid to come close to anything that can create more awareness. That will be the beginning of the end of the mind. That will be the death of the mind. But for you there is no fear. The death of the mind will be your rebirth, your beginning to really live. You should be happy, you should rejoice in the death of the mind, because nothing can be a greater freedom. Nothing else can give you wings to fly into the sky; nothing else can make the whole sky yours.

Mind is prison


an lives in mind. As is the mind so is the man. Mind is the prison. Indeed man is awareness. This he has forgotten. The whole process of transformation requires awareness to be out of the prison â&#x20AC;&#x201D; or

realizing it has never been in the prison; it was just thinking that it was in the prison. All fears disappear.

I am also living in the same world, but I have never felt for a single moment any fear because nothing can be taken away from me. I can be killed but I will be seeing it happening, so what is being killed is not me, is not my awareness instead just the body.

The greatest discovery in life, the most precious treasure, is of awareness. Without it you are bound to be in darkness, full of fears. And you will go on creating new fears; there is no end to it. You will live in fear, you will die in fear, and you will never be able to taste something of freedom. And it was all the time your potential; any moment you could have claimed it, but you never claimed it.

It is your responsibility.

Love taste of new Consciousness Love is the taste of new consciousness. And with this new man is emerging. The image of the new man is not yet clear, but the horizon is becoming red and the sun will soon be there. The morning mist is there and the image of the new man is vague, but still a few things are very crystal clear about the new man. This new man has the taste of consciousness. He is the outcome of new consciousness. He is the byproduct of meditation. And this is of tremendous importance because since the monkey became man, man has remained the same. The journey from monkey to man was easy and fast but the journey from man to no-man or Buddha is arduous. Yet still it happens in a few rare moments of awareness a man attains to buddhahood. A great revolution is on the way. It will be far more deep-going than the revolution that happened when monkeys started walking on the earth and became human beings. That change created mind and brought psychology in. Now another far more significant change is going to happen that will bring the soul in, and man will not only be a psychological being but a spiritual being too. You are living in one of the most alive times ever. The new man has already arrived in fragments, but only in fragments. And the new man has been arriving for centuries, but only here and there. That is how things happen. When the spring comes it starts with one flower. But when the one flower is there, then one can be certain: that spring is not faraway – it has come. The first flower has heralded its coming: Zarathustra, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus – these were the first flowers. Now the new man is going to be born on a greater scale. According to me, this new consciousness is the most important thing that is happening today. I would like to tell you something about this new consciousness, its orientations, and its characteristics, because you are to help it come out of the womb – and then you HAVE TO BE IT. The new man cannot come from nowhere. He has to emerge through you. The new man can only be born through your womb. You have to become the womb. Sannyas is an

experiment to clean the ground so that new seeds can fall in. If you understand the meaning of the new man, you will be able to understand the significance of Sannyas too. And it is because Sannyas is concerned with the new man that the old orthodoxies of all kinds are going to revolt and be against any such effort. They fear this will be their end. If the new man succeeds, the old will have to go. The old can live only if the new man is prevented from emerging. It cannot be prevented now, because it is not only a question of the new man’s emergence into existence, it is a question of the survival of the whole earth, or of consciousness itself, or of life itself. It is a question of life and death. The old man has come to utter destructiveness. The old man has reached the end of his tether. Now there is no life possible with the old concept of man but only death. The old man is preparing for a global suicide. The old man is piling up atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, in order to commit a collective suicide. This is a very unconscious desire. Rather than allowing the new man to be, the old man would like to destroy the whole thing. You have to understand, and protect the new, because the new carries the whole future within its womb. And man has come to a stage where a great quantum leap is possible. The old man was other-worldly, the old man was against this world. The old man was always looking to the heavens. The old man was more concerned with life after death than life before death. The new man’s concern will be life before death. The new man’s concern will be THIS very life, because if this life is taken care of, the other will follow of its own accord. One need not worry about it, one need not think about it. The old man was too concerned with God. That concern was out of fear. The new man will not be concerned with God, but will live and love this world, and out of that love he will experience the existence of God.

Moment in Totality The old man was speculative; the new man is going to be existential. The old man can be defined in the Upanishadic statement: NETI NETI, not this, not this. The old man was negative – life-negative, or life-denying. The new man will be life-affirming: ITI ITI, this and this. The old man’s concern was THAT, the new man’s concern will be this, because out of this alone that is born, and if you become too concerned with that, you miss both.

The new man will not know any such ’isms’. The new man will simply be an opening, or a window to reality. He will allow reality as it is. He will not project his own mind upon it. He will not use reality as a screen. His eyes will be available; they will not be full of ideas. He will not live out of belief, instead he will simply live. And remember; only those who can simply live, without belief, have indeed come to know what truth is.

Tomorrow is in the womb of today. Take care of today and you have taken care of tomorrow. There is no need to be in any way worried about tomorrow. If you become too worried about tomorrow you have missed today. And tomorrow will come as today – it always comes as today. If you have learned this suicidal habit of missing today, you will miss tomorrow also.

The believer or the disbeliever never knows what truth is. Their beliefs are too heavy on their minds. They are surrounded too much by their belief systems. The new man will not know any belief system. He will watch, he will observe, he will see, he will live, and he will allow all kinds of experiences. He will be available, and he will be multi dimensional.

You will go on missing. The old man was continuously missing, was miserable, sad. And because he was sad he was against the world, he blamed the world, he blamed SAMSARA. He said, ’It is because of the world that I am in misery.’ It is not so. The world is immensely beautiful, it is all beauty, bliss and benediction.

The old man lived out of fear. And the new man will not carry scriptures in his head. Instead he will carry only awareness. He will be meditative. For the old mind everything was nothing but a creation out of fear. His temples, mosques, Gurudwaras, and churches – were all the outcome of fear. He was trembling with fear. The new man will live out of love, not out of fear, because fear serves death, love serves life.

There is nothing wrong with the world. Something was definitely wrong with the old mind. The old mind was either past-oriented or future-oriented, which are not really different orientations. The old mind was concerned with that which is not. The new man will be utterly in tune with that which is, because it is God, it is reality: iti iti, this is it. This moment has to be lived in its totality. This moment has to be lived in its spontaneity, without any a priori conclusions. The old man was carrying ready-made answers. He was stuffed with philosophy, religion and all kinds of nonsense. The new man is going to live life without any A PRIORI conclusion about it. Without any conclusion one has to face existence, and then one knows what it is. If you have already concluded, your conclusion will become a barrier. It will not allow you inquiry – your conclusion will become a blindfold. It will not allow you to see the truth – your investment will be in the conclusion. You will distort reality to fit your conclusion. That is what has been done up to now and still continues. The new man will not be Hindu, or Muslim, or Christian, or communist.

And if you live out of fear you will never know what life is, you will only know death again and again. And remember, the person who lives out of fear creates all kinds of situations in which he has to feel more and more fear. Your fear creates situations, just as your love creates situations. If you love, you will find so many occasions to be loving. If you are afraid, you will find so many occasions to be afraid. Love is going to be the taste of the new consciousness. Because fear was the taste of the old consciousness it created wars. In three thousand years man has fought five thousand wars – as if we have not been doing anything else – continuous fighting somewhere or other. This is a very mad state of affairs. Humanity’s past is insane. The new man will become discontinuous with this insane past. He will believe in love, not in war. He will believe in life, not in death. He will be creative, not destructive. His science, and art – all will serve creativity. He will not create bombs. He will not be political, because politics is out of hatred.

Relationship â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the Mirror Question You said relationship is the mirror. In the process of relating the other becomes a mirror. And when you look into this mirror of relationship you can really see how far you have progressed inwardly. Why is it so difficult? Why do people tend to move out of relationships so easily or avoid out rightly? Please explain. Taoshobuddha responds: You have to understand the very nature of relationship. Also there is a way to relate. We tend to give too much importance to relationships rather to the way of relating. Relating is the outcome of meditation. When someone attains to meditation he learns the art of relating. Relationship is indeed the mirror of one's inward growth. Relating is the meditative way of living. You see people around you, claiming to be meditators but when you look into their lives there is no bliss overflowing either through their living or through their words. This is a sad plight. Hardly ever you really see someone who is emotionally mature. When you begin to relate or enter into any relationship there always remains the fear of commitment. It is because of this that all problems arise in life. You find yourself incapable of making decisions. Remember it is only through decisions that you attain to consciousness. Also when you take the responsibility of your decisions and stand by these that you become more and more conscious. In this process you attain to crystallization. This brings sharpness and maturity as well. In the absence you remain dull. When you look around you will observe people moving from one master to another, also people move from one temple to another. This does not mean that these persons are really seekers. It is so because such persons are incapable of making decisions. And this is the way to avoid commitment. Something like this happens when it comes to human relationships. You go on moving from one person to another. And you think that you are really a great lover. This simply indicates that you are not a lover indeed. In fact you are really avoiding any deep commitment. What really happens with commitment is that there comes deep involvement, and also the problems relating to this. In this

process you have to face problems and also the pain associated with it. So you try to play safe. And this you do by not going deep into with anyone. There remains a fear that if you go deep you may not be able to come out of the relationship. Whatever be the nature of relationship, be it worldly or beyond you never go deeper into the relationship. You want to remain on the surface. On the surface you only see the duality, the superfluous. You can stand on the sea shore and say that you have seen the ocean. On the surface you only see the waves. Neither the wave neither is the ocean nor is the sum total of all waves ocean. Waves arise on the surface of the ocean. Waves are multiple and the ocean is one. In order to know truth you have to dive deep into the womb of the ocean. There lie the treasures. So too on the surface of the relationship you only see the superfluous. To discover Truth you have to dive deep into the relationship. Your fear of commitment, problems, hurt etc., keep you away from going deeper into any relationship and thus discovering the inner treasure of serenity, bliss, ecstasy, and oneness. All that keep you away from going deeper is because of EGO. Such an experience is that what you call as God Realization or Self Realization. In fact it is wrong to call it a relationship or experience. But mystics are always in difficulty. What they actually want to communicate is beyond words. And words are incapable to encompass all that is. Because all that is, is really magnanimous. Beyond words! Hindus call this as ANHAT NAAD - THE UNCREATED. If you go deep into any relations then there is the fear that you may not come back. And if you go deep into somebody, then that person will also go deeper into you. Such phenomenon is proportionate. Because if I go really deep into you this is the way that allows you to go deep into me. It is a sharing. The fear remains that this can entangle you. And will certainly entangle you. This brings pain. So you want to play safe. This you do by meeting on the surface only. All your so called relationships are superfluous and remain on the surface. Husband and wives may remain for a long time together- 50-60 years together. And they say there is too much love. But in reality it is not love. What actually happens when too people stay together for sometime there happens TOGETHERNESS. And this is mistaken for LOVE. Love is the shadow of meditation. When meditation happens there comes the experience of inner oneness. And as the

fragrance of meditation Love springs forth. Such phenomenon is rarely seen. What you really see around are meetings of two bodies not the souls. Such are hit and run love affairs. You tend to run before you are caught. This is what you see around. People have become so juvenile, and childish that they are losing all sense of maturity. By maturity I do not mean physical maturity. I mean inner or spiritual maturity. Maturity comes only when you are ready to face the pain of your being. Maturity comes when you are ready to face the challenge. And remember there is no greater challenge than love. Remember to live happily with another person is the greatest challenge in the world. You can live peacefully alone. It is very easy. However, it is very difficult to live peacefully, joyfully and meditatively with another person. More so when the someone else is your wife or husband it becomes almost impossible. What happens then is that now two ego collide, two worlds collide. It is also the explosion of two differently understood worlds. Then how can the two opposite poles meet? How can the two be attracted to one another? They are totally different, almost opposite, polar opposites. Then the meeting happens only on the surface and there is no question of the merger of two worlds, two egos. Two worlds, two souls can merge only when the egos dissolve. Therefore it is very difficult to be peaceful and loving in a relationship, because that is the challenge. And if you escape from that, you escape from maturity. If you go into it with all the pain, agony, and all that a relationship brings and still continue delving deeper and deeper into it, and then by and by the pain becomes a blessing, the conflict becomes a synergistic harmony. And then by and by, through the conflict, and friction, crystallization happens. Through the struggle you become more alert, more aware. The other becomes like a mirror to you. You can see your ugliness in the other. The other provokes your unconscious, brings it to the surface. And when you are aware then you continue to grow in maturity. And what then happens... no words can encompass the magnanimity of it. It is like a dumb has now tasted the sweet fruit. He cannot describe the taste. Only through silent gestures he can speak of the inner happening. You can only come to know all hidden parts of your being through the mirror of relationship. These are to be

mirrored, reflected, in a relationship. This I call easier, because there is no other way â&#x20AC;&#x201D; but it is hard. It is hard, arduous, because you will have to change through it. And when you break the mirror how can there be the reflection of the hidden parts of your being, your ugliness, your ego, etc. And when these are not reflected there is no way to improve or let the inner beauty to manifest. So too when you come to a Master there comes an even greater challenge before you. Because then you have to decide quickly. The problem is greater because you have to choose the unknown, and unknowable. Also your decision has to be total and absolute. This is not a child's game. And once you have made a decision there is no return. This brings so much conflict. So the easiest way is not to go on changing continuously. This is the way to avoid yourself. And you will remain soft, babyish. And maturity will not happen to you. Only the unknown and the unknowable should have a call for you because that you have not yet lived; you have not moved in that territory. Move! Something new will definitely happen then only your silent gestures.....! Therefore, O fool always go for the unknown, whatsoever be the risk, whatsoever be the outcome, and you will grow continuously. But in all circumstances you go on choosing the known and then you move in a continuous circle with the past again and again coming to the surface. You go on repeating it. And in this process you have become a CD that is moving in a repeat mode. So think through it. And decide. The sooner you can do so, the better. Postponement is really stupid. Tomorrow you will also have to decide, so why not now? And now is the precise moment. And you think that tomorrow you will be wiser than today? Do you think that tomorrow you will be livelier than today? Do you think that tomorrow you will be younger than today or fresher than today? Will tomorrow ever come????? Firstly tomorrow never comes. And tomorrow you will be older, you will be less courageous. Also there will be depletion of energy. But you go on thinking that tomorrow you will be more experienced, more cunning. As time move you are coming closer to death. The wheel of time is moving. And soon frigid claws of death will descend and seal your humble fete. Then you shan't have time to mend. And you will start wavering with more fear. Never postpone for the tomorrow. And who knows? Tomorrow may come or may not come. If you have to decide you have to decide right now. Because, transformation can only happen now and here!

MYSTICAL SEVENS Evolution is the law of life. Number is the law of the universe. Unity is the law of God. Pythagoras

It was Honoré De Blaze (1799-1850), the French realistic Novelist who during a conversation on the subject of numbers said: ‘Without them, the whole edifice of our civilization would fall to pieces.’ Numbers affect our daily lives in a host of different ways and one of the oldest is the occult science of numerology. No one can be exactly sure when numerology evolved as a method of forecasting the future. The ancient Chaldeans, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Hindus, and Hebrews all developed numerological systems of their own and to this day numerology is constantly being updated, and expanded by various experts and cultures who embrace its doctrines. The Qabalistic Gemetria, a profound magico – philosophical art which uses 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and their corresponding numbers to decode hidden meanings in the scriptures or to discover a person’s essential character and destiny by name analysis, is certainly a major contributory factor to present day numerology. So with the Gematria providing the cipher, and the pythagorians method of interpreting numbers by qualities assigned to them, plus a few additional contributions from Judism and Christianity numerology was created. Numerology believes that we are born at a certain date, hour, and time not merely by chance, instead in order to learn important lessons and to perform specific tasks during our lifetimes and that the conditions and the vibrations prevailing at the precise moment of our birth must be favourable if we are to fulfil our mission in life. Still there are others who believe that the transmigration of souls and the possibility of reincarnation play in important role in their philosophy of life. What is significant about numerology is that it incorporates Pythagorean belief that ‘all things can be expressed in numerological terms because all things are ultimately reducible to numbers.’ Numerologists generally work with numbers one to nine plus master numbers eleven and twenty two. Together their

meanings encompass all the experience that life can present. Symbolically they represent the stages through which an idea must first pass before it can become a reality. Understanding and practical application, of the meaning of these numbers will bring a greater personal understanding of life. It is not necessary to possess powers of extra sensory perception and clairvoyance to practise numerology – just simple arithmetic. Centuries later the Renaissance philosopher-magician Henry Cornelius Agrippa of Netterheim (1468-1555) listed the significance of the numbers one to nine: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Action, ambition, and leadership Balance, passivity and receptivity Gaiety, versatility and brilliance Endurance, steadiness and dullness Sexuality, adventure, and instability Domesticity, harmony and dependability Mystery, knowledge and solitariness Worldly involvement coupled with material success 9. Spirituality, inspiration and great achievement Of all these number Seven has been used since time immemorial to describe the creations and ordinances of God and the subsequent patterns that appear in the natural world. Here are a few examples:

Early Indian Music In one view, cosmic sound nāda is the cause of the material universe and it is identifed with the Brahman of the Upanişads. Nāda is synonymous with parāvāk, and it comes in two forms: āhata the perceptible sound, and anāhata the unstuck or absolute sound. Music is the elevated form of āhata nāda whereas anāhata nāda can be cognized only through Yoga. The two kinds have a close relationship, and a śruti, a small interval of sound, represents their joining. The texts tell us that 22 śrutis span the seven notes of the saptaka. The problem as to why this subdivision Early Indian Music 3 has 22 elements has concerned musicologists for a long time. It is also not clear why the śrutis are divided non-uniformly into groups of four, three, and two into musical notes in

Bharata’s Nāţya Śāstra. The saptaka, the ‘series of seven’ - the same as the octave or the ‘series of eight’ of Western music - spans a doubling of frequency. The seven notes of the saptaka are named sa (for şhadja), ri (ŗşabha), ga (gāndhāra), ma (madhyama), pa (paňcama), dha (dhaivata), and ni (nişāda). The seven fundamental tones of the octave express the law of seven. The addition to it of the Do of the next octave, that is to say, the crowning of the process, gives the eighth step. Establishment of Shadja as the first, defining note of the scale or grama. The word Shadja (;fj) means 'giving birth to six', and refers to the fact that once this note (often referred to as "sa" and notated S) is fixed, the placement of other notes in the scale is determined. Principle of Consonance: Consists of two principles: a. The first principle states that there exists a fundamental note in the musical scale which is Avinashi (AivnazI) and Avilopi (AivlaepI) that is, the note is ever-present and unchanging. b. The second principle, often treated as law, states that there exists a natural consonance between notes; the best between Shadja and Tar Shadja, the next best between Shadja and Pancham. The ‘‘Natya Shastra’’ also suggest the notion of musical modes or jatis, which are the origin of the concept of the modern melodic structures known as ragas. Their role in invoking emotions is emphasized; compositions emphasizing the notes gandhara or rishabha are said to be related to tragedy (karuna rasa), and rishabha is to be emphasized for evoking heroism (vIra rasa). Jatis are elaborated in greater detail in the text Dattilam, composed around the same time as the ‘‘Natya Shastra.’’ The ‘‘Natya Shastra’’ discusses several aspects of musical performance, particularly its application to vocal, instrumental and orchestral compositions. It also deals with the rasas and bhavas that may be evoked by music. According to Peter Ouspensky there are seven systems of Symbolism: 1. 2. 3. 4.

symbolism of numbers symbolism of geometrical figures symbolism of letters symbolism of words

5. 6. 7. 8.

symbolism of magic symbolism of alchemy symbolism of astrology and The symbolism of Tarot, which unites them into one whole.

When you see around the life exhibits the effect of mystical seven in so many ways. And each of these affects animal, plant, astronomical life. 7 Colours: When the light refracts while passing through the prism it decomposes into seven components and the resultant is the spectrum of seven colours: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Violet, (and White which unites them into one whole) 7 Personality Types: Solar, Lunar, Martial, Mercurial, Jovial, Venusian, and Saturnine. 7 Days of Week: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 7 Metals: Lead, Tin, Iron, Copper, Mercury, Silver, Gold. 7 Chakra: Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, and Sahasrara. 7 Stages of Alchemy: Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, Coagulation. 7 Days of creation: Christian mythology says God created the entire creation in seven days. 7 Seals in the Book of Revelations: 7 used 77 times in the Old Testament: 7 Sacraments in Christianity: Baptism, Penance, Marriage, Communion, Confirmation, Holy Orders, Last Rites. 7 Gifts of the Holy Ghost: Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and the Fear of the Lord. 7 Virtues in Christianity: Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Justice, Prudence, Temperance. 7 Vices in Christianity: Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth or dejection, Avarice, Gluttony, Lust.

7 Times Christ spoke on the Cross: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii.

‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’ ‘Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.’ To his mother: ‘Woman, this is your son.’ Then to the disciple: ‘this is your mother.’ ‘Eli, Eli, lema sabackthani?’ which means ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?’ ‘I thirst.’ ‘It is finished.’ ‘It is accomplished.’ ‘Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.’

The Official New 7 Wonders of the World i.

Chichén Itzá: the most famous Mayan temple city, served as the political and economic center of the Mayan civilization. Out of its various structures - the pyramid of Kukulkan, is arguably the greatest, of all Mayan temples.


Statue of Jesus , Brazil: stands some 38 meters tall, atop the Corcovado mountain overlooking Rio de Janeiro has become a symbol of the city and of the warmth of the Brazilian people, who receive visitors with open arms.


The great amphitheater in the centre of Rome built to give favors to successful legionnaires and to celebrate the glory of the Roman Empire. Taj Mahal, India the immense mausoleum built on the orders of Shah Jahan, to honor the memory of his beloved late wife.

7 Sorrows of Mary: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii.

The sorrow of the prophecy of Simeon The sorrow of the flight into Egypt The sorrow of the loss of the Child Jesus in the temple The sorrow of meeting Jesus on the Way of the Cross The sorrow of the Crucifixion The sorrow of the taking down of the Body of Jesus from the Cross The sorrow of the burial of Jesus



The Palace tombs of Petra On the edge of the Arabian Desert, Petra stands the Palace Tombs of Petra, with the 42-meter-high Hellenistic temple facade on the El-Deir Monastery, are impressive examples of Middle Eastern culture.


Machu Picchu (‘old mountain’) the 15th century, the Incan Emperor Pachacútec built a city in the clouds on the mountain. This extraordinary settlement lies halfway up the Andes Plateau, deep in the Amazon jungle and above the Urubamba River.


The Great wall of China

7 Joys of Mary: i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii.

Mary joyfully conceived Jesus by the Holy Ghost. Mary joyfully carried Jesus when she visited Elizabeth. Mary joyfully brought Jesus into the world. Mary joyfully exhibited Jesus to the adoration of the Magi. Mary joyfully found Jesus in the Temple. Mary joyfully beheld Jesus after his resurrection. Mary joyfully received by Jesus into heaven, and crowned

Queen of Heaven and Earth: Shakespeare’s 7 Ages of Man - the infant, the schoolboy, the lover, the soldier, the judge, the elderly man, and the senile one.

7 Seven Seas: Arctic, Antarctic, North and South Pacific, North and South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean 7 Seven Sisters: an old name of Pleides star system

7 Sciences:

7 Parts to the embryo: Amnion, Chorionic Villi, Spinal Cord, Heart, Brain, Umbilical Cord, Yolk Sac.

Grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, music, geometry, and astronomy; - the first three being included in the Trivium, the remaining four in the Quadrivium.

7 Parts of the body: Arms, Two Legs.

7 Wonders of the World:

7 Parts of the human head: two nostrils, two ears, two eyes and the mouth.

Head, Thorax, Abdomen, Two

7 Main organs: Brain, Heart, Genitals, Lungs, Liver, Kidney, Stomach.

7 Parts to the Retina: Cornea, Aqueous Humor, Lens, Vitreous Humor, Retina, Sclera, Iris.

7 Glands: Pituitary, Pineal, Thyroid, Thymus, Pancreas, Sex, Adrenals.

7 Cavities to the Heart: Right and Left Ventrical, Right and Left Atrium, Tricuspid Valve, Mitral Valve, Septum.

7 Divisions to the Brain: Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Pons Varolii, Medulla Oblongatta, Corpus Callosum, Spinal Cord, Meninges.

7 layers of the Skin: Stratum Corneum, Stratum Lucidum, Stratum Granulosum, Prickle Cell Layer, Basal Cell Layer, Corium, Hair Follicle. 7 Bodily functions: Respiration, Circulation, Assimilation, Excretion, Reproduction, Sensation, Reaction.

7 Parts to the Inner ear: Vestibule, Auditory Canal, Tympanic Membrane, Ossicles, Semi-circular Canal, Cochlea, Membranous Labyrinth.

7 levels in the Periodic Table of the Elements:

Thus Spoke Osho Be authentic to yourself


n the process of self management or inner development certain things are essential. Sincerity, and honesty are essential but these need not unnecessarily hurt others.

become the mask, or get identified. Act it, do not get identified with it. This is a great problem, particularly in the West for the new generation. They have heard too much and they have already been seduced of sincerity and honesty. This is good, but you do not know how cunning and destructive the mind is. Your mind can find excuses. You can say a truth, not because you love truth so much but just to hurt somebody. You can use it as a weapon. And if you are using it as a weapon it is not truth, it is worse than a lie.

The first thing to be understood requires you to be authentic to yourself both sincere, and honest. But that does not mean that you have to hurt others through your honesty and sincerity. And this does not mean that you have to disturb others, or you have to disturb the rules of the game. All relationships are just rules of the game. And many times you will have to act and wear masks, or false faces. The only thing to remember is: never become the masks. Use it if it is good, and keep the rules, but do not

Sometimes you can help somebody through a lie, and sometimes relationship becomes easier through a lie. Then use it. But never get identified with it. What I am saying is: Be a good player, learn the rules of the game. But do not be too adamant about anything.

*** ‘I have not married yet, so I have no experience. You know well, you have the experience, so you tell me. Take fifteen days: think over it, contemplate, and if you feel you have achieved something through it, then just order me. I will follow the order. Don’t ask about my opinion - I have none, because I have no experience. You are experienced. If you were again given a chance, would you get married?’ So after two weeks she said, ‘I am not going to say anything, because if I look to my own experience, then I would not like you to move into that life. But I cannot say anything now.’ It happened: I came back from the university and my father and my mother were worried; they were worried about me, about what I was

going to do. They were worried about my marriage. So my father started sending messages through his friends asking my opinion whether I was ready to get married or not. So I told his friends, ‘This is between me and my father, don't you come in. Tell my father that he can ask me.’ And he was afraid, because I have never said no to him for anything. So he was afraid, he was afraid because I would not say no. Even if I didn’t want to be married I would say yes -that was the worry in his mind. Even if I didn’t want to get into a householder’s life, I would not say no, I would say yes. And that yes would be false. So what to do? He couldn’t ask me -he has not asked yet - because he knew well that I

would not break any rule. I would have said yes.

difference. Everything helps you to grow in its own way.

Then he tried through my mother. She asked me one night; she came to my bed, sat there, and asked me what I thought about marriage. So I said, ‘I have not married yet, so I have no experience. You know well, you have the experience, so you tell me. Take fifteen days: think over it, contemplate, and if you feel you have achieved something through it, then just order me. I will follow the order. Don’t ask about my opinion - I have none, because I have no experience. You are experienced. If you were again given a chance, would you get married?’

The one thing to remember is: life is a great complexity. You are not alone here, there are many others related to you. Be sincere unto yourself, never be false there. Know well what you want, and for yourself remain that. But there are others also; don’t unnecessarily hurt them. And if you need to wear masks, wear them and enjoy them, but remember, they are not your original face, and be capable of taking them off any moment. Remain the master, don’t become the slave; otherwise you can be violent through your sincerity, unnecessarily you can be violent.

She said, ‘You are trying to confuse me.’

I have seen persons who are cruel, violent, aggressive, sadistic - but sincere, very true, authentic. But they are using their authenticity just for their sadism. They want to make others suffer, and their trick is such that you cannot escape them. They are true, so you cannot say, ‘You are bad.’ They are good people, they are never bad, so no one can say to them, and ‘You are bad.’ They are always good, and they do the bad through their good.

I said, ‘You take your time, at your own ease. I will wait for two weeks, and then you order me. I will just follow... because I don’t know.’ So for two weeks she was worried. She could not sleep, because she knew if she said to marry I would obey. Then she would be responsible, not I. So after two weeks she said, ‘I am not going to say anything, because if I look to my own experience, then I would not like you to move into that life. But I cannot say anything now.’ So this is how I remained unmarried. Sincerely, authentically, I was not ready to marry; I was not intending it at all. But I could have acted. And nothing is wrong, because every experience helps you to grow. No-marriage helps, marriage also helps; there is not much

Don’t do that, and don’t take life too seriously. Nothing is wrong in masks also, faces also. Just as in the drama on the stage they use faces and enjoy and the audience also enjoys, why not enjoy them in real life also? It is not more than a drama. But I am not saying for you to be dishonest. Be sincere with yourself, don’t get identified. But life is great; there are many around you related in many invisible nets. Don’t hurt anybody.


an lives in the graveyards of the past. Nearly 85% of lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s energy is spent in the things related to the past. A discontinuity with the past is the first step. The process of self management requires a shift. In the process of Self Management a total discontinuity from the past is the prerequisite. When you are discontinuous from the past only then a new model can be created for your growth. This is the only process to create a new man out of you. How can this happen in practical terms? Let me explain the methodology. It looks difficult. It looks almost impossible. You have lived your life in a certain pattern. This is why it looks not only difficult instead almost impossible at times as well. However it only looks so. In reality it is very simple. Watch within yourself all the connections. Be a witness to all those that you are keeping with the old pattern. And analyze why you are keeping it. Is it just a habit from the very childhood? You have been taught certain concepts, ideas, certain religious ways, cults, and creeds? Or that these nourish you? Or, on the contrary, are they depleting your energy levels? Be a witness to all this. This is the first step. Out of this other steps will arise? You just have to see within yourself about each thing. Look carefully whether it is political, social, or religious pattern that you have carried from the past. Or that the past has given to you through your education system, and through other means in the society. You just have to see the reason that you are still holding on to it. This is an important step in the process of Self Management.

And my experience is that nobody is being nourished by it. Past never nourishes. All that you have eaten yesterday cannot nourish you now. So there is no reason to hold on to it. The moment you decide to drop never it hesitate a blink. Drop the bag immediately. Or at least decide to drop. Almost everybody is sucked by the dead, the old, and the past. The past and its patterns never allow you to be new, young, and contemporary. It keeps pulling you back again and again. It is not something friendly to you. You have just never looked at it and seen that you are carrying enemies within you, parasites within you. And you are simply carrying them because of old habits, because they have always been there - as long as you can remember they have been there. As long as you can remember you have been a Christian, or a Hindu, or a Muslim. It is just a question of habit. So you have to see exactly what traditions and past inheritances are doing to you. You have to be very clear-cut, and then the thing is very simple. If you see that you are carrying parasites just because of old habits, and you are nourishing your own enemies who are destroying your life, youth, and newness. Also these parasites are making you almost dead even before death comes. It wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take any great effort not to cling to them. You will simply drop them; there is not much of a question. It is your decision to keep them or not to keep them. You will simply drop them. The moment you see that you are carrying poison, something destructive, which is going to spoil everything in your life; you have to see

it with your own eyes only then it is so easy to get rid of the past. And the moment you are discontinuous with the past, you have immense freedom to grow. Suddenly you are fresh and young, free of the parasites, free of an unnecessary luggage which was nothing but junk. But you were carrying it because your fathers, forefathers, and everybody was carrying it. It is simply a question of seeing what the past is doing to you. Is it a friend or an enemy? And just the insight will do the work. I have heard about one patient who was having his session with the psychoanalyst. The psychoanalyst had been trying hard for months to convince him that his whole sickness was imaginary. His sickness was that he was feeling continuously that strange creatures were crawling all over his body; and all the time he was just throwing them off. And there was nothing. For months the psychoanalyst was telling him that there was nothing: ‘You just look. I do not see anything - and you go on throwing off those strange creatures which are just your imagination.’ But the man had no time even to listen. While the psychoanalyst was talking he was just throwing... from all over the body. In this session he was sitting very close to the psychoanalyst. And as he started throwing off his strange creatures, the psychoanalyst said, ‘Wait! Do not throw them on me!’ Because for six months, trying to convince him, the psychoanalyst himself had become convinced that there must be something definitely. This man is intelligent, he is a professor, and if he goes on throwing off those things, there must be something there. So he said, ‘Wait! You can

throw them anywhere else, but you cannot throw them on me.’ The psychoanalyst himself became convinced: ‘And I do not want to deal any more with you, because I have started suspecting, once in a while, that some strange creature is crawling on me. I know that it is just imagination, but....’ You have to see that even imagination starts being active. Seeing certainly is action. You do not have to do anything after seeing. You see it, and that very moment you are disconnected from the thing if it is not nourishing you but torturing you. It is very simple. And it is one of the most fundamental things... to get rid of the whole past, to be absolutely discontinuous with it. Then you have simplicity, and lightness, because there is no weight. And you have a healthy mind, and the soul. You feel new vitality and new blood running through your veins. And because you are now discontinuous with the past, you do not have normal memories, and psychological wounds. If you want to remember, you can remember, but they are no longer a force on you. They do not have any power over you that you have to remember them. Now there are no memories, no connections with the past. You have only the present, and you have a vast future. Of course you cannot do anything in the future. You can only do anything you want to do in the present. But it goes on: as the future becomes the present, your growth, your action, your intelligence, and your creativity all that you are working at keeps growing. And the pleasure of growth is immense.


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