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The word Taoshobuddha comes from three words, ‘tao,’ ‘sho,’ and ‘Buddha’. The word Tao was coined by the Chinese master, Lau Tzu. It means that which is and cannot be put into words. It is unknown and unknowable. It can only be experienced and not expressed in words. Its magnanimity cannot be condensed into finiteness. The word Sho implies, that which is vast like the sky and deep like an ocean and carries within its womb a treasure. It also means one on whom the existence showers its blessings. And lastly the word Buddha implies the Enlightened One; one who has arrived home. Thus, Taoshobuddha implies one who is existential, on whom the existence showers its blessings and one who has arrived home. The Enlightened One!


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Maraqba for dissolution of Nafs Plug your low sensual ears, with stuff like cotton Your conscience and makes deaf your inner ear. Be without ear, without sense, without thought, And hearken to the call of God, ‘return!’ Our speech and action is the outer journey, Our inner journey is above the sky. The body travels on its dusty way; The spirit walks, like Jesus on the sea. RUMI MASNAVI I: 566-71



n the process of inner development Nafs is the greatest impediment. This is the first step. Nafs creates ignorance. It veils the manifestation of light. All the traditions have emphasized the significance of this stage. Unless the stages of Nafs are cleared journey to the realms of suluk and rooh are impossible. Not only impossible instead it is dangerous as well. It may happen temporarily the murid may reach the higher stages. However he cannot sustain that stage permanently unless the realms of Nafs are dissolved. Here it is important to understand the nature of Nafs [Refer to Ch 14, 15, and 16 on Nafs ‘Leaves from a Sufi Heart Vol 1’, and Seven Valleys of

This will help in the process of dissolution. For the dissolution active meditations are very useful. Nafs create indomitable energy which is negative in nature and is used for negation of light.

Al Ghazzali from the same source].


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MEDITATION TECHNIQUES This is an active maraqba. It has five stages. Starting at the body level this maraqba takes into account the seekers at different levels. 1. STAGE ONE: BODY MARAQBA Conscious Breathing: 10 Minutes each session. Your body is the miracle of the existence. It can create harmony if you allow it to express itself. Breathing is the language of the body. Breathing bridges your physical and mental bodies. And once these two are bridged then your body-mind realm becomes door to the inner or door to the beyond. Through conscious breathing you are connected to the unconscious layer of your being. Each moment that you live and interact unconsciously all such moments gets stored in your unconscious. It is your unconscious that comes to the surface when you interact each finite moment. This unconscious is your Nafs. It dissolution is quite intricate. It requires effort on the part of the murid. The energy field or tawwajzoh of the sheikh is always there as support. Your conscious mind is only one tenth of the total capacity; and the remaining nine tenths is your unconscious layer. Conscious breathing alone is not enough to enter this thick layer of your being. If the breathing is rhythmic you will remain on the surface. At the most you can be a bit relaxed. And nothing more! It will be like adding perfumes to the body that has an offensive odour. Yes conscious breathing is necessary. However the number of breaths per second has to be more. Only then you can penetrate the unconscious layers. And the layer is not only one that you can very MEDITATION TECHNIQUES BY TAOSHOBUDDHA

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MEDITATION TECHNIQUES easily remove. Layers upon layers are there. And all these layers have accumulated over the span of lives. You have to breathe consciously. But not rhythmically! Instead chaotically only then you can enter the unconscious layers of your being. Chaotic breathing is somewhat like the fire breath, or the kapal bhati of yoga wherein you have to throw your breath forcefully. Chaotic breathing is even much stronger. It connects you to your unconscious layers. Sufis use the dhikr along with breath to exhale. However, to make it even stronger, just focus on chaotic breathing. For ten minutes become chaotic breathing alone. You will be exploring various layers of Nafs. Through this chaotic breathing up to five layers of Nafs are explored. For body maraqba chaotic breathing is the first step. Through chaotic breathing first you are connected to your emotional layer. Many emotions you have suppressed. And these continue to plague your way and deprive the inner serenity. You have to begin the maraqba at the level of the body. This is done through conscious chaotic breathing. As you breathe chaotically your body becomes alive once again. In the second step you have to live all those moments consciously. Only then the body can be freed of all these layers Conscious Breathing: 10 minutes each session.


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MEDITATION TECHNIQUES 2. STAGE TWO: MIND MARAQBA Mind Meditation: 10 Minutes each session With chaotic breathing your body is alive once again. All the repressed emotions come to the surface. Various traditions have used different techniques. However the effectiveness is doubtful. When something is surfacing from within this has to be relived. However relive only consciously. Many emotions like anger, greed, violence etc., surface. You relive these emotions consciously. This is called catharsis. When you relive these layers the body is released of many ailments. Each time an emotion is repressed it goes in the body. So after chaotic breathing you enter into conscious release of these emotions. When you live these moments there is a release. This way you are not harming anyone. Simply there is a release of the unlocked energy. Sufi Gibar used this technique to release all that remains suppressed. Out of this evolved the famous ‘Gibberish meditation’.

2. Stage three: HAMMERING The life center HAMMERING THE LIFE CENTER: 10 Minutes The seeker must make Dhikr using breath force and the sound. This is called negation and affirmation consciously on his tongue until he reaches the state of the contemplation of his Sufi Maraqba Body Mind Soul (LA ILAHA) the negation and affirmation (IL ALLAH) on the tongue. MEDITATION TECHNIQUES BY TAOSHOBUDDHA

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MEDITATION TECHNIQUES This you do by keeping the hands upright above the shoulder level and standing on toes. Use your breath to hammer the life center. This center is your solar plexus. To hammer this center you use the sound HOO. This is the sound that comes out of the word Allah. Each time you exhale do this with a force. This is hammering with the sound HOO. You exhale forcefully with the sound HOO. This is done for next ten minutes. Thus you are connected to the positive layer of your being. This is affirmation. Use all your energy to hammer as deeply as you can. This hammering polishes the heart and takes the seeker into the state of Manifestation. 4.


SILENCE: TOTALLY FROZEN 10 MINUTES Keep your eyes and mouth closed. Be totally relaxed and just freeze. No movement! With eyes and his mouth closed just freeze. Energy cannot remain stationery. It is always in motion. Energy is always released through the ends of the nerves. And the shape has to be pointed. This is the reason all the war arsenals are pointed just like male phallic organ. Be relaxed totally but frozen. In that very moment all the energy that is generated through hammering flows within uninterrupted. This revitalizes the body. Energy surges throughout the body.


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MEDITATION TECHNIQUES You will eventually reach the state where in one breath you can repeat La Illaha Illallah twenty-one times. 5. STAGE 5: CELEBRATION : THE ROOH MARAQBA Breath and Heart Consciousness Celebration: 15 Minutes Keep eyes closed or open. This is the moment of celebration or benediction. Dance to express your gratitude, benediction, and joy. Jalaluddin Rumi dances for 35 hours and in this process he became enlightened. This was a special kind of dance. It was the dance of ecstasy for no reason. This state is that of celebration. You are full of gratitude. Inner feeling are expressed through dance. Continue this regularly for a period of three weeks. This will bring a transformation. Continue this maraqba for a period of 21 days to three months you will witness tremendous results. The process takes awhile to start and once started it gains momentum.



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