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Online dating has become extremely popular these days but lack of knowledge has most wondering why they aren't having success. Even if people do not have the time to get out and be social, they always find the time for things like Facebook and chat rooms. Let me share a few online dating secrets (tips) with you to help you even the odds a bit. In particular, social networking sites have made online dating even easier and more fun. However, there are many online dating secrets you should keep in mind when you are engaging in this type of activity. Things to think about One of the biggest online dating secrets or tips I can give you is that it is much different for a woman than a man online (shocker I know!) Women are constantly being spammed with emails. A Typical woman will get 30 emails a day regardless of if she logs in. What does this mean to you? Well maybe you should rethink that "Hi, you're hot" message that she's probably gotten 29 other times today. Online Dating Secrets-How to Get to Know that Girl You Like · Start off with something interesting and genuine to say (think about how many messages she's getting that are just 'hi' etc.) · Be straightforward in your questions and responses · Share interests in music, movies, books, and more The most important thing when you want to get to know the girl you like online is to be honest and be yourself. You can get much farther if you are honest about your likes and dislikes, knowing what you like and want and expressing that will show her you're confident. You should always be straightforward in asking any question you want to know about the girl, and you should be equally straightforward in providing responses to the same questions. At every opportunity you should share interests in music, movies, books, activities, and other things you like to see or do. Top Blunders to Avoid When Dating Online · Do not put a shirtless picture of yourself. · Do not mass mail girls with the same email, personalize the message to the girl you are trying to talk to. · Do not simply poke, wink, or any other automated gesture provided by the site.

There are many online dating secrets that people do not want to talk about. (Because they don't want the masses to know.) But it all comes down to trying to have an actual conversation with a real human being and putting yourself in the other person's point of view.

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==== ==== Facebook Dating Secrets ==== ====

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